Best Spray Paint For Wood

Best Spray Paint For Wood

You want to paint your wood furniture but don’t know what the best spray paint for wood is.

There are a lot of different types of spray paint on the market and it can be hard to figure out which one is right for you.

If you are new to the world of spray paint then the first assumption that might come is that how come there is spray paint for wood? Is it even safe to use spray paint on wooden surfaces or whatnot? Well, there is nothing to worry about because we will be going through all of those parts throughout this article.

The majority of the common population deduces the fact that there is special paint for wood and spraying is not how you should paint wood furniture. Well, the first part is true. There are multiple types of burnishing paints found out there. However, if you do not want to spend a fortune on a professional painter then spray painting wood can be the perfect substitute. There are various brands out there making the best spray paint for wood – this results in the overall job of painting your wooden furniture less troublesome.

Selecting The Best Spray Paint For Wood:

Talking about the best spray paint to be used on wooden surfaces is sort of a difficult affair due to the nature of the product itself. Regardless, in order to make your purchasing decision easier, we will be going through some things that you might want to consider and keep in mind before acquiring your wood spray paint.

For The Ideal Setting:

Just like the Pantone Color System, there is also a variety of different types of colors all suited for different occasions. There are spray paint brands that make and sell paints according to the surface that they will be used on. Just like how there is designated paint for wood, there are also other variants that can be used on metal surfaces. So, keep in mind the type of spray paint you are buying and if it is the right one for your use. Do not just go to the local home depot and ask for spray paint for furniture use. In addition, also ensure that the spray paint you are getting is durable spray paint so that the color lasts longer on wood furniture.

All That Glitters Is Not Gold:

Customers often tend to have this perception that if something is super expensive then it must be good. While this might be fairly true in some aspects but when it comes to spray paints or paints used on interior surfaces the situation is completely different. You do not necessarily have to spend a whole lot of money in getting a decent enough spray paint that will provide a shiny or metallic appearance. But yes, if you do increase your budget a bit then you can get additional upgrades like waterproof spray paint.

We’ve researched for you and have selected the top 5 best spray paints for wood furniture. Read our reviews below to figure out which one is right for you.

01) Krylon K05545007 COLORmaxx Spray Paint and Primer

For Indoor/Outdoor Use, Gloss White

Krylon K05545007 COLORmaxx Spray Paint and Primer main image


  • All in one paint and primer.
  • Can be used on wood, metal, wicker, most plastics, glass, plaster/ceramic, and more.
  • Can be used for indoor and outdoor projects.
  • Rust protection.
  • Brand value.


Krylon is a company that has been America’s first choice in spray paints since 1947. No matter which one you get we can assure you that you will be provided with good spray paint. Thanks to the inclusion of both paint and primer it will ensure the best treatment for your wood surface or virtually any surface. Also, saving you the time and paint.


Instead of saving a few cents and getting a cheap quality paint, get this one to spray paint wood furniture and you will not regret your choice. While cheap paints can be runny and thin, the Krylon K05545007 will stick to the wooden surfaces and provide a nice glossy finish.

Krylon has truly outdone themselves here because while the instructions say to wait around 2 hours between every single coating, it barely takes around 30 minutes to dry off. This Krylon diversified paint sprayer is something that all homemakers should have in their arsenal.

02) Rust-Oleum 342918 Universal All Surface Spray Paint

11 oz, Aged Metallic Vintage Gold (available in 3 alternative colors)

Rust-Oleum 342918 Universal All Surface Spray Paint main image


  • Oil-based formula.
  • Fast-drying process.
  • Paint coats will last a long time, so no need to give a second coat.
  • Provides perfect color shades for all shades of wood furniture and wood surfaces.
  • Will provide rust and corrosion protection.
  • Satin finish spray paint.


As much as this color looks like something from Beyonce’s closet, there is no denying the fact that we have at some time or other, purchased vintage color furniture and this is the perfect way to paint it.


What we have found out in our thorough testing is that this is more of a touch-up product in comparison to most spray paints because of the finish and coverage it provides. This is the ideal option for hiding those little pieces of imperfections from your wooden chairs.

However, no matter what type of interior wood furniture you use this one will provide you withan elegant shine like no other. It will work equally well on outdoor wood furniture as well and with only a few coats. The inclusion of the oil-based formula makes this a multi-purpose paint, keeping your wood painting projects safe and secure from any marks, blemishes or corrosion. The sprayer used here is a comfort spray tip that puts less fatigue on your fingers while spraying. However, if you are used to traditional sprayers then this might be a bit troublesome at times.

03) Krylon K01000A07 Premium Metallic Spray Paint

Resembles Actual Plating, 18K Gold, 8 oz (various colors options available)

1000A07 Premium Metallic Spray Paint main image


  • Gives off a realistic gold color vibe.
  • Takes just 10 minutes to dry down.
  • Provides an elegant finish.
  • Don’t use any toxic materials.
  • Big-sized bottle.


Not all spray paints can accommodate a wooden surface where you want a metallic, matte or finish of varying sorts. There is no denying that metallic paint makes any wooden surface look gorgeous and the Krylon K01000A07 Premium Metallic Spray Paint will assist you in the best possible way to achieve that.


The finish this paint provides is second to none with the Krylon colormaster paint a definite winner when it comes to providing a luxurious finishing coat. You will instantly feel like you have added a few carats of gold to your outdoor wooden furniture.

If you thought that 20/30 minutes of dry downtime from other brands was good enough then you will be surprised to hear that this one will take only 10 minutes. That along with the great coverage it provides at 20 square feet being covered with just 8 ounces makes this spray paint a top purchase.

Due to the formulation or nature of the paint in general, the smell might come off as a bit unpleasant or chalk paint-like. This is nothing to worry about if you will be using it as outdoor spray paint. However, some sort of ventilation is advised while working indoors if you are allergic to such smells.

04) Rust-Oleum 223523 Stops Rust Multi-Color Textured Spray Paint

12 Ounce (Pack of 1)

Rust-Oleum 223523 Stops Rust Multi-Color Textured Spray Paint main image


  • Provides corrosion resistance for both indoor/outdoor surfaces.
  • Oil-based formula.
  • Durable protection after paint.
  • Color retention ability.
  • High-pressure cans.


If you read our reviews of spray paints then you will know that when it comes to finding the best spray paint for any occasion, Rust Oleum surely takes a spot. The Rust-Oleum 223526 Stops Rust Multi-Color Textured Spray Paint is no exception. With a unique color texture and assurance of corrosion resistance, there is no reason to ignore this lightly sand spray paint.


The coverage that you will be getting from this one is like no other spray paint on the market. It will come as a bit thick to start with but do not freak out as the thick consistency only makes the overall painting process easier and less troublesome.

Because of the consistency of the paint, it provides a nice texture. This is not something overly common with other regular spray paints. One piece of advice from our end would be that if you will be using them over long intervals then it is suggested you get a smaller bottle as the paint inside can tend to clog over time if not used.

05) Rust-Oleum 249844 Painter’s Touch 2X Ultra Cover

12 Oz, Satin Canyon Black, 12 Ounce (multi color options)

Rust-Oleum 249844 Painter's Touch 2X Ultra Cover main image


  • Ideal for use on wood surfaces as well as plastic, plaster, and metal.
  • Environment-friendly oil-based formula.
  • Quick-drying process.
  • Long-lasting paint.
  • Provides a luxurious satin finish.


No matter how high-quality the wooden furniture you use, wood will eventually change its look once it ages. While some may prefer this, it really acts as a barrier if you are willing to make your furniture look new. The Rust-Oleum 249844 Painter’s Touch is the perfect spray paint for wood that will make your wooden surface look as new and as clean as a whistle.


During our testing, we tried this on old kitchen cabinets. We wanted to provide just a little touchup and nothing extra. However, once the paint started flowing, we couldn’t resist putting on the full coat and the end result was staggering. Useful in using on your old wood grain items.

The overall painting process ensures you get a smooth finish as well and we were really surprised at how little mess it made thanks to the high-quality nozzle spray. Highly recommended.

General Information About Spray Paint For Wood

Learn To Spray Paint First:

Before using any particular product, reading the manual and knowing the steps is necessary.

However, many new users tend to overlook this and do not learn the overall process of spraying painting wood furniture, or any other surface.

Before you make your purchase, you must know which type of paint you are buying and what consistency it has along with knowing how to spray it as well. You’ll also need to know whether you’re after the best indoor or the best outdoor spray paint…

This is because some spray paints will demand contrasting techniques which might be challenging.

Conclusion / Roundup

It is not easy to determine the best spray paint for wood on the market today, but reputable evaluations from our end will assist you in making that decision.

To satisfy your desired appropriateness, comfortability, and affordability, it is critical to understand the benefits and drawbacks of these products.

e have talked about everything in detail to make your purchasing decision easier.

As confusing as buying spray paint may seem to be, it will become very easy if you follow our guide and instructions.


What type of spray paint works best on wood?

There are different types of brands selling and making various paints for multiple surfaces and scenarios.

In order to get the best surface spray paint for wood, you will need to look at the ones that are specifically catered to spray paint wood and nothing else.

All the ones that we talked about are ideal to spray paint furniture, but always best to determine where it’s outdoor wood furniture, or indoor wood furniture as this could influence your choices.

Do you need special spray paint for wood?

Do not make the mistake of buying just any other spray paint from your local home depot and then just going for it. Use spray paints that are specifically made to spray paint wood furniture.

Can You Do Spray Painting On Wood Without Sanding?

It will depend on the condition of your furniture.

If your furniture has cuts and cracks then it is suggested you use some sanding maintenance first before you put on the thin coats.

If your wood surfaces and furniture are clean then there is no need for it.

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