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Illustrated logo design

Having recently been commissioned to create a new and exciting illustrated logo design for Maalu Moo publishing, our fabulous illustrator Montes, set about developing a fun and quirky style of character to reflect the brand and it’s audience to whom it would be aimed towards. Normally with a character like this, many drafts and differing concepts would be looked at but after clear direction on two initial styles, the final illustration work was easily agreed and subsequently created.

Maalu Moo -Illustrated Logo design

So the end result, a very quick turnaround on the overall project. A great, unique and quirky branded character developed. And a very happy client indeed 😉

… here are just two of the quotes from our client’s emails:

‘I love both illustrations, but the one that stands out to me is Maalu Moo with the blue background. Feeling very overwhelmed right now. I love everything about the image. So no amendments needed at all’.

‘I can’t stop looking at the image. The whole thing is just amazing. Very well done’.

Always a fantastic feeling when a client is as pleased as this. Absolutely brilliant that it went so well and fingers crossed this will be the beginning of yet another successful relationship.