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Abby Illustrator Portfolio


Abby became an illustrator thanks to her inner inexhaustible imagination.  When the world inside you is larger than you see it with your eyes, then you become a children’s illustrator.

As a child, Abby drew a lot.  Princesses and Cyclops were her favorite themes.  Not a day went by without a pencil in hand.  Then she studied in an architecture class, where the program was aimed at developing fantasy, classical drawing and painting.

Abby’s Illustrations are focused on storytelling and are inspired by the world around her.  Her passion for Illustration became her career after a winding path in engineering, while spending all free time drawing as much as possible. Abby is now proud to be using her imagination as a full time career.

She enjoys digital technique to create her Illustrations and particularly loves designing characters.

Abby’s illustration work has been described as storytelling with naive charm, warmth and humour!

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