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So you’ve got a great set of colored pencils. All you need now is the best eraser to help with those minor mishaps…

“To Err is human”, *Alexander Pope, poet of the Enlightenment

and of course,

“There are no mistakes, only happy accidents” *Bob Ross, American Painter,October 29, 1942 – July 4, 1995)

Whilst you may not appreciate those happy accidents at the time or at the expense of your extremely creative endeavors, there are going to be many instances where you might spill over your colored pencils beyond the lines or have used a particular shade of colored pencil in your color-sensitive drawing paper surface by mistake.

These are stressful things to experience, however, there are always solutions set in place just for you.

You may be wondering what rubber erasers you can use for your colored pencil marks without ruining your drawings and drawing paper surface and you may also wonder which you can invest in to correct these tragic mistakes.

We’re here to help. This guide is set in place with just for those situations in mind. In this guide, we will be picking 5 of the best eraser for colored pencils on the market without forcing you to experience the tedious task of scouring endlessly through the internet or marketplace.

By the end, you will have found your best and most reliable friend for any corrections on your art projects.

01) rOtring Eraser TB20, Box of 20

Erased surface stays clean with no smears or marks

rOtring Eraser TB20 main image


  • Cube-shaped eraser
  • Pen eraser set
  • Eraser refills included
  • Easy to clean
  • Yellow and white rubber erasers


The rOtring Eraser TB20 box of 20 is a versatile pack of rubbers you can use as normal erasers or even as a pen eraser.

The eraser incorporates both yellow and white erasers that are super easy to clean and leave very little eraser residue for you to clean up.

  • No smears or marks
  • Easy to hold
  • Roll up the residue like kneaded erasers
  • Quite expensive


The rOtring erasers is a niche-sounding brand that has quite a few followers and buyers in terms of reviews. The reviews based on the products are mostly positive and they are sure to get the work done for your needs.

Overall, a great purchase for any artist or person working with colored pencil sets and or graphite pencils for normal pencil sketching.

02) Faber-Castell LARGE Eraser 4 pk

Dust Free Clean and Soft Erasing for ART, OFFICE, SCHOOL USE

Faber-Castell LARGE Eraser main image


  • Dust-free
  • Dust roll together to make kneaded erasers
  • Extra soft
  • Multiple edges
  • Durable


Faber Castell is one of the spearheading brands in terms of stationaries and rightfully so as they provide incredible value for money products.

The 4 pack here is a collection of great erasers. Each rubber eraser sports a different size and strength.

  • Durable
  • Minimal residue
  • Dust-free
  • White rubbers may stain easily


There have very rarely ever been any bad or controversial reviews when it comes to Faber Castell stationaries. Whether you work with colored pencil sets or graphite sketch pencils, these will work great and erase your mistakes without a trace.

Definitely a worthy purchase for your stationery and a cut above other kneaded erasers and kneaded rubber erasers.

03) IMustech Art Drawing Eraser for Kids and Artists

Different Shape Pencil Eraser, Rubber Eraser for Drawing, Sketching, and Charcoal Pencils

IMustech Art Drawing Eraser main image


  • Various shapes of erasers
  • No smudging
  • Minimal residue
  • Non-toxic
  • Each eraser with a fit for purpose shape


The IMustech Art Drawing Eraser for kids and artists are a collection of novelty erasers. What that entails is that these are carefully curated to be fit for purpose if you are tired of ordinary block or conventionally shaped erasers.

Having a variety of shapes when it comes to erasers ensure you can fit into the nooks and crannies of your sketching or coloring. Thus, ensuring great use with colored pencil sets and normal pencils.

  • Minimal residue
  • Durable
  • Non-toxic
  • Individually shaped for purpose
  • Being completely white may stain easily


IMustech is probably not a brand name you have heard before but they are super underrated. With extremely absorbent materials and a great selection of shapes, these novelty erasers are a complete oversight.

Definitely worth every single penny you will be spending as they will take care of any smears or accidents you may have on your paper without damaging them.

04) Staedtler Mars Erasers

Box Of 20

Staedtler Mars Erasers main image


  • Premium quality
  • Non-toxic
  • Latex-free
  • Sliding sleeve
  • Protective cellophane packaging


Staedler is a staple name around every household for stationaries. The Mars erasers follow suit with any other equipment you may have in terms of stationaries. Even if you haven’t bought one intentionally, chances are you already have one.

With the availability, they are one of the best erasers you can actually get your hands on and needless to say they are incredibly affordable and accessible.

  • Affordable
  • Extremely accessible
  • Premium quality
  • White can stain easy


As mentioned before it is incredibly difficult to go wrong with Staedler products. Their stationaries have claimed a place among the legends and rightfully so.

The Mars erasers are available virtually anywhere all across the globe and one of the best erasers for any purpose.

Definitely worth buying, especially at the price they are being offered at.

05) Prismacolor Design ArtGum Erasers

Beige, 12-Count

Prismacolor Design ArtGum Erasers main image


  • Art gum erasers
  • The pack contains a selection of gum eraser, kneaded eraser, etc
  • Several packs to choose from
  • Premium quality
  • Versatile support all the way to ballpoint pens


This Prismacolor set contains a pack of 12 kneaded rubber/magic rubber earsers that will cover all that you need. Whether you work with brush pens or colored pencils, you are sure to get your requirements met through using these.

Prismacolor is known to provide great quality products with little compromise when it comes to stationaries and they are not just a colored pencil brand.

  • Gum erasers that work with a lot of media
  • Vinyl colored pencil eraser
  • Non-toxic
  • Maybe too small for some


Prismacolor offer top materials with all their products. These quality products are worth every penny and this is a very versatile collection of vinyl/plastic erasers as expected.

Overall, a great purchase for any artist that doesn’t want to invest too much in erasers or who simply doesn’t want to settle for those pink erasers you often see.

General Information About The Best Erasers For Colored Pencils

There are a plethora of options even when it comes to erasers; you have the option to go for kneaded erasers, plastic erasers, silica erasers, putty erasers, sand erasers, foam erasers, etc.

Some papers suffer from silica grit as it is an abrasive eraser that can hurt the paper surface.

Foam erasers however may be great for more delicate paper and artwork when looking at combining them with erasable colored pencils.

What this entails is that your preference for erasers may depend on your paper or medium of choice.

Conclusion / Roundup

Erasers may look simple from a distance, however, it is important to keep in mind that not all of them work the same, and not all of them may suit your needs. An example of incorrect usage of erasers, especially when it comes to color-sensitive artwork is pink pearl erasers.

These may harm and stain your paper if you work on white paper whilst trying to erase colored pencil marks.

Overall, a good amount of trial and error may be needed due to your experience and it’s best to keep an open mind while you’re trying them out.

Best to try them out on a variety of surfaces and mediums and you should be good to go.


What kind of eraser is best for colored pencils?

Some of the best non-rubber erasers for erasing colored pencils are mentioned in the list however there is an honorable mention of the Tombow mono sand eraser as they are one of the best you can find for what you need. Tombow mono zero is also a very popular choice and it works great with many mediums.

The Tombow mono sand eraser is also latex-free, making them great without causing harm to your skin.

Other alternatives may include vinyl eraser options.

What are the best electric pencil erasers for colored pencil?

In the year 2022, almost everything is automated, and what better way to express how modern you are but with an electric eraser. The Derwent battery-operated eraser is the best in its own rank of electric eraser. Electric erasers are pretty straightforward, you just enter in a refill in the slot and get to work.

It’s not absolutely necessary you work with an electric eraser and it is surely a novelty product, however, you may be surprised what you might get out of it.

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