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Davery Illustrator Portfolio

The illustrator Davery has worked as a commercial artist for over 20 years in the animation / advertising market.

Most of the work is sketched out and digitally painted in photoshop. Some elements are occasionally created in illustrator or built and animated in 3D.

His work is mostly cartoon / humour based and depicts everyday subjects and situations, but with a twist. He keeps his draftsmanship to a high level whilst making the illustrations colourful and interesting to the viewer whilst telling a story. Little details of interest and humour are often sprinkled in to the main narrative of each painting.

Davery’s background is in production artwork and design for the animation film and TV industry. He is available for commissioned artwork for children’s illustration, book covers, concept projects, and animation projects. He also paints various subjects in oils/ acrylic paint on canvas for the fine art market.

The Big Red Illustration Agency is always looking for the next great client and commission. If you'd like to work with us on a project, please get in touch