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Emary Illustrator Portfolio

Emary is an inspired and inquisitive illustrator with over 5 years of experience and 15 books. She has several awards in the field of illustration and her works have participated in European and Russian exhibitions.

Mostly she draw digitally and a mix of different traditional techniques. Emary like to use warm cozy textures, as if they are created by hand giving a feel that is delicate and natural.

“Deep searching and experiments” is her motto at every stage of her illustration work.

When Emary works on a book she strives to express the main idea of the book by different means – rhythm, color design, compositions of scenes and features of characters.

She is enthusiastic about stories in which strangeness and reality are intertwined and draw you into their mysterious whirlpool. Horror stories for children, humor, fantasy and fiction for middle grade are the genres Emary works with. 

The most exciting work for Emary is the development of characters and the creation of unique details, the creation of features and expressions.

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