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Best Spray Paint For Plastic UK

You’ve got a plastic item that needs a new coat of paint, but you’re not sure what to use.

It can be tough to find the right spray paint for plastic items since there are so many different types of plastic.

Never fear, we’ve done the research for you and have selected the top 5 best spray paints for use on plastic. Read on to learn why each product is a great choice and how to use them.

Whether you are into graffiti or any sort of temporary arts and crafts that includes the use of spray paints, you definitely want the best that you can get your hands on. This review guide will cover all that you can possibly need allowing you to choose from the best possible quality.

Starting from all-in-one paint to the best spray paint for plastic, this guide will help you seek and acquire the best product for your artistic endeavors. It’s important you buy the correct one at the best price for the best buyer experience.

By the end of this review, you will be well versed in knowing what to look for when looking for spray paints, how much to spend, and where to spend.

01) JENOLITE Directorust Multi Surface Spray Paint (variety of colours)

For Use On Wood, Metal, Plastic, Ceramic & Rusted Surfaces – 400ml

JENOLITE Directorust Multi Surface Spray Paint (variety of colours) main image


  • 400 ml
  • Packs of up to 3
  • Direct application without primer
  • Compatible on any surface
  • Metallic spray


The JENOLITE Directorust collection of paints for plastic, wood, metal, etc. is one of the best paint cans you can find on the market. With thousands of positive reviews, this brand has garnered quite the reputation for itself for being incredibly reliant on paints for plastic and other surfaces.

Any surface it is applied to will turn into a durable surface; it will not easily wear off or cause any harm. This makes great use for outdoor plastic or spray painting plastic in general.


With the variety of support this paint has you can use it for various art projects. Plastic spray paints are not proprietary to just one material of the surface, you can range from hard to soft and from painting plastic to dried silk flowers to even paper mache.

A great buy since it’s using a durable formula that ensures long-lasting on surfaces and moisture resistance. One of the highest-rated spray paints due to the quality of the paints and the features.

02) Paint Factory 1 x All Purpose Proper Purple Aerosol Spray Paint 250ml (various colours available)

1x pair of Disposable Gloves Quick Drying Spray, Fast Dry, and Excellent Coverage for Wood, Metal, Plastic and more by Swiss Signature

Paint Factory 1 x All Purpose Proper Purple Aerosol Spray Paint 250ml (various colours available) main image


  • 250 ml
  • Gloss finish
  • Available in packs of up to 12
  • 1x pair of gloves included
  • Can be applied on most surfaces including plastic surface


The Paint Factory All-Purpose Aerosol Spray paint is a super budgeted option that comes in handy for anyone who is looking for spray paints for plastic on a budget. This is an excellent brand of paint for plastic and you can get a whole selection of brilliant colors.

The various selection of colors allows you to pick and mix and match whatever you need without the conflict of using a different brand of coating for your spray painting projects. These cans can be used as a plastic spray and on other surfaces such as wood or ceramic.


On a budget, these are incredibly handy for plastic surfaces and other surfaces. For each can of spray paint, you are paying very little making them one of the better spray paint for plastic for those not wanting to spend too much. Keep in mind it’s not just plastic spray paint and can be used for other surfaces.

Overall, a great purchase if you work on plastic surfaces and are looking for a variety of colors of cans on a budget. With these cans of spray paint, you are on your way to making great masterpieces for your portfolio.

03) Rust-Oleum 400ml Painter’s Touch Spray Paint

Various Colours, For Interior and Exterior 

Rust-Oleum AE0050012E8 400ml Painter's Touch Spray Paint main image


  • 400 Ml of spray paint in each can
  • Available in a selection of up to 42 colors
  • Smooth finish
  • High-quality
  • Fast drying


The Rust-Oleum painters touch spray paint is great for spray painting any surface including plastic surfaces. The brand is also known for providing the best paint for any plastic surface or others. Coming in with a whopping selection of 42 colors they are offering way more than any other brand would in terms of color selection.

Apart from being the highest-rated paint for plastic in a can, they also prove to be extremely durable that will last against the battle of time and external effects. It also can work as a cover for rust protection.


Rust-Oleum is perfect for any plastic surface, metal surface, wood surface or ceramic surface. They ensure long-lasting effects while also drying super quick. Enabling you to cover up or design in full color whatever you want successfully without any issues.

Overall, a great buy in terms of spray paint for plastic and virtually anything. In terms of reliable brand names, Rust-Oleum is the best hands down. Just ask the thousand reviewers, they can vouch for them.

04) Selsil Spray Paint 400 ml – Ozone Friendly and Fast Drying

Suitable for All Purposes on Wood, Metal, Plastic, Concrete, Ceramic and Glass (Multiple Colour Options)

Selsil Spray Paint 400 ml – Ozone Friendly and Fast Drying main image


  • 400 ml
  • Fast drying
  • UV resistant
  • 41 different colors
  • Various usage


The Selsil spray paint for plastic, wood, ceramic, and metal is not as popular as the Krylon but that does not go as to say that they aren’t as good. These inexpensive cans of paint are excellent for both indoor and outdoor crafts.

If you’re looking to spray paint your DIY items, it’s best to stick to spray paints for plastic as they are generally purposed to set and sit well on top of that material surface. The Selsil is excellent as plastic spray paint for its long-lasting effects without decay and corrosion.


The Selsil is an inexpensive brand of spray paint for plastic and other surfaces that has an adequate selection of colors that you might require for your projects. They work great on any surface just as they would on plastic surfaces. They also dry fast making them easy to set.

If you’re short on budget for purchasing your spray paints, this brand works especially well. Each product works differently in accordance with its purpose and it seems that the Selsil is made just for this, and the usage with other surfaces is an added bonus. Overall, a great purchase.

05) Fluorescent Bright Neon Spray Paint Aerosol DIY Matt Hi-Vis Safety 200ML

Graffiti Extra Bright Paint Blue Green Orange Pink Purple Red Yellow Assorted Colours (6)

Fluorescent Bright Neon Spray Paint Aerosol DIY Matt Hi-Vis Safety 200ML main image


  • 200 ml
  • Can be purchased in packages of up to 12
  • Neon colors
  • Bright matte finish
  • Non-t0xic


The Fluorescent Bright Neon spray paint aerosol is a great idea for any projects where you want to give your surface material a neon pop. They work great as spray paint for plastic along with every other surface imaginable making them incredibly versatile.

The vibrancy and the brightness of these paints give the ‘illusion of a glow’. This is a great feature for paints to have if you’re looking to give that hi vis, novelty look.


The Paint Factory spray paint for plastic surfaces is a great selection for anyone based on their superior cohesion and durability against the test of time and external effects. Even with 200 ml they are able to provide excellent coverage for you to have plenty of space to work with.

Although it isn’t the best spray paint for plastic exclusively as it works equally as well on other materials, it gets the job done with great efficiency on plastic surfaces regardless.

General Information About Spray Paint For Plastic

Spray paint usually wears off after a long time, regardless of how durable and high quality they are, it is the nature of the paint. However, if you are looking to find the best way to paint over the plastic to ensure it stays for a long time, you will need to take certain measures. Cleaning the surface of the material you are about to paint is crucial. To avoid any impurities and inconsistencies in the application, clean the area thoroughly with rubbing alcohol.

You will then need to use paint thinner to remove any of the other paints so they do not get in the way, the final step will require you to sand down the surface area to give a rough texture so that the paint can sit well on the surface. Before application, ensure you wipe down the surface with a tack cloth to ensure no dust has settled down as you will need to wait for it all to be clean before painting.

Once applied you will need to let it rest for about an hour give or take depending on which paint can you are using. Spray paints for plastic usually work regardless of the steps you follow but for longer-lasting effects, these steps are preferred.

The best spray paints often dry the quickest and last the longest.

Conclusion / Roundup

In conclusion, you will need to try your luck in finding the best product for yourself.

You may come across some that feel cheap right off the bat but this review guide has avoided any of the cheap unusable products so you can trust the process of trying your hand from the list above.

It’s best to keep an open mind while trying out products as you are not guaranteed to immediately work well with the products unless you are well versed in your crafts.

Make sure to use safety gear as always as most spray paints have residual paint flying around from the frequency the paint comes out of the nozzle.


How to get the best results from spray paints on plastic?

You need to make sure you clean the surface of any external paint and germs using an ammonia-based cleaner or paint thinner to ensure nothing gets in the way.

So whether it’s children’s toys or some protective equipment, the cleaner the better before you start to paint.

How can I make my spray paint permanent?

To make them last the longest you will have to follow the steps mentioned earlier, clean surface, sand surface, and spot for dust.

Using a good agent to clean the surface is absolutely crucial. Mineral spirits work best in these cases.

What is the best spray paint for plastic?

Krylon or Rustoleum are the most popular brand of plastic paints due to popular positive reviews and it’s for good reason.

They do indeed provide quality products and have garnered a reputation for doing so.

Does spray paint for plastic use acrylic paint?

Yes, acrylic paint can be used as it gives your plastic objects a new lease of life. Make sure to always test in an inconspicuous area before going all out.

Does spray paint for plastic use oil-based paint?

Yes, plastic paint can be oil-based paint. In fact, it is often recommended as it seeps into the plastic better and gives a more even coverage.

Are most spray paints ok to use on plastic?

This isn’t a straightforward answer as it depends on the type of plastic and the brand/quality of spray paint.

We would recommend doing a patch test on an inconspicuous area first to be sure. Generally, however, most spray paints are suitable for use on plastic.

What is hycote spray paint?

Plastic object – a definition:

Hycote spray paint is a type of paint that is specifically designed for use on plastic surfaces. It is made from a special formula that helps to adhere to the surface of the plastic and provides a long-lasting finish.

A plastic object is an article made of a material that is moulded or extruded into shapes that are used in products we use every day. The three main types of plastics are thermoplastics, thermosets, and elastomers. Each type has unique characteristics and uses. Best spray paint for plastic should be durable and long-lasting.

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