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Children’s book illustrators

Children’s books have long called upon illustrators to help bring to life magical tales of adventures, mishaps, and moments of love and laughter. From Roald Dahl to Quentin Blake, Dr. Seuss to Beatrix Potter, these images are just as ingrained in our minds as the narrative. For stronger readers, they add flavour and depth to the tales, while for those who haven’t quite mastered the ability to read, illustrations help to introduce books to this new and intrigued audience. Children get bored easily, and illustrations help to keep their young minds active and engaged. At The Big Red Illustration Agency, we understand just how important children’s book illustrators are, and have a wide variety of talented artists working with us in order to meet your needs. Whether you’re looking for artwork that explores fairy tales or adventure classics, cartoon strips or real-life depictions, we’ve got the artist you’re after. The results will be unique, fun and affordable, tailored exactly to the age group you’re writing for. They say never to judge a book by its cover, but we know that so many readers do. Therefore it’s crucial to get this opening image right – it is what will stand out from book shelves, and cries out to an impressionable little mind “read me now”. No matter what style you’re after, we have an illustrator who can achieve what you’re after for your cover, and get your book the attention it deserves from the outset. They can also help you put together your illustrations for every page inside too, developing a completely one-off, spell-binding narrative.

It’s crucial to get your opening image right

Bring your words to life, and get in touch with us today. We’ll be able to put you in touch with the right illustrator for you, quickly and efficiently, who will help you turn your story idea into an actual book. They’ll be able to work with you on the storyboard process, illustrations, and book design. They can also help you to check the final book and, if needed, liaise with the printers to ensure the image quality is spot on. These 100% original and unique designs will help your new title to stand out from the crowd. Not only is this great for standing out as individual and bespoke, but it also means you can build your identity using these illustrations across all your branding and marketing to create a strong, cohesive style that will help readers to instantly recognise you.

We’ll be able to put you in touch with the right illustrator for you

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Your illustrator will be there with you every step of the way, and will also be able to discuss the direction of the story with you, ensuring the images and words meet up hand-in-hand on every page. They’ll be able to talk through character ideas, helping you present them in an eye-catching, intriguing and memorable way. You will also be able to discuss with them the finer details, such as mannerisms, emotions and actions, to truly bring your tale to life. The final result will be a book that you and your young audience love – and maybe even the adults too! Call or e-mail us now to find out more about our children’s book illustrators.