How to Clean Prismacolor Colorless Blender Marker

When it comes to using a Prismacolor blender marker, you may find that you struggle to clean it effectively and if your colored pens aren’t properly cleaned, it can then make them ineffective for your art projects.

The post below includes the best cleaning tips for your Prismacolor colorless blender marker so that you can continue using them for artwork, regardless of the kinds of blending methods that you use.

How To Clean Your Prismacolor Blending Markers

  • The first step is to prepare some marker paper, and as it’s thicker than regular paper, the darker ink won’t bleed through the page as it does with scrap paper. 
  • Use your colored pen to scribble on the page. Be sure to use the marker tip’s side where the pigment is located. Continue scribbling until this pigment begins to come off on the page. Although scribbling, be sure to maintain steady strokes to prevent ‘roughing up’ your nib. Pens are not as robust as a colored pencil!
  • For the best results, use the same downward or upward motion. It should also be noted that this method is ideal for pigments that are on the side of your Prismacolor blending marker.

Another effective method is to use the chipboard located at the back of a sketchbook. 

  • Whilst you’re drawing, you can flip to the back of the sketchbook to scribble your Prismacolor pencils to remove any unwanted pigments. You can then easily go right back to your drawing to continue where you left off.
  • Make sure to clean your blender marker whilst the tip is still wet. This ensures that the pigment will come off easily on the page. The more frequently you clean your Prismacolor colorless blender marker, the easier the pigmented ink will come off. 
  • So, it may be a good idea to get into the practice of cleaning your Prismacolor colorless blender marker every time it has been used for blending. 

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That concludes our post on the best ways to clean your blender markers. This works for both dark and lighter colors that are staining the tip of your alcohol markers or oil-based colored pencils. 

The more consistently you clean your blending colored pencils, the easier it will be to remove the unwanted pigments. If you let the ink dry, you’ll have a more difficult time cleaning your colorless blender marker. 

Hopefully, the details found throughout this post have been useful in helping you to feel more confident about how to clean your colorless markers. 


Can alcohol be used for blending colors in art?

Rubbing alcohol works as a solvent that can work well for blending different colors together. Make sure to be extra careful when using alcohol as it can irritate sensitive skin. It’s best to apply the alcohol during your blending techniques with a paper towel.

When you blend colored pencils do they need cleaning like a colorless blending marker?

No, due to the nature of pencils, they tend not to ‘pick up’ the pigments of colors you’re blending them with. However, it may be that you give them a quick wipe on a side sheet of paper to ensure they are 100% clean if you wish to then use that particular color without any imperfection in color whatsoever.

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