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Biabel Illustrator Portfolio


Bia Bel is a versatile illustrator who works with digital painting. She loves to develop characters and scenery with a lot of diversity, textures, and details. Her digital work enables an application in a diverse array of media, such as children’s books, didactic books, magazines, product design and advertising pieces.

Currently, she works with children’s illustrations for picture books, producing high-quality pieces within swiftly and always aiming to meet clients’ deadlines. Bia is very communicative while working, always accepting the client’s inputs in her sketches. She believes that by keeping in touch creates a more dynamic creation process to the satisfaction of clients.

According to the product specs, Bia Bel’s art can achieve diverse forms, without ever losing its own style and uniqueness. For example, in an advertisement job she can use a modern color palette and her characters can be designed targeting adults, whereas in a children’s book, children’s characters can be drawn with bigger heads and eyes to better express emotions and cuteness. Bia’s style is based on solid colors with both the shading and the lighting done this way, with many solid strokes.

If necessary, Bia can reduce or increase the level of detail and information in her art, as she loves to create in both ways. She
still prefers less saturated colors but has no problem using vivid colors from time to time, especially when working with advertising.

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