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Nina Illustrator Portfolio


My name is Nina and I’ve been working with illustrations in general since 2018, but have always liked children’s illustration and so finally decided to enter this colorful and adventurous world.

I’ve illustrated textbooks and prints for clothing stores before, but now I focus on illustrating stories to delight children. I love to draw characters, detailed scenarios and use various colors. My style is simple but cute with textures with a magical touch. I like to imagine different situations and put on paper different worlds, universes, castles, forests and valleys, cute cities and lots of animals.

I’m always interested in working with children’s books, such as picture books, textbooks and commercial art for children, everything that involves this beautiful children’s universe. I am a committed, helpful and understanding person who always tries to portray the best of someone else’s idea, I like to do everything right and I always give my best.

I hope to grow a lot in illustration in the year to come as this career is my dream and my life!

The Big Red Illustration Agency is always looking for the next great client and commission. If you'd like to work with us on a project, please get in touch