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Amy Illustrator Portfolio


Amy is a traditional and digital illustrator from Chester. She studied Illustration for Commercial Application at The Northern School of Art, graduating with a First-class Honours degree. Since graduating, she has worked with clients such as The Countess Of Chester Hospital, The Pencil Ink Academy, Infinite Arcade and the band, Tirade. She has experience in many fields including music promotional art, merchandise design, greetings card design and editorial illustration. 

Amy’s illustration practice focuses on surrealist portraiture combined with a unique use of colour to create highly eye-catching and engaging illustrations. She is often inspired by the natural world, including animals in her illustrations to convey vulnerability and add flow to her pieces. Recently she has experimented with depicting fruit in her illustrations trying to capture the subtle colour changes and textures within different varieties of fruit, she especially enjoys drawing fruit on the branch as she can use the shape of the leaves and branches to make interesting compositions that flow through the image. She also depicts both plants and animals to signify different emotions and experiences, such as those that come with the struggles of anxiety. This combination of surrealism and symbolism give her work a dream-like, mystical quality.

Colour is a very important aspect of Amy’s illustrative process; she is energised by bright contrasting colour, and how colour theory can be applied to create an electrifying palette. This fascination with colour developed early on in her life when she was diagnosed with Irlens syndrome, a visual processing disorder, where one of the symptoms is different combinations of colours flashing and distorting when you see them together. The relationship between these different colours greatly influences and inspires her and she often uses them within her work. 






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