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Gouache paint is a popular water-based paint for beginners and professionals alike because of its ease of use. Finding the appropriate gouache paint that strikes a nice balance between economic price and quality is the only thing about gouache paint that is more difficult than pronouncing its name. If you are looking to get more detailed information on this type of paint or gouache paint sets in general, you have come to the right place. Over this article, we will be going over things that will help you in making your purchasing decision. We will also be sharing our reviews and talking about gouache brands and how they compare with watercolor paints.

What are Gouache Paints And How do They Work?

If you have had the experience to work with art supplies or paints in general then you will know that there is a wide variety of paints available out there; all in their different qualities and characteristics. The entry of so many brands in the market has made it a bit difficult for the regular customer to identify the one with the high-quality pigments. In addition, if you are looking for the best gouache paint then the job becomes even tougher as not all brands produce this highly pigmented paint.

Coming back to the discussion of what gouache paints are, it is a variant of water-based paint. However, it has more pigments than watercolor paints. This high pigment load gives it the ability to provide an opaque watercolor finish. This means that when your paint dries down, you won’t be able to see anything beneath the paper. There is another sort of paint that provides such a finish and it is acrylic paint. The differentiating factor is that gouache paints provide a matte finish while acrylic will leave you a shiny surface.

Regardless, there is acrylic gouache as well if that suits your needs. This acrylic gouache paint dries faster than typical paints and is waterproof too thanks to the synthetic additions.

But we’re here to specifically look at just gouache paint today so let’s take a look at the best paints available.

Why You Should Use Gouache Paints?

Selecting The Best Gouache Paint On The Market:

Quality, quality, and quality:

As we mentioned before, there is an increasing supply of paint in the market. In the midst of so many options, there are low-quality paints widespread in the market. You will have to completely ignore those and get something like designer gouache. Do not get anything from an unknown brand. Check out the ones we talk about and we can ensure you it won’t disappoint.


This might come off as something minuscule. But trust me, good packaging on your paints will make the world of difference in choosing the best gouache paints. The reason behind it is that it is directly linked to the accessibility of the paint.

Most gouache paint is sold in pans of many colors or as single hues. Some individuals choose small tubes over pans because particular colors may be swapped more readily. Some tubes, on the other hand, make squeezing difficult. Select the type of packaging that suits your needs the best and purchase accordingly.

Drying time:

Gouache paint is the fastest drying paint that provides a matte finish. However, it will still vary from brand to brand. Some might take hours to dry, while high-quality other brands might not take long. The shade of color mixes will be a contributing issue as well.

Different color shades will need different times to dry down.

Type Of Tool You Are Using:

Most new artists tend to be overly nervous whenever using a new type of paint. We want to clarify that in order to do gouache painting you do not need to use any specific type of brush. The ones you might have used on watercolor paint will work fine as gouache paints are water-based paints. However, if you are looking for different effects then you can take the help of sponges and a toothbrush. It won’t damage the paint in any way.

When it comes to the use of paper, we recommend using watercolor paper because of its absorbent abilities. If you do not have the option of watercolor paper then you can use canvas as well.

01) HIMI Gouache Paint

Set of 24 Colors × 80ml with Paint Brushes, Unique Jelly Cup Design, Non Toxic for Artist, Student & Kids, Gouache, Watercolor Painting

HIMI Gouache Paint main image


• 24 bright color shades.

• Comes with three high-quality brushes.

• Can be used on canvas, wood, fabric, and plaster.

• Long-lasting paint.

• ACMI certified paint.


This HIMI Gouache Paint comes in cute and colorful packaging. And that is to cater to the younger kid artists out there. If your kid is one of those creative ones and you want to make their day/week/month/year, then you can definitely hand them one of these as it will certainly do the trick.


You would never want to sacrifice your kid’s safety. No matter what type of product or toy they are using, security and safety shall always be the top priority. The HIMI Store is aware of this and that is why all their paint sets are 100% toxic-free and ACMI certified. This particular model is no different.

In addition to looking super cute, it also performs exceptionally well. The packaging is also durable and will last a long time. You can get a prolonged use out of it for sure.

02) Daler Rowney simply gouache colour wheel paint set

24 tubes of 12ml colors

Daler Rowney simply gouache colour wheel paint set main image


• Unique packaging.

• Can be used on cardboard, canvas, etc.

• Can be mixed with tertiary colors.

• Comes in big tubes.

• High-quality paint.


The packaging on this is not only unique but ensures maximum safety as well. The tubes have metal seals on them. This makes the chances of your paint getting polluted absolutely zero.


Coming to the performance of the paints, we found out that the lighter color shades performed considerably better. While the darker ones tended to do a bit too much and ended up getting watery. However, that does not mean that they were poor by any chance. The quality of all the shades was top-notch regardless.

03) Pelikan Transparent Watercolor Paint Set

24 Colors

Pelikan Transparent Watercolor Paint Set main image


• Fine-grain quality pigments.

• Light weight colors.

• Easy to dissolve and apply.

• Comes with two containers.

• Comes with a paint set.


The Pelikan Transparent Watercolor has a set of 24 colors in the box. Each color has one unit of it. One special feature of this set is that it has oxide. The colors are really light and can be used on any medium. Depending on how much you pack on the brush, the color will give you transparent washes or opaque watercolors on the medium. The fine grain pigments of the color can easily dissolve in water.


This watercolor comes with two containers and a mixing palette. Thus, you don’t need to purchase separate types of equipment. It has many shades of blue, green, yellow, and red. The colors on the set are rich and versatile. The box is also designed in a nice way giving more space for mixing colors.

If you are looking for a smaller box with fewer colors, you can go for the set with 12 colors. By all means, this is an excellent choice for both beginners and more experienced painters.

04) Reeves Gouache Colour Tube Set

10 ml – 24 Pack

Reeves Gouache Colour Tube Set main image


• 24 tube set.

• Has a rich texture.

• Best for posters.

• Comes in different packet sizes.

• Has exotic colors.


Gouache colors are the best for posters and canvas paintings. It gives off such a vibrant and lively effect to the artwork, that leaves all in awe. If you are looking for premium quality colors, try out the Reeves Gouache set. This pack has 24 tubes, each of 10 ml.


The rich texture of the color makes them really stand out compared to the colors of many other brands. The Reeves gouache paint set is ideal for beginners as they can learn to mix colors using this with the strong colors making a lot of difference in the medium. The output of the colors is very opaque making the painting a unique one. This is an excellent option for beginners and teachers.

05) Winsor & Newton Designers’ Gouache Introductory Paint Set

10 x 14 ml Tubes Assorted Colours & 605512 Designers Gouache Tube, 14 ml – Permanent White

Winsor & Newton Designers' Gouache Introductory Paint Set main image


• Gouache palette with ultramarine blue.

• Designer quality paint.

• Smooth, flat, and matte finish.

• Finest pigments in colors.

• Strong and opaque colors.


The Winsor and Newton Gouache painting set is a premium quality set mostly used by designer painters. It comes in a pack of 10 beautiful gouache colors. Each tube contains 14ml of color. These colors give off a matte finish and add a beautiful shine to the painting.

Designers Gouache is a range of opaque colors and is ideal for creating vibrant illustrations and design work because it dries quite quickly and is also ideal for digital scanning because it is non-reflective.


The Winsor and Newton colors are known for their color brilliance, and matte finish and this set is no different. All Designers Gouache colors are fully inter-mixable and an opaque watercolor can be used with Winsor and Newton watercolors for a matte, flat colour effect. This introductory set is ideal for designers as it is smoother, flatter, more opaque, and more brilliant than ever before. Designers Gouache dries to a matte finish.

This set contains 10 x 14 ml Designers Gouache tubes: Primary Yellow, Permanent Yellow Deep, Spectrum Red, Primary Red, Ultramarine Blue, Primary Blue, Permanent Green Middle, Yellow Ochre, Ivory Black, and Zinc White. This brand is better than most other gouache brands and so you should definitely give them a try.

General Information About Best Gouache Paint

If used properly with the right tricks you can bring the best out of gouache paints. Here is a bit of information and a few tips that will help you to use the paint.

Keep In Mind Of The Consistency:

Painting too many layers can cause cracking as well as the formation of “mud,” which may confuse and trouble beginner artists. You may avoid this by making sure your paint doesn’t have an excessively thick consistency.

Take Care Of Your Paint and Tools:

This shouldn’t come off as a surprise. Always make sure to keep your paint nice and clean and do not mix it with anything else. Always prevent gouache paint from sticking on your brush as it will ruin the paint and also cost you more in the long run.

Layering Them Up:

Here is a tip that is backed off by professional artists. When you are layering and mixing your paint, always keep in mind to keep the base thin by adding more water than paint.

When you apply increasing layers of paint, the earlier layers will be reactivated; watery layers will have less pigment in them, so there will be less risk of breaking or the paint turning into mud when you apply the later layers.

Conclusion / Roundup

Gouache is one of the most versatile types of paints that are available out there on the market. It can provide a matte finish, opaque finish, acrylic, and even a watercolor finish. It all depends on the way you use it. However, if not used properly then it will cause you nightmares you never wanted.

To get the most out of this paint, you must first acquire the correct paint and then learn the tactics that will help you master this medium. It is nothing out of the ordinary. Just go try to experiment as much as you can and with plenty of practice you’ll soon get the hang of them.


What is the best brand for gouache paints?

As we had mentioned before, the market has been saturated with different paint brands. However, not all of them are of good quality. As you will be spending your hard-earned money on a set of paints then you should be getting something from the best brands out there. Brands like Winsor and Newton, Schmincke, and Holbein sell some of the best gouache paint available. You can keep an eye out for Graham Artists’ gouache and Arteza gouache paint as they are hard to miss.

Do professional artists use gouache?

Yes, professional artists do use gouache due to its versatility. It has the abilities and appearance of both acrylics and watercolor paints. It even has similarities to oil paints as well.

Which gouache paint is best for beginners?

If you are starting off as a beginner in using gouache then you will need something that is simple yet has all the qualities present in high-quality gouache paint. Check beginner options from Miya Himi, Arteza, and Winsor & Newton. They will be the ideal options.

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