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Aaron Illustrator Portfolio


Aaron is a freelance illustrator who has started her carrier only 3 years ago but during this short artistic journey managed to create several children’s picture books and to work on a range of creative projects for different companies and magazines. A born and raised Russian, she currently lives in a small European country where she finds regular inspiration from cosy tiny cities and villages, big mountains, nature and people.

Aaron specializes in picture books, character and greeting cards’ design. She loves to make art that makes people smile and brings warmness, heart, adventure and fun for the world around us. Her illustrations are playful, dreamlike, dynamic and whimsical. Using bright vivid colors Aaron creates lush and charming environments. Her artworks are full of cute, expressive and eye-catching characters which are loved by children and adults equally.

Most of Aaron’s finished works are digital but before using photoshop or procreate she does a lot of pencil studies and dabbles in hand media, such as watercolor, inks or brush pens. This part of work helps to find a unique feeling in her illustrations, to develop an entire world and backstory that brings characters to life. In final art Aaron uses a lot of texture brushes created by herself. This mix of traditional and digital painting gives her illustrations more natural and warmer look.





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