Pilot Frixion Rollerball Erasable Pens

Details about these erasable pens:

  • Made by popular and reliable brand Pilot.
  • Black, Red, Blue
  • A Nib Size Of 0.7mm
  • Line Width Of 0.35mm
  • The pens came in a great range of colours – 8 pens in total.

Assorted Colour Pack of Pilot Frixion Pens – 8 Pens – Black, Blue, Green, Orange, Purple / Violet, Pink, Light Blue & Red

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When these landed on the doormat, I couldn't wait to give them a try. Turns out that they are marvellous. The range of colours is fantastic and they are fine enough to write small, or for creating fine detailed work when drawing. As you'd expect from normal gel pens I suppose but with the added bonus of being ERASABLE!

Removing the ink worked very well by rubbing the writing with the built-in eraser end of the pen (as you would when using a pencil). You will need a decent quality of paper though as not to cause any rips.

One of the best features of the PILOT FriXion Pen is that is was very comfortable to use. If you are writing or drawing for long periods, it's essential to have a pen you feel comfortable with. The pens have a soft to the touch tube that provided a firm but comfy, non-slip grip.

One thing to note is that although you can erase the ink, it does leave a slight trace (and it is very slight) of where the line used to be. If you think about it, even pencil when erased tends to leave an impression of where the line used to be. If once the ink is erased you write over with the correct information, it is a very neat solution. Of all erasable pens I have tried, these are definitely the best, both in terms of writing & drawing quality and of course, the eraser.

Great for inking cartoons ready for scanning and you can clean up any mistakes as you go saving time later.


Pros Cons
  • Great range of colours
  • Comfy to use
  • Refillable ink erasable by friction/heat
  • 0.7 mm Nib Tip
  • FREE Delivery in most areas
  • Supplied loose rather than in a pack

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