How to Make Erasable Pens

How to Make Erasable Pens

Before erasable pens were created, mistakes made with pen and paper were permanent. The use of a ballpoint pen caused a lot of frustration among people who were filling out official documents or forms and who made mistakes halfway through. 

There was no other option but to start again, as erasable inks weren’t created yet. This also led to wasting paper every time a spelling mistake was made.

However, with the introduction of erasable gel pens from Frixion, people were able to fill out documents and forms and not have to worry if they made a mistake. They could just simply erase the ink and continue. 

How An Erasable Pen Works

It took many years during the development process to create the ink used in the Frixion erasable ink pens. Thermosensitive Metamo ink is what was developed and used for the first line of Frixion erasable pens.

The ink inside this erasable pen included microcapsules that was made up of three ingredients. These included a dye that enables you to change between colorless and colored forms, a temperature change regulator, and a color developer. 

The dye decides on the color being used, but this isn’t the substance that produces the color on the page. Instead, this dye must bond chemically with the color developer ingredient, which then produces the color. 

The temperature regulator stops the colors from bonding once a certain temperature is reached. Initially, the range of temperature at which the ink could show its color on the page had a small window. This caused it to appear before disappearing due to reacting to the slight changes in temperature. 

Therefore, more development was needed to create an ink that could withstand a wide temperature range. In addition to this, they needed to reduce the overall size of the Metamo ink particles to ensure that the erasable pen ink ran smoothly across the paper.

Best Erasable Pens

After reading more about how these erasable pens work, you may be interested in what some of the best current erasable pens have to offer. 

PILOT Frixion Pens

The PILOT Frixion ink pen is easy to use and comfortable due to the rubber materials that are used. In addition to this, there are plenty of ink colors to choose from, which makes it one of the best erasable pens.

In a single pack, you can choose between blue, royal blue, red, purple, green, black, and more. Therefore, you have plenty of choices when it comes to writing or drawing. 

Having said that, the ink contained in these pens is prone to drying out quicker than some were hoping for. 

Paper Mate EraserMate

The Paper Mate EraserMate gel pen contains ink that doesn’t bleed through paper. Therefore, you can use it for writing and drawing without worrying about it ruining other pages underneath. This is why it’s considered as the best erasable pen for taking notes.

Furthermore, writers and artists like how they can incorporate various angles whilst using these pens. This is because the pressurized ink chamber provides the tip with an even and steady flow of ink. 

This pen is best for taking notes and sketching if you don’t need more than one color as it’s only available in black inks. 

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That wraps up our post about how erasable pens were made as an alternative to traditional ballpoint pens. Hopefully, you’ve learned a little more about how these erasable highlighters were developed, as well as what some of the best available options have to offer. 

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