How to Make Graff Ink

How to Make Graff Ink

When it comes to graffiti art, there are many tools at your disposal that can help to develop your artwork. 

If you’re just starting out or want to learn how to utilise these tools more cheaply, this is the post for you. Below, you’ll learn more about how to make graffiti ink tools from scratch, which can save you lots of money. Let’s get started…

Spray Paint Bottle Options

There are several options available that you can use when it comes to bottles, and they include the following:

Bingo dabbers- These are common among the graffiti marker community. They’ve been created for ink and can be easily refilled. This is one of the most significant advantages of using bingo dabbers. Most other bottle options aren’t meant to be refilled with ink which makes them more difficult to use. In addition to this, bingo dabbers come in a variety of sizes and shapes. They can be found online or in dollar stores. 

Shoe polish bottles – Shoe polish bottles are another common option among graffiti artists. The type of shoe polish bottle that you use doesn’t matter too much. It’s more about picking ones that feel natural to hold. These can be found online, in shoe stores, and in supermarkets. 

Glue stick containers- A liquid glue pen can be another easy option to use. The ones that have a roller ball are best for graffiti art and are easy to fill with acrylic paint or pen ink.

Deodorant bottles – Deodorant bottles are readily available online and in stores. The main factor to keep an eye out for when using deodorant bottles is the shape. Roll-on deodorant bottles are more popular than spray-on bottles due to how they feel more natural to hold. 

Nib Options


If you’re looking to do graffiti work on glass, tiles, metal, or any other smooth surfaces, a sponge nib is best. This is because they distribute the ink thickly and evenly to ensure that you can get your work to stay on smooth surfaces. 

Shoe polish bottles often come with a sponge nib already integrated. This makes it incredibly easy to refill with ink and start using. 

Alternatively, you can buy sponges and cut them into small triangular pieces and stick them to the tip of your chosen bottle.

Felt nibs 

Felt nibs can easily be found across craft stores. You can also find felt in the form of sheets. This enables you to get lots of felt that you can continuously use for your bottle nibs. Simply fold the sheets in half and cut out small pieces that fit into your chosen bottle. 

Chalkboard brush 

A chalkboard brush is fantastic when it comes to adding graffiti art to rougher surfaces, such as walls. These can be found across arts and crafts stores and stores that sell office supplies.

You may have to buy chalkboard brushes and remove the tips. 


If you want to create graffiti art that stands out and isn’t too clean, you may be interested in using a rope. You can achieve this by folding a piece of rope in half and putting both ends into the lid bottle.

Make sure that there’s a tight loop on the outside of the bottle. You can then hold the bottle upside down so that the paint/ink soaks the rope. You can then use the rope to make your art. 

Ink Options

There are many different kinds of ink and paint available when it comes to refilling your chosen bottle. Take a look below to get an idea about the different kinds of ink. They can be found at most art stores.

  • Pilot Refill Ink – This one has been around for a while and is a reliable option to consider. 
  • Smash Ink – If you need ink that has high pigment, this is a great choice. 
  • Molotow Cocktail Ink
  • Garvey XT-70 Violet  
  • Money Shot Ink 
  • Paint thinner
  • Bucket paint
  • Paint hardener
  • Latex paint
  • Oil-based paint
  • Water-based paints
  • Oink ink

India ink is generally not recommended for graffiti artists due to how it gets washed away easily when it rains. 

You may also want to add 2-3 drops of brake fluid to your paint bottles. This can help ensure that the paint lasts for longer.

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After reading through our post on how to make your own graffiti ink bottles, we hope that you’re feeling more confident about giving it a go for yourself. 

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