The Artist

David Orland

I have now been painting portraits for over 30 years having taken my first commission at the age of 20 whilst studying Fine Art at St Martins College London. My love of travel has allowed me to work and live all over the world painting anything from Historical Landmarks and exotic animals to people-portraits and household family pets. Now living in Cheshire with my wife, two children and two dogs, I spend most days painting in some shape or form from the comfort of my own home studio giving me a much-loved balance of a family and working lifestyle.

Having partnered with The Big Red Illustration Agency quite a few years ago now, I have so much more time to concentrate on simply doing what it is that I do best, and that is creating bespoke portraits of your beloved family pets, painting unique long-lasting memories in a detailed and realistic way.

the artist at work on a cat portrait commission
the artist at work on a horse portrait commission
gouache paints image
sample horse portrait

If you like what I do please get in touch supplying a suitable photograph and any additional information necessary and I’ll look to produce you a realistic, painted likeness of your special someone that can be treasured for many years to come.

Please note; I’m fast becoming booked up for deliveries for Christmas so please get in touch soon to secure your commission in time.