How to Highlight My Bible

How to Highlight My Bible

When it comes to studying the bible, highlighting sections can be useful for deepening your understanding. If you’re wondering how to go about highlighting your bible, take a look through our post below. 

Highlighters can be fantastic Bible study tools that help you learn more about Bible pages and any Bible verse that you may be struggling to understand. Underlining passages and using Bible highlighters can give you a more clear understanding of a scripture or particular topic so that it makes sense.

By the end, you’ll find that highlighting your bible can be a super fun and rewarding experience. A highlighted Bible can help to organize your thoughts about the vast range of concepts and topics and enjoy deepening your understanding of the Bible. 

Color Coding System 

Creating a color code is one of the best ways to start highlighting your bible for Bible study.

Start by getting all of your colors together and assigning them to specific concepts or topics throughout the Bible. You can do this by drawing the color on the page in a table with the concept or topic next to it.

This enables you to go through your Bible and highlight those topics or concepts with the matching Bible color code. The more colors you have for this, the better. You’ll be able to go through the Bible and highlight pages with different colors which can help you to get a better understanding about the meanings of what you’re reading. 

Many people find this to be a rewarding experience as it allows them to learn more from the Bible in a more proactive way rather than just reading it. 

Assign Colors

  • Start by picking a range of highlighter colors. 
  • Go through the Bible and make notes of the main topics and concepts, such as God’s word or mentions of Jesus Christ or the Holy Spirit.
  • During this process, it’s important to develop a system that works best for you.
  • Therefore, you can be as specific about the topics as you want, so long as you have enough different colored highlighters. You can choose one color for topics on Christian living and another color for daily grace company or spiritual warfare.
  • For example, if you like taking notes on the margins of your Bible, you can highlight the verses that you’re writing about and write the notes in the same color on the page.
  • When you’re reading through the Bible at a later date, you’ll have an easier time corresponding your notes to a specific verse or passage. 
  • If there’s something that stands out to you about the word of God, you can dig deeper by using a pen or highlighter to make notes. Repeated words may come up which you can highlight to understand God better.


After reading through our post on how to highlight your Bible, we hope that you’re feeling more assured about the process. There’s no right or wrong way due to how studying the Bible can be a personal activity. 

However, it’s best to create some kind of system when it comes to colors and topics to prevent things from getting confusing. The idea behind highlighting your bible is to make the learning process easier and more enjoyable. 

You can highlight verses throughout the whole Bible to develop your understanding during Bible studies. These color coding Bible highlighting techniques can be used on a new Bible or an old Bible (or even publications such as prayer life) for better note-taking.

You can also feel free to use gel highlighters or colored pencils when creating your Bible highlighting system. Other helpful resources are available within our site covering similar topics.

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