How to Get Paper Marker

The Roblox game “Find the Markers” sounds simple enough. However, players have been struggling when it comes to finding all of the pens in the game. Nearly half a billion people have attempted to find all of the markers in this game! 

If you’ve been having a tough time finding these markers, check out the post below. We’ve created a guide on some of the marker locations based on their difficulty levels. 


To find the Bone Marker, head to the Mountain Biome. You’ll see a ladder which you need to climb. Instead of entering the cave at the top, turn left and keep on following the path until you see a ribcage. The Bone Marker is located within the ribcage. 

One of the easiest markers to find in the game can be found as soon as you spawn. Be sure to pay attention when you first spawn into the game as there will be a marker in front of your nearby. 

The Baby Marker is located in the Abandoned City. When you first enter the city, go into the first house on the left. The Baby Marker can be found underneath the bed of the second floor. 

The Ball Marker is another super easy one to find. It’s usually located near your spawn location. You can spot it by looking for a bouncy ball. 

Enter the Forest Biome and located a cabin. The Bee Marker is located in the tree which is above this cabin. 

Head to the Mountain Biome and scale the ladder. Enter the cave at the top and go left. You’ll step on a group of eggs which will teleport you to another location. This is where the Big Orange Marker will be located. In order to collect this marker, you must first have collected the Baby Marker. 


To find the Xanwood Marker, head towards the Baseplate Biome. Locate a triangle and go into it. This is where you’ll locate the Xanwood Marker. 

Go to the Forest Biome and go beyond the yellow house. After this, you’ll see a waterfall. Go inside the waterfall and head right where you can walk through a doorway. Stand on the edge and try to position yourself correctly until you’re able to jump down into the cave. This is where the Bendy Straw Marker is located. 

The Blue Marker is behind a tree in the Forest Biome. When you enter the Forest Biome, go up the white steps near the tombstone. You’ll see a treetop which you can jump on. Once you’ve jumped on top of the trees, go up the rocks and the Blue marker is located behind a tree. 


The Wood Marker is in between two locations. Go to the edge of the map in between the Mountain and Forest Biomes. Look for a tree and you’ll find the Wood Marker. 

When finding the Paper Marker, go to the entrance of the mountain. Instead of entering, turn left and go towards the ribcages. You’ll then find a wall that’s built secretly into the side of the mountain due to it being a different color than the rest of the mountain. Jump into this part of the wall and you’ll see the Paper Marker. 

Go into the factory and find the microscope. Use it to locate a range of markers that are located throughout the factory. The Atomic Marker is one of these markers but you have to keep collecting them until you find it. 

The Aurora Marker can be found by going to the top of the mountain and looking at the parts covered in snow. If you look hard enough, you’ll be able to locate a secret ladder. Climb up the ladder and you’ll find the Aurora Marker at the top. 


That wraps up our post on how to find the Paper Marker, along with many of the other markers that are available in the game. Hopefully, we’ve provided you with some insights that you can use to find any markers that you were struggling to locate. 

When it comes to using a real marker pad or marker paper, be sure that it’s acid-free. This will help any drawing last for longer on paper or a pad. This includes the ink from markers and watercolor artwork.

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