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Everything You Need to Know About Posca Pens. 

Posca pens are an excellent tool that can be used to help you through your artistic journey and help you create beautiful works of art. I have always been fascinated by illustration, even in my school days, which lead me to enroll in art school and become a professional illustrator after finishing at uni. I was initially working for Hallmark Cards before deciding to become a freelance. 

My passion is drawing and the tools that I use help me create exactly what I have envisioned. One of these tools I always have around is a Posca pen, which is what I’m going to be discussing today. Despite the immense popularity surrounding Posca paint pens, many people aren’t entirely aware of how to choose the right one or what these paint markers can offer. I’ve jammed everything you need to know to help you get the best out of your Posca paint markers. 

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What Are Posca Pens Used For?

One of the first things people typically ask me is what you can actually use Posca pens for when creating. A Posca paint marker can be used on all types of surfaces and are available to offer both temporary or permanent results. Nonetheless, these results depend on the surface you’re drawing on, but these Posca paint markers are commonly used to draw on porous materials, such as fabric, cardboard, pebbles, wood, clay pots, and particular metals and plastics.

The Best Posca Marker Pens in 2023

When it comes to deciding what are the best Posca paint pens markers, you need to consider some features. This is because it’s going to help you order the right type of Posca pen from its wide range of Uni Posca options. Here are some considerations you should make before you use these pens to leave your artistic mark:

The Width of Your Lines 

Posca markers come in eight different tip sizes and construction. Here are the types that you can choose from:

  • PC-1MR -0.7 extra-fine tip or ultra-fine pin tip
  • PC-1M – extra-fine 0.7mm bullet tipped
  • PC-3M – fine bullet tipped
  • PC-5M – medium 1.8-2.5mm bullet tip
  • PC-7M – large 4.5-5.5mm bullet tip
  • PC-8k – 8mm broad chisel tip
  • PC-17k – extra-broad, 17mm chisel tip
  • PCF-350 – innovative and expressive, brush tip


It’s important to understand that all of these tips can be rinsed with water while some can also be reversed.

What You Want to Use These Pens For 

The beauty surrounding these markers is that these items offer exceptional adherence to almost all surfaces while providing very little show-through or bleeding. Here are the surfaces you can use these Uni Posca paint pens on: 

·      Acrylic paintings– are best sealed with vanish and offer permanent results. 

·      Glass– offers semi-permanent results for glass displays that can be removed with cleaner or permanent results when placed on glass items and baked.

·      Paper– offers permanent results for all types of paper and cardboard. This includes photos, tracing paper, and correlated cardboard. The ink in these pens doesn’t bleed through the paper. 

·      Plaster, concrete, rocks, leather, wax, and stone – offers the best permanent results with sealed on surfaces that are later coated thinly with MSA spray vanish. 

·      Ceramics – offers permanent results after being baked, but it should be used for light use. 

·      Fabric and Textiles- offers permanent results after being ironed, but the fabric should be reversed when ironing. 

·      Latex, plastic, and areas coated with plastic laminate – offers permanent results. 

·      Wood – works best when used on sealed surfaces and provided with a couple of thin coats of a varnish spray. 

·      Metal – works best on a sealed surface that has a few applications of MSA spray varnish and is an excellent option for outdoor metal works. 

The Color Ranges 

You can order by category when looking for a paint pen to add to your shopping cart, as this is more convenient. When selecting from these categories, you can shop by color range. These paint markers come in a range of colors to select. Here are the most common colors to choose from in the United States: 

·      Gold

·      Silver

·      Fluorescent Yellow

·      Fluorescent Orange 

·      Fluorescent Red

·      Fluorescent Pink 

·      Fluorescent Green Apple

·      Metallic ranges

·      And lots of glitter options. 

The ink colors available are known to be vibrant and bright while also ensuring long-lasting effects. With that being said, the marks included on non-porous areas, like wax, are said to be removable unless sealed with a varnish. 

How Can You Use Uni Posca Paint Markers? 

Before applying your uni paint marker to any surface, you should start by shaking the marker up and down. This should be done with the cap on to prevent the ink from spilling. When doing this, you’re going to hear the ball inside the pen jumping around. This informs that the paint inside this marker is being mixed. From here, you can press the tip several times and apply the Uni Posca marker on a spare page of paper until you can see that the tip is filled with ink. 

After you have seen this ink filled in the tip of the pen, you can start applying it to whatever surface you would like. With that being said, you must remember that this ink gets hard when it dries when applied to a porous surface. However, the ink can be wiped away with a sponge, wash cloth, or water if it’s still wet. You should account for this if you make a mistake and the ink is still wet. 

Are Posca Pens Worth the Money? 

Of course, no product is going to be the best option for all consumers. Nonetheless, these Posca paint pens are certainly a worthwhile investment if you want a versatile paint marker that can help you add some finer details to your artwork or spice up your scrapbooking skills. I strongly believe that any person who’s interested in exploring their artistic side is likely to benefit from purchasing these Posca paint markers. 

With that being said, illustrators have the reputation of loving bright and vibrant colors, which makes these Posca markers the perfect item that all illustrators should add to their shopping cart. Not to mention, painters also typically use these Posca markers for any fine lines, details, or highlights they have in their artwork, which is why you’re likely to find these pens among their art supplies. 

Moreover, sculpturers can use these uni Posca markers to color any outdoor work while curators write information in their show’s windows with these paint market products. Street artists are commonly known to use the larger Posca markers for work on brick or concrete walls. Beginners also find that the product is easy to use and offers incredible quality. The range of options is limitless when it comes to using these items, which makes these paint markers worthwhile and a certain inclusion on your next art materials order. 

Tips and Tricks for Getting the Best Out of Your Uni Posca Paint Pens

These Paint Pens are Water-Soluble

The paint included in these markers is water-soluble, which means that the ink can be diluted to create an amazing gradient effect. With that being said, this process can take time to ensure it dries properly. One handy tip that you can do is use a brush that’s been soaked in water before starting any project. After applying the paint from the marker, trace over it with the set paintbrush. You should do this before the paint from these markers dry. 

Mix-Up the Markers 

The colors of the markers can be mixed on the work surface if the paint is wet. This can be done by blurring the paint with a brush or the tip of the marker. By performing this, you can form infinite gradations of the various colors that are being mixed. If you find that the tip is stained by one of the other markers, you can easily clean it and re-prime the pen to re-stock the initial ink color. 


Due to the markers from the Posca range being opaque and dense, the paint included in the body of the pen is ideal for layering, especially on rocks. Not to mention, this offers an exceptional appearance that even beginners can achieve. Dark colors can be applied on top of the lighter colors or the opposite way around. This layering can be performed without any smudges, due to the paint’s incredibly rapid drying time. This makes it an excellent skill for beginners to use before attempting more complex techniques. 

Blow, Blow, Blow Away 

You can also perform the ‘blowing’ technique, which offers rocks and any other work surface an impeccable gradient effect. You can obtain this appearance by blowing vigorously on the tip of your Posca pen when it’s filled with ink. This is the appearance commonly associated with street art and is similar to the effect offered when using spray paint. With that being said, this blowing technique is known to work best with broad tips, such as the pc-17K, PC-8K, PC-7M, or PC-5M.

Many artists enjoy the appearance of this technique because it looks like you have used a spray paint can to achieve it. Although this final look might seem tricky, it’s actually incredibly simple and even beginners have an easy time performing it. All your need to do is make sure you have the right type of pens and you’re set.


Frequently Asked Questions

Are Posca paint pens waterproof? 

Yes, this product contains non-toxic water-based paint, which is acid-free and is called Opaque. It’s also known for being light-fast, odorless, xylene-free, waterproof, and lead-free when dry.

What is the list price of Posca pens? 

Uni Posca markers are available for approximately $60 for the entire product. However, Posca offers a range of products that can vary in price from as little as $5 and upwards. Not to mention, the list price of these items can also vary depending on where you purchase these products. The good news is, many online stationary shops stock these Posca products (especially in the United States) and many of these stationary stores pride themselves on having price lists that are reasonable for our customers to order from.

How long do Posca pens last? 

These paint markers are available in a range of sizes, which means that each item has a different period. Nonetheless, each paint marker is equipped with a high-quality nib that makes the pen long-lasting while stopping the pen from running or leaking.

Where can I buy high-quality paint pens? 

One of the best high-quality paint pens out there are Posca Pens. In addition to being high-quality, these pens are also widely available online and in many stationary stores. This makes getting your hands on such items incredibly easy and straightforward. Take a look in your local arts and crafts store or scan the web and you’re likely to some fantastic deals on Posca Pens. You can often keep up to date on such items by subscribing to the relevant mailing list by simply submitting your email address.

What type of paint is in Posca pens?

Water-based paint is used in these markers. The pigment ink included in this pen is accompanied by a small ball located inside the barrel, which helps to mix and shake the pigment paint in the pens to the right consistency. When applying this paint inside the Posca paint pens to wood, rocks, metal, a page of paper, window glass, canvas, or any other surfaces, the application is similar to applying acrylic paint, as it’s smooth, fluid, and offers excellent coverage.

The Bottomline 

You couldn’t want for anything more when choosing Posca Pens. That’s why they’re a creatives’ number one choice when it comes to picking out high-quality paint pens that are designed with the ability to effortlessly enhance the overall appearance of any piece of artwork. These paint pens work alongside your vision to capture everything you have in mind. Whether it’s highlights, a touch of color, a vibrant blast of diverse imagery, or anything in-between, these pens are the right choice for you.

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