How to Use Arteza Watercolor Brush Pens

Using Arteza watercolor brush pens may seem daunting, to begin with. However, once you’ve read through our post below, you’ll be feeling a lot more confident about how to use them for your artwork.

These real brush pens come with tips that are made out of bristle, rather than chisel or felt tips. Artists like how they can use these brushes similarly to pens if they’re used on certain types of paper.

So, you can get the feeling of using a paintbrush and a pen in one by using them on different kinds of paper. The water-based ink that’s contained allows you to create a watercolor painting effect without the mess. 

Let’s take a look at more details on how to use Arteza real brush pens. 

Using Arteza Real Brush Pens

Start by choosing a color and dipping the brush partway into the water so that the tip is completely underwater for around one second or less. 

The quantity of water in the brush tip will impact how intense the color comes out on the page. If you want darker and more intense colors, use less water. For lighter colors, hold the water brush tip under the water for a little longer. 

You can experiment with holding the tip under water for varying amounts of time to see how it affects the intensity of color on the page. 

In addition to this, you can get creative by combining multiple colors together in a palette. The water brush pen can be used to mix the colors which can be great for shading. 

It’s also a good idea to get comfortable with holding real brush pens. You can practice holding the brush on the page and getting used to how the bristles feel whilst implementing different strokes. 

Another way to use these pens is to make the background wet and paint using a dry brush. 

Start by using one color to add a base color to your drawing. You can then gradually add other colors for shading purposes.

When you’re using wet paper, you’ll notice that it creates a different effect. You can experiment with how wet you make the paper, as well as the types of colors that you use. This helps you to create delicate watercolor effects.

If you want to add more texture to your work, try holding the Arteza paint brush pens as flatly and tightly to the page as you can. The flexible nylon brush tips enable you to do this with ease.

You can use sweeping motions to go with the grain of the paper. This is a method that works best if you’re using grainier paper.

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After reading through our post on how to use Arteza brush pens, we hope that you’re feeling more assured about the process. Be sure to experiment and see how your brush pens react on watercolor paper and use the tips mentioned above to improve your skills.


How do you mix complementary tones when using Arteza real brush pens?

Begin by identifying two colors that are similar to each other. Next, dip the brush into the lighter shade and brush it over the darker shade. This will combine the two colors on the nib. You can then apply it to your artwork and see how it creates a different effect. 

These pens can be mixed on palettes which is what makes them so great for mixing and combining colors for creativity. Just be sure to wash the pens to ensure that they don’t get too dirty and filled with different colors for too long. 

How do you dry real brush pens?

You can dry real brush pen by squeezing out the excess paint with warm water. Once you’ve rinsed your real brush pens, you can then wrap them up in a paper towel and let them completely dry.

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