01) What materials are used?

My style is unique using a combination of pencil, chalk, gouache and gloss to give each painting the required depth in colour and detail, allowing a lifelike and realistic finish to be achieved. Backgrounds are not always added as standard.

Paintings are created on Premium Matte Textured Watercolour Paper (245 g) at any of the following sizes / formats:

A3 portrait (297mm wide x 420mm high)
A3 landscape (420mm wide x 297mm high)

Price = £650 (+ P&P in the UK @ £35)


A4 portrait (210mm wide x 297mm high)
A4 landscape (297mm wide x 210mm high)

Price = £350 (+ P&P in the UK @ £20)


02) What do I do with my unframed painting?

Now that you have removed the artwork from it’s protective envelope you can finally view your painting ‘in the flesh’. Once you have viewed it please re-cover with the protective sheet supplied and keep it safe until it is framed. Of course, you can view it again and show others, but please ensure it is always re-covered and stored in a dry, cool place.

  • Please don’t brush, rub or wipe the surface!
  • Please try to limit touching the surface, fingers whether clean or dirty can easily mess the paintwork.
  • Don’t spray any fixative onto the painting
  • Keep the protective cover over the artwork up until the time you’re ready to frame.


03) How do I take care of my painting?

Simply try and limit touching / exposing it prior to getting it framed and protected by a glass-fronted frame. Then avoid hanging in the line of direct sun as this can cause the painting  to fade over time.


04) How long will my painting take?

The delivery time will be agreed prior to booking to ensure that important deadlines can be met. From start to finish a painting can take between 1.5 – 3 weeks but this is also dependent on the availability of studio time.


05) What format do photos need to be sent over in?

For me to work accurately I would need a high-quality photo, showing a good colour likeness and the composition / pose you wish to have re-created.

A printed photograph is fine if you don’t have a digital version but I do advise you send it recorded delivery for peace of mind. All photographs are returned with the completed portrait.

With either format, it’s essential the subject is in focus, fills the frame and natural lighting is used, not flash.


06) Payment

Payment in full is required prior to any work being booked in. Please ensure you include your surname as reference when sending:


07) What will the likeness be like?

I absolutely guarantee the likeness will be as required. In the years I have been creating portraits I have yet to refund any payment due to a customer being unhappy with the result.


08) Is the portrait guaranteed to arrive on time?

Yes, the only situation I could ever foresee is if the recorded delivery was at fault for whatever reason. I always give plenty of time to meet required deadlines and won’t commit if there is any doubt.


09) Do you paint anything other than Dogs, Cats and Horses?

Over the years I have painted everything from historical landmarks and exotic animals to people and household pets. If you have something in mind that you want me to take a look at and quote on then please do not hesitate to ask. The samples shown are purely done to these commissions being ‘best sellers’ and keeps the whole process straight forward from a commissioning and accounting point of view but I’m always open to new work.


10) Do you ship overseas?

Yes, this is no problem but obviously postage fees and delivery times can increase for this and will need to be agreed prior to booking.


11) Can you supply a digital file of the portrait?

Yes, this can be arranged. At the moment we have an offer on adding this:

* Christmas Bonus offer! For an additional fee of just £25, I am now also offering a digital file of all pet portraits completed to allow you to get your pet portrait printed on to mugs, coasters and other bits and pieces you may like ;-)*


12) Can I use my painted portrait commercially?

No, not without specifying additional terms of use and agreeing on an additional fee if required. Customers hold the copyright in relation to the photo supplied, however here at Big Red Illustration, we would hold the copyright to the artwork created. With this said, we will never reproduce or sell your portrait or allow it to be used on any external website without your written permission. Terms of use are solely for the recipient as a decorative wall hanging, or in the case of the digital file option, one-off items such as a mug or a t-shirt. If you’re unsure please just ask prior to placing the order.


13) Will you display the portrait on your website?

Yes, once we have delivered the artwork to the client and any important delivery date (such as Christmas / Birthday) has passed we reserve the right to display any work completed on our website and social media sites as required. If for whatever reason you as the customer are unhappy to agree to this, please let us know of your concerns prior to placing the order.