How to Draw Caricatures Fast

How to Draw Caricatures Fast

Learning to draw caricatures can be tricky due to the big learning curve that’s involved. However, once you’ve nailed the process, you’ll be able to have a ton of fun drawing caricatures of any friend or family member.

There are some fundamentals to get down when learning to draw caricatures fast. The post below outlines a step-by-step tutorial on drawing caricatures.

How To Draw a Caricature Basics

  • For starters, caricature drawings are based on who the person is. Once you have determined the person’s traits, you can add unique elements to your work that reflect them in an extreme way. 
  • You can find this out by asking them questions and seeing what interesting points about them you can incorporate into your work. It’s not just about the physical traits. 
  • Make sure to ask them about the subject’s features before exaggerating them in your work. This is because people may be sensitive about it. 
  • Be sure to take note of every facial feature and see which ones you could make more extreme in your art. 
  • It’s also a good idea to incorporate bold lines and vibrant colors to make your work stand out. 

Drawing Faces Tips 

A big nose is one of the most common facial features that get exaggerated in the caricature art of the human face.

Start by figuring out the shape of the person’s face by outlining with a pencil. Many artists start with the nose as it’s in the middle and it’s often easier to draw outwards from this point. 

When it comes to drawing eyes, creating a sense of movement is important for caricatures. Therefore, you should draw the person’s eyes as though they’re looking towards something actively. 

You can then get creative when it comes to the shape of the eyes, the colors, and other details such as the eyebrows and eyelashes. 

The shape of a person’s mouth is usually pretty distinct and therefore, it’s important to get this across in a caricature drawing. Take note of the shape of the person’s lips in relation to their jawline and the shape of their face. 

Adding expression to the mouth is just as important as the eyes. So, it’s best to draw the person as though they’re smiling, frowning, shocked, scared, or any other emotion that you think would work well for the caricature. 

When you’re drawing your first few caricatures, you may find that the resemblance to the person is missing. One of the most common reasons for this is due to the proportions being off. 

Many caricature artists find that they make the most changes to the spaces between features in someone’s face, rather than the specific shape of the features. 

So, whilst you’re drawing, don’t be afraid to erase parts if you think that the space between features isn’t quite right. Making these small changes whilst drawing can make a big difference to the end product.

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After reading through our post on how to draw caricatures, we hope you’re feeling more confident about starting. You can begin by going online to search for images of famous people and practising drawing them.

You can pull things about their personalities from interviews to practice incorporating personality into your work to create great caricatures. Over time, you’ll develop your skills as a caricature drawing artist and be able to accurately exaggerate facial features, such as big noses, with fantastic detail and likeness.

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