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Olirroh Illustrator Portfolio


An illustrator, cartoonist and character designer originally from Brazil, since the 90s, Olirroh has always loved to draw. There was always a pile of comics beside his bed, his days were always filled with cartoons and animation. Having worked as a designer for years in advertising agencies in Brazil, building his illustration portfolio, he now works full time as a freelancer.

He’s worked on some interesting projects in his career, highlighting cover illustrations for the release of musical singles, advertising campaigns for comedians, posters for plays, character design for board games, comics and newspaper comics. It was a dream to get enough clients to work in his studio full time. Olirroh over the years has completed many projects in drawings and comics.

Specializing in high quality cartoons and always with a lot of humor, it’s easy to see why this illustrator remains current and gaining prominence.

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