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Children are naturally curious, they see shapes and patterns and love to create worlds of their own…

…and to assist these creative kids in telling their own stories through pen, paper, crayons, coloured pencils and their imagination, a colouring book can do wonders.

Colouring books for kids are simply books containing line art, which our little ones can add colour to using crayons, coloured pencils, marker pens, paint or other artistic media.

It’s a fun method for your kid to be distracted and entertained while learning about the colours, shapes, and numbers they need to know. Colouring can also help you relax and be creative at the same time.

It stimulates the imagination, which your child requires in the most fundamental manner.

Here I have created a list of the best kids’ colouring books that are certain to not only attract your kid’s attention so they can fill up the pages for hours but also to also entice their creativity in various ways.

Check out the list of the best 5 colouring books for kids.

01) Squiggle – Boys A4 My Monster/Alien & Big Dinosaur Colouring Books

Set of 2, 70 Designs per book

Squiggle  main image


Includes 2 colouring book sets and each book comes with 70 designs. Designs of various monsters, aliens and dinosaurs can be found in this book, with the popular dinosaur-themed colouring designs being especially loved by young boys, age 3-10.

The designs are clear and simple to catch everyone’s attention.


While many boys might not initially be interested in coloring books, these monsters and aliens are sure to change that.

The designs are quite big, so little children will have no problem tracing these monsters and the two books come with 70 unique designs per book so with just one purchase you get a total of 140 designs which is great value for money.

While you might think that these many designs along the same lines might get boring, this simply isn’t the case.

While the title includes the word boy, I bought these as a gift for my niece and she loved them. If you are in a pickle about buying gifts for kids, this could well be your lucky day.

02) Squiggle – Girls My Princess & Ballerina A4 Colouring Books

Set of 2, 70 Designs per book. Great Gift Set

Squiggle - Girls My Princess & Ballerina A4 Colouring Books main image


There are 140 fully unique colouring pages in this book which contains no duplicate illustrations whatsoever. There are over 140 different sorts of princess and ballerina pictures to choose from and any medium, should that be markers, coloured pencils, markers, gel pens, fine lines, or watercolours are all acceptable to use.


When I brought this I did not realize I was buying a set of two. So, the arrival of 2 books was a fantastic surprise.

This book came with wonderfully detailed and extremely adorable illustrations and as such, I highly recommend it.

I can’t say enough good things about it! If your daughters have a lot of time on their hands, and you’re in need of finding them something creative to do then they’ll spend a lot of quality time going through this book.

Overall, for girls who are fascinated by princesses & ballerinas, this is a must-have colouring book.

03) Galt Toys, Velvet Pictures – Animals, Colouring Book for Children

Ages 4 Years Plus

Galt Toys, Velvet Pictures main image


Comes with 10 velvet pictures of fun animals on thick board to colour and display. Great fun working with the black fuzzy outlines to create perfect pictures. and with perforated pages to remove pictures for display, these A5 size chunky spiral-bound books are perfectly suitable for ages 4 years and up.


In a world full of white pages, I give you – Galt Toys, Velvet Pictures – Animals, Colouring Book for Children.

These removable pictures are great. You can promptly display the fun animal designs that your kids have coloured and instantly feel proud to display them on your fridge or bookshelf.

The perforated pages have been such a great addition as they help to stop colours bleeding through to other pages.

Kids love these cute designs; perfect for children aged 4 and above.

04) abeec Activity Books for Children – 4 A4 Books

Containing: Word Search, Activity Book, Dot to Dot and Colouring Books for Children. Activity Pack for Children 3+

abeec Activity Books for Children main image


A selection of four books with puzzles, activities, and colouring pages are included in the abeec set of four activity books to help engage the brain while having fun.

Children of all ages will enjoy hours of problem-solving and creativity and they’re ideal for both boys and girls, with subjects ranging from animals, cars, the underwater, princesses, pirates, and much more.


A collection best for grandparents and their grandchildren; word searches, dot to dot books, activity books are all great for grandchildren and grandparents to bond over, helping them to have fun and stay connected with each other.

I can guarantee you that these books will help your kids learn new things and be creative while also improving their motor and cognitive skills.

The whole set is an amazing deal, and the 4 different books each bring a different entertainment value to the party.

You can buy these for your kids but I assure you that your whole family will have fun while going through them.

05) Orchard Toys CB02 ABC Colouring and Activity Book

Multicoloured, 21cm x 2cm x 29cm

Orchard Toys CB02 ABC Colouring and Activity Book main image


Early learning skills can be reinforced with bold, age-appropriate visuals and entertaining step-by-step exercises. It’s ideal for travel and with explicit instructional goals, it encourages innovation. For ages 4 and up, this is a perfect example of an educational colouring book.


With bold, age-appropriate visuals, this colouring book for kids is amazing. It not only brings out the creativity in your kids but will also help them to visualize and learn.

Your kids can learn the alphabet and numbers while colouring the outlines. This playful way of learning can be perfect for your child.

Another thing I can’t say enough about is the beautiful artwork, which is supported by easy-to-follow instructions 😉

Your kids will spend hours poring over this book; there are so many wonderful patterns to select from, for preschoolers and toddlers, this is an amazing gift.

General Information About Coloring Books For Kids

Colouring books are a type of book that contains line art that can be filled in with crayons, colouring pencils, marker pens, paint, or other art tools. Paper or cardstock is used to print colouring books and sheets in the traditional sense of the word.

Some colouring books have pages that can be taken out of the book and used as individual sheets of colouring paper.

In today’s colouring books for kids (not forgetting the good old sticker book), a lot of well-known cartoon characters are on the pages. They are often used to promote animated feature films and TV shows that are shown on the big screen; all of which are incorporated to keep your kids entertained.

There may also be games like connect the dots and mazes in a colouring book besides the colouring pages. Some designs also make use of stickers, like some of the ones shown.

In general, these books provide hours of fun and entertainment whilst at the same time helping people improve their cognitive and motor skills by using them.


What kind of colouring books do kids love?

Kids of young age usually like super colourful books, with simple designs that they can understand and colour with ease.

Just hand them a decent colouring set and they’ll instantly turn into little artists before your very eyes.

What age is appropriate for a children’s colouring book?

Colouring books are great for kids above the age of 4, while younger ones might also enjoy colouring books too.

Then there are colouring books that are meant for adults too; these can help people focus and express themselves whilst providing a calming pass time at the same time.

Why are Colouring books good for kids?

Colouring books are beneficial to youngsters because they allow them to develop creativity while also developing their motor and cognitive skills.

What are the benefits of children’s colouring books?

Colouring books help children develop fine motor skills, attention, and creativity. Children can learn while having fun.

Other educational books that are not interactive are:

  • The very hungry caterpillar (for younger children)
  • The Gruffalo
  • Mr Stink
  • Disney Princesses

and due to them having been published years ago now, half-price deals can be found on many a site or in various other places which make them great value purchases…so add to basket now 😉

Do children’s colouring books use recycled paper?

Yes, they can.

Children’s colouring books that use recycled paper help to reduce the amount of waste that goes into landfill sites.

Which are more fun sticker sheets and sticker books or colouring books?

It really depends on what the child prefers. If they are into dinosaurs, for example, then a dinosaur-themed colouring book would be more fun for them. Sticker books and sheets can also be great if your child is into a particular character or subject.

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