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Best Spray Paint For Graffiti UK

It can be really overwhelming with there being so many different types of spray paint available for graffiti art.

So, which one is the best for you?

Graffiti paint must fulfil a variety of specifications that do not apply to most traditional kinds of painting. This is due to the fact that graffiti is a sort of street art that employs walls and external surfaces as a canvas rather than a traditional painting on paper or canvas.

As a result, the best spray paint for graffiti must be able to function under these conditions. The first thing to remember about graffiti paint is that it should be available in the form of an aerosol spray can (Graffiti is created without the use of a brush).

Spray paints, on the other hand, are employed to achieve a specific effect. Spray paints dry rapidly and may be used on a variety of surfaces. Other than that, how easy the application of the spray paint one is using or the rich color, high pressure spray cans, if it is suitable for all-weather, waterproof etc are definitely things to be kept in mind.

It can be a bit challenging to choose the best spray paint among all the different spray paints, but not impossible.

Take a look at the list below where I have written in detail about the products to find allowing you to then create a graffiti spray painting of your very own.

01) Montana Black Spray Can Set Basic Colours + Spare Spray Heads

Graffiti Street Art 6 x 400 ml

Montana Black Spray Can Set Basic Colours + Spare Spray Heads main image


• Montana black comes with a matte finish

• Interior usage only

• Resistant to fade and easy to use

• Applicable surface includes walls

• 6 x 400 ml spray containers, 6 x spray caps, and 10 x extra spray caps are included.


Montana cans are a high-quality paint for graffiti art which come in six brilliant colors such as blue, yellow, green, red, black, and white, as well as 10 unique spray heads for flexible spraying.

It has high pressure and vibrant color, fast drying ability which is perfect for the street art.


This is one of the best spray paint for graffiti to purchase as it highlights a lot of qualities which give the freedom to explore graffiti art.

Montana cans are ideal for children as well as adults and possess qualities like high pressure spray and vibrant color, fast drying ability – all things that every street artist looks for.

Creating graffiti art by Montana black is exceptional because of its no-drip formula and also the highly compressed spray cans which come with quality full spray nozzles.

Whilst talking about this product it’s also worth mentioning the opacity and color intensity which are both exceptional. All in all, a great buy!

02) HOMION 12 CANS of Fluorescent NEON Spray can Paint 200 ml Graffiti

Extra Bright Yellow, Green, Purple,Red, Pink, Orange, Blue

HOMION 12 CANS of Fluorescent NEON Spray can Paint 200 ml Graff main image


•‎ 200 milliliters per can (Pack of 12)

• Does not include CFCs

• Any of 6 mix colors are available

• Ideal to do wall art


Any combination of red, green, blue, yellow, purple, orange or pink is available. One of the best spray paints for any graffiti art.


12 CANS of HOMION Fluorescent NEON Spray Paint is one of the best spray paint options for graffiti art and comes at an affordable price.

The colors are vibrant and are a good pick for a beginner as well as seasoned graffiti artists alike and overall, this set of bright graffiti paints are a must to try if you are looking for something quite fun and creative to work with.

Even though this product does not seem to be as satisfying as others, people still seem to like this for purely graffiti paint purposes.

03) 151 Fluorescent Neon Spray Can Paint 200ML

x12 Cans of Graffiti (Banksey) N0 CFCs

151 Fluorescent Neon Spray Can Paint 200ML main image


• Bright glowing colors

• Adheres to paper, wood, metal, glass, and most plastics

• Rich color with matte finish

• 200 ml per spray can (pack of 12)

• Superior coverage


This is one of the best graffiti spray paints that doesn’t include any CFCs. It also comes in handy as it’s of a 200 ml size can.

The finish glows very intensely and the colors are very vibrant with high gloss.


This is one of the best spray paint brands that gives an ultimate finish whilst including a good collection of neon colors. The coverage is adequate, and the spray motion is steady and constant. It dries quickly and does not run when used as directed.

This graffiti spray paint can be used on a variety of crafts. The graffiti spray paint, when applied, highlights a lot better under UV light but be sure to shake the can for at least 2 minutes to avoid runny spray paint.

Do this and you’re good to go.

04) Rust-Oleum 400ml Painter’s Touch Spray Paint

41 Colours – Gloss

Rust-Oleum 400ml Painter's Touch Spray Paint main image


• Gives gloss finish

• Applicable on doors

• 400 ml, available in 42 different colors

• Effective for both indoor and outdoor use

• Smooth, long-lasting finish


This is one of the most frequently bought graffiti spray cans which is recommended by street artists. This colorant gives your artwork a glossy shine, helping it to stand out. and because oil-based paints do not wash off readily, your street artwork will last for a long time, especially because the varnish can survive harsh weather conditions.

It is available in gloss, satin, and matt finishes and has a high-quality, quick-drying formulation as well. No need to dispose of the can if you leave it exposed and the spray nozzle clogs, mineral spirits may be used to swiftly clear the spray nozzles at home.

Simply twist and take the tip-off, then put it in the spirits for a few minutes or until the valve is unblocked, then replace it on the can, all set to go again.


Among all the wonderful oil-based paints, these graffiti spray cans provide complete satisfaction. The most important feature of these high-quality paints is their versatility. They adhere nicely to metal, wood, plastic, plaster, stone, and unglazed surfaces.

Rust-Oleum formulations dry approximately within 20 minutes after contact with the surface. While this spray dries rapidly, it takes up to 48 hours to cure. This spray paint is reasonable and easy to use. and includes a good spray nozzle that allows you to spray surfaces with ease.

Overall, it’s a good purchase for graffiti spray paints.

05) Nurano6 CANS OF FLUORESCENT NEON spray can paint 200ML

Graffiti (Banksey) NO CFCs – 6 COLOURS – Red, Pink, Blue, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green

Nurano6 CANS OF FLUORESCENT NEON spray can paint 200ML main image


• Matte finish

• A total of six (Pack of 1)

• Vibrant neon colors

• Contains no CFCs

• Suitable for DIY projects


Nurano6 cans of fluorescent neon spray paint for graffiti comes in six individual colors – red, green, blue, yellow, pink, and orange. This product does not contain any CFCs and is perfect for street art. This amazing product makes spray painting more fun and to be creative with.


This individual graffiti spray paint is simply put, one of the best spray paints available. The product is good for highlighting and has fast drying ability. Moreover, the paint cans themselves are also of good quality.

Ideal for little crafts, scrapbooking, and other creative endeavours, the aroma is not overpowering.

If you are into bright neon colors for graffiti paints, this is what you have been looking for.

General Information About Best Spray Paint for Graffiti

The real definition of Graffiti is art which is painted, written, or drawn on a wall or other surfaces without authorization.

Graffiti art began in the late 1500s, when artists carved pictures on the walls of sacred sites and other public areas. Today, artists create on public surfaces with water and oil-based spray paint and work in both legally commissioned and illegally ‘vandalised’ capacities.

To choose the best spray paint for graffiti art, one must consider the pressure, durability, spray nozzle, adhesion, coverage of the spray paint to get the perfect one.

With that noted, it also should be taken into account if the paint dries fast enough and if it is weather resistant. While looking for the best individual graffiti spray, be it a beginner or an artist, it is important to decide what he or she is looking for and then go for the right one.

With there being more than several brands on the market for spray paints for graffiti, it is more or less known that the better quality a spray paint is, the more expensive they often are.

Conclusion / Roundup

Hopefully, this article addressed most of your concerns and has given you a good overview in relation to graffiti spray paints.

Graffiti writers or artists may have specific and different opinions about their best spray paint brands. But, in all honesty, it is in the hands of each individual person to identify his or her favourite and to find the right spray to suit their needs.

There is a risk of having too many options, but the information offered in this review should help you narrow things down to what you need at the end of the day.

…but as ever, it is only trial and error that will eventually be more beneficial than reading things in a review.


What do graffiti artists use as the best graffiti spray paint?

There are many types of spray paint that can be used for graffiti. Some artists prefer to use cans of spray paint, while others may opt for markers or other types of paint. The best type of graffiti spray paint will depend on the artist’s preference and the project at hand.

In the earlier times, artists carved pictures on the walls of sacred sites and other public areas. Today, artists create on public surfaces with water and oil-based spray paint. Other than that, stickers, stencils, posters, airbrush, oil-based chalk, various paints, and even sculptures are used.

What’s the best spray paint used in graffiti street art?

Outdoor spray paint is most popularly used in graffiti art. This is something that is contained in high-pressure cans like aerosol cans. Brands like Montana Black, Rust-oleum, Krylon fusion are the most recommended spray paint brands for graffiti street art.

What spray paint is the best high-quality paint for graffiti?

Among any best spray paint brand, Montana Black has been the top pick for quite some time as too is Krylon fusion all in one spray paint which is considered to be one of the best graffiti paint alternatives for any surface or scenario by street artists.

Is acrylic paint used in graffiti spray cans?

Not as a general rule, no, acrylic paint would not be used for a graffiti paint set. The reason being is that it is water-based and does not adhere to surfaces as well as spray paint oil-based do, resulting in lower quality graffiti art.

Best spray paint…?

Graffiti art defined:

Graffiti art is a type of street art that involves the use of spray paint or other types of paint to create images or words on public surfaces. This type of art often includes illegally ‘vandalized’ works, as well as legally commissioned pieces.

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