Fashion Illustration

Fashion illustration, also known as fashion sketching, is used to portray fashion ideas in a visual form and has been used for over five hundred years. This style of illustration is generally utilised by fashion designers in order to brainstorm their ideas and clearly communicate their vision to their wider team. Not only does this prevent material wastage, but it also ensures that each member of the team shares the same vision and knows exactly what they’re aiming to bring to life.
Fashion illustration is also highly useful for fashion textbooks, fashion magazines and runway mood boards. Many fashion and cosmetics companies utilise fashion illustrations for advertising purposes.

Fashion illustration is a form of mixed media art and uses a range of techniques in order to create the final piece of art. Fashion illustrators are skilled in creating the illusion of movement, texture and colour in their work to help the client to communicate design ideas. They will have an in-depth knowledge of materials, experience in life drawing, folds and drapery and an advanced knowledge of fashion and clothing. This knowledge will help them to create highly accurate fashion illustrations in order to convey the different materials and styles which will be used for the finished product.

Here at the Big Red Illustration Agency, we’ve got a handful of highly-skilled fashion illustrators who can help you to bring your concepts to life. If you’d like any further assistance with fashion illustration, simply contact us and we’d be happy to help you.

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