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Website Screen Grab Image of 'Behind the Magic Door' homepage showing Illustrated childrens book

Illustrated childrens book now listed on ‘Not On The High Street’ website

Some more great news following on from the fantastic Illustrated childrens book artwork completed by the artist ‘Rushton’ of the Big Red Illustration Agency (

After finalising the book itself and having perfected the online build through to external printing and delivery, the product has now been accepted by the online marketplace, ‘Not On The High Street’ to promote and sell as an additional outlet 😉

With this fabulous opportunity, the already promising sales seen via the company’s own website and promotion ‘’ should now hopefully be dramatically enhanced to justify the artwork involved in creating over 850 illustrated pages that allow the creation of these wonderfully personal gift books.

‘Behind the Magic Door’ has already sold thousands of copies having been shipped to 38 countries and all 6 ‘inhabited’ continents. They have also had reviews / feedback from over 700 customers and received top marks / 5 stars from 98.6% of them 😉

Illustrated childrens book

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A little history behind the illustrated childrens book project:

Illustrated childrens book

The Overview:

It seems an age ago now that we were reading through the initial overview and brief;

The prime / target audience is children aged 2 – 6. We are trying to stir their imaginations – to excite and thrill. To that end I’m very happy for the characters to have a distinct look / feel rather than be a detailed copy of the animal from a photo. Also clearly looking for a cartoon type character (rather than the direct copy) which hopefully affords some additional creative license.

The Brief:

The book

  • Will be a high quality, personalised children’s picture book that will give oodles of enjoyment whilst they are young and will be a treasured keepsake as they get older.
  • Design / ethos is about creating a fun experience parents can share with their children
  • The characters are likely to be grouped in a particular theme. We have two themes and character sets on the short list at the minute (and a favourite) but will very happily take creative input on the suitability of the theme and the individual characters
  • Prime age range will be 2 – 6 but I think it will potentially appeal 0 – 8
  • The book will consist of 48 separate 4 page segments as follows:

◦ Intro

◦  Link (used for shorter names)

◦ End

◦ 45 “Characters” (segment for each)

  • Additional requirements:

◦ There will also need to be the front / back cover

◦ We may also need to use a number of the characters for the following:

▪ Poster (Using same “Characters”)

▪ Greeting cards (using same “Characters”

▪ Uncoloured outlines that the child can colour in (Using same “Characters”)

Possibly other things as good ideas keep on flowing…