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3d Art and 3d Illustrations

3D art is also known as anamorphosis and is a complex art form, often taking years to master. 3D art’s extra dimension adds an extra sense of depth and substance to a piece of art, which can often be difficult to achieve with 2D artwork. 3D art is similar to realistic illustration as it can be used to create incredibly realistic-looking pieces of art with the use of light and shading.

The difference between 3D art and 2D art is the added depth. Two-dimensional artwork consists of the two dimensions, height and width and exists on a flat surface. Three dimensional art consists of the three dimensions, height, width and depth. The added depth is what gives the piece of art an added sense of reality and makes the piece more awe-inspiring.

There are three main components of 3D art, subject, form and content. The subject refers to the topic of the artwork, whether that’s a landscape painting or a wild animal. The form refers to how the artist has used combinations of lines, shapes and colour to bring the piece of art to life – in other words, how the piece has been composed. Finally, the content is the meaning of the piece of art and the statement it’s trying to make.

3D art is useful for a variety of projects, including

  • Video games
  • Medical illustration
  • Architecture
  • Film production

Our artist, Dayvid is particularly skilled in the medium of 3D art. His portfolio displays a range of his 3D artwork and shows his true passion for the creation and development of 3D characters. If you’d like any further assistance with our 3D artists, then please do not hesitate to get in contact with us.

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