How to Dry Gel Pen Ink on Glossy Paper

Have you been struggling with how to keep dry gel pen ink on glossy paper? If so, you’ll find this post useful.

Below, you can learn more about the types of ink that work best with glossy paper. As a result, you’ll be feeling more confident about using ink that dries better on such paper.

Glossy paper is more troublesome when it comes to retaining ink compared to matte paper. This causes people to spend lots of time and effort trying to keep the ink on the page, however, after reading the post below, you’ll have a better idea about how to get your ink to dry properly on glossy paper. 

Gel Inks and Glossy Paper

Pigment-based inks were thought to be poor for glossy paper. However, with developments being made to ink formula, more and more people are beginning to experiment and use pigment inks from gel pens on this medium. 

You may find that your gel pen works on this paper, however, it may take a while to dry. This is especially if you use more ink flow for shading and coloring.

Dye-based ink is the most reliable form of ink to use on glossy paper. 

Therefore, if you’re attempting to use fountain pens or a gel pen on glossy paper, you may be disappointed with the results. There are some pens that are improving the way that their ink dries on glossy paper, but it’s still not there yet and can take hours to dry. As a result, smudges happen.

You can use a blow dryer to make the ink dry faster. Furthermore blotting paper or absorbent paper can be gently applied to the top of your work to soak up the excess ink and help it to dry faster.

If you need quick drying times when using gloss paper, dye-based ink is your best option. The pigment inks in a gel pen that are beginning to work better for gloss paper still take around an hour to dry. 

The type of glossy paper you use can also impact the drying times for your ink and you may be interested to know there have been more types of gloss paper created in recent years which gives you more options to experiment with. 

There are also glossy papers specifically made for printers. As a result, the ink from ink cartridges works best on these specific papers and dries incredibly quickly. Wet ink from gel pens on these types of paper can however take hours. 

How to Get Ink to Dry On Glossy Paper Fast

To get ink to dry on glossy paper, you need to use the right type of ink with the right kind of paper. Attempting to combine ink with glossy paper that doesn’t work well together will leave you with poor results. 

When it comes to printer ink, you should be able to select a specific glossy paper option before printing via your PC or Mac printing options panel. This will ensure that the ink gets printed effectively and dries without smudging. As a result, the ink drying time will be minutes rather than hours. 

As far as using ink from a gel pen, you’ll have to experiment and see how the drying times vary with different pens and different types of paper. There are no rules to follow due to how glossy paper isn’t designed for gel pen ink. 

The ink from a gel pen flows in a way that isn’t ideal for the surface of glossy paper, therefore, the drying times can vary from minutes to hours. The glossy layer makes it difficult for the gel pen ink to soak in and dry properly. As a result, ink smearing is more likely with a gel pen on glossy paper.

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That wraps up our post on the factors to consider when trying to dry gel pens on glossy paper. Dye-based ink works best, however, there are some pigments from gel pens that can dry within a matter of minutes.

Hopefully, you’ve learned a little more about the nature of which type of paper and which type of gel ink works best with it. 

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