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Food illustration

It might be a niche category, but food illustration is a hugely popular art style. Most commonly used for commercial projects, food illustrations can be extremely useful for a range of purposes, including:

  • Recipe book illustrations
  • Product development concept creation
  • Food packaging
  • Nutrition leaflets/magazines
  • Restaurant menus
  • Blog images
  • Logos and business cards
  • Infographics


There are a few different types of food illustration. They can be highly realistic illustrations, which are perfect for product development purposes, or they can be cartoons, which are more suited to logos and infographics.


Here at the Big Red Illustration Agency, we’ve got a number of artists who are highly skilled at creating realistic food illustrations. When it comes to food illustration and our incredible talent for creating realistic-looking artwork will leave your mouth watering, perfectly capturing the essence of each piece. Having worked with a range of clients over the years, from food production companies to children’s books, we
have the knowledge, experience and skills to create highly-realistic artwork.

If you’d like to commission one of our artists for a food illustration, but you’re not sure which artist would be best for your specific needs, then please do not hesitate to contact us.

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