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Mayfield Illustrator Portfolio


Inspired by the comic books and cartoons of their childhood, Mayfield chose to become an illustrator to share her stories and characters with the world.

Mayfield uses a variety of mixed media, including but not limited to, ink, watercolour, pencil, gouache and digital programs. Within these mediums, Mayfield’s work is highly textured, with a focus on detail, often working in black and white with a minimum touch of colour. However, she also likes to work in colour, and loves to use a variety of palettes, from soft muted tones to bright neons and oranges.

Mayfield’s style is inspired by the comics and books they read as a child, such as artists like Jamie Hewlett, Tony Diterlizzi, Brett Helquist and Beatrix Potter. Her style also takes influence from media like the Studio Ghibli movies, especially Hayao Miyazaki’s storyboard work.

Mayfield graduated from Nottingham Trent University, where she studied Fine Art. Fine Art allowed her to explore methods outside of their normal practise, using the lessons taught in planning, taking feedback and professionalism to better herself as an illustrator.

Mayfield has previously created illustrative pieces for a variety of projects, including editorial work, exhibition pieces and logo designs for various companies.

Her favourite projects include children’s books and graphic novels, but any new challenge is exciting!

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