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The best non-bleed markers for 2021

If you’re a teacher, artist, or any other creative type who needs to make marks on paper but is frustrated by the limitations of conventional markers and pens, then this article will be your new best friend.

I’ll cover what non bleeding markers are and why they’re so great for all types of artists. Plus I’ll give you some recommendations for my favorite brands and what I consider to be the best art markers available today!

Having worked as an illustrator and agent now for over 20 years, I can tell you that both I and my fellow illustrators are always looking for the perfect marker and over time, I’ve learned what they like and what to avoid when it comes to supplies.

I can spot a bad marker from across the room. These markers I’m about to recommend will never bleed through your paper! All the pens also have a very strong ink color vibrancy which is one of the most important qualities in an artist marker.

There are many markers on the market that claim they will not bleed through your thin papers, (and glossy paper for that matter) but fail. The marker tips get damaged very easily (sometimes due to the marker caps), the colors fade quickly and just don’t leave a nice vibrant color. They also tend to be either really cheap or really expensive. I’ve had markers where the ink would barely come out of the tip or they were not opaque enough to cover what you wanted to color in your coloring book (this is very frustrating, although can be beneficial if you’re after creating lighter shades!)


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Here’s a round-up of the top 10 non-bleed markers:

1. Funnasting, Dual Tip Brush Pens, 72-Colors

About this item

  • Bright Colors – The complete spectrum of 72 various colors in coloring pens, brilliant, excellent, colorful and long-lasting hues, can fully reveal the appeal of color in your work. Color caps with unique patterns that match your style.
  • Double-ended pens – The color pens with both a fineliner tip and a brush tip. 0.4mm fine point for drawing outlines and detailing; 1-2 mm soft brush tip for shading and coloring. The end is changeable at any time, making it convenient, useful, and simple to create things without trouble. Ideal for children
  • Multiple Application – A Dual tip brush pen may be used for coloring books, manga, doodling, painting, sketching, bullet journal lines, calendar planning, calligraphy and other DIY projects. This is a fantastic present for artists of all ages and one of the best markers I’ve used.
  • High-quality water based ink that is odorless, non-toxic, quick drying and has a smooth writing experience. The variety of bright and subdued colored brush tip pens available allows you to get the most out of your writing.
  • 100 percent satisfaction guarantee provided. A great addition to your school supplies.


I am a passionate artist and love to use various colours on my drawings and in adult coloring books. I always look for the best quality of pens that will give me great shading and strokes. These pens have been an absolute delight to use, they produce a really smooth application with the brush tips and the fine lines from the nibs are both amazing!

Whilst some colours are a little drier than others, considering the amount of colours you get in this pen set for this price I can’t complain one bit! I’ve been using them a great deal already and they’re actually really addictive to use due to their softness too!

Overall, these are fantastic

2. Kangbo 36, Dual Tip Brush Pen Set Calligraphy Art Marker

About this item

  • Dual Tips – A brush pen with two separate tips: one with a flexible brush tip and another with a finer tip. The shading and coloring brushes have a 1-2mm brush tip; the outlining, detail, and note-taking fine point brushes have 0.4mm function well. It can meet your varied artistic needs.
  • These sketch markers have high-quality ink that dries quickly, the colors are vivid and consistent, non-toxic, blendable, odorless, NON-BLEEDING, and conform to ASTM D-4236. No health issues. You may use it with confidence.
  • 36 Different Colors – 36 distinct hues that are ideal for coloring, drawing, doodling, journaling, calligraphy, and more. It’s also a fantastic present for artists, children, and even youngsters because it is perfect for coloring, illustrating, doodling.
  • Endless Creations is an excellent choice for expressing creative ideas on a birthday board, DIY photo album, outdoor posters, restaurant menus, personalized coffee mugs, household tools, and cardboard boxes.
  • Product Guarantee


I’ve always wanted to express my creativity when the occasion arises, but I didn’t want my work to be ruined with bleeding ink or colour that become transparent. These pens are perfect for allowing me to do just that without ruining the look of my work.

The colours are very vibrant and they’re also consistent in their application which means I don’t have to worry about any kind of fading or smudging when I’m using them. They also dry quickly, which is great because it stops anything from smearing or rubbing off my pictures when I’m done.

This set includes 36 different colours which is more than enough for me to complete all my projects. There’s a variety of shades available too so there’s something for everyone no matter what you’re looking for.

I think these pens are amazing and that’s why they’re on my list!

3. Arteza Dual Tip Brush Pen Set, 100 Colors

About this item

  • These multi-purpose markers, which have two different sides, can be used for anything from brush lettering for birthdays to bullet journaling and everything in between. The thinner end has a diameter of.4 millimeters and is ideal for delicate markings such as signatures or initials, while the wider brush tip has a diameter of 3.2mm and may be used for bigger designs
  • Coordination of Colours – Set contains 100 bright, vivid water-based markers with eye-catching text and a long-lasting impact.
  • Artistry, Functionality, and Variety are all characteristics of a good writing instrument. This easy-to-use dual tip pen set includes 100 colors, which makes it one of the biggest sets on the market.
  • Cleaning tip – If ink gets on your clothing or fabric, try blotting it with paper towels or a tiny towel. Apply rubbing alcohol to a cotton basin and press firmly until the mark has been removed.
  • The manufacturer guarantees that you will be entirely satisfied with your purchase.


The first time I used these pens, I knew they were going to be a great buy. They have so many colors and all of them come out beautiful. The variety of tip sizes is a huge plus as well! There are so many colors that you can use for whatever purpose you need it for, from schoolwork to the bullet journal, toadult coloring books.

I really enjoy these markers. They’re super easy to use and they come in a variety of colors. If you’re looking for markers that’ll give you the color that you want without bleeding through the paper or leaving any ghost markings on the other side, then these are perfect for you.

I highly recommend them.

4. Zebra SPECIAL SET, Double-Sided Highlighter MILDLINER 15 Colours Deep Warm Cool Marker

About this item

  • 15 pens of Zebla MILDLINER and 8 pens of Sarasa
  • These dual ended markers have both a fine point and a chisel point tip: the tip is 1.0mm to 1.4mm, while the body is 4.0mm.
  • Inks that are made up of water and pigment Aqueous pigment ink
  • 8 different colors are available. Milk Blue Green, Milk Green, Milk Blue, Purple, Red, Pink, White
  • Sticky Notes with 5 Colors in One Package is really handy.


I love these pens from Zebla. They are so versatile, you can use them for anything from art to bullet journaling to school work. I also like the variety of colors you get in this set, it’s really easy to find the right color for whatever project you are working on which makes them amazing markers to use. There are a lot of different mark levels with these pens as well which is great because I don’t have to worry about smearing the ink when I’m drawing or writing, something which not all markers can claim. The pens are also comfortable to hold and the ink does not bleed through my paper. Overall, I love these markers!

I rate this product highly because they do exactly what the company claims. They don’t bleed through your paper mate, marking out well on all types of surfaces. The colors are bright but aren’t overwhelming. These are perfect for people of all age groups. They’re also easy to store, because they don’t roll away from you when you set them down somewhere! The caps keep the color inside the marker, so they will last a long time before drying out.

5. Mr. Pen No Bleed Gel Highlighter, Bible Highlighters, Assorted Colors, Pack of 20

About this item

  • Bible highlighters in eight tones (yellow, dark pink, light pink, green, blue)
  • 3 Yellow, 3 Light Pink, 3 Green, 3 Light Orange, 2 Dark Orange, 2 Blue, 2 Dark Pink, and 2 Purple are included in the pack.
  • There is no bleed-through on any paper, including magazines or bibles. If left uncapped, it won’t dry out and will remain smooth.
  • It’s Ideal For Color Coding, Journaling, Memorizing Your Bible Or Other Documents
  • Twist-Up Gel Stick Design Can Be Sharpen For An Extra Sharp Tip


I have not used anything like these before. They are called “gel highlighters” but they are not felt tip or ball tip, nor are they a gel in the typical way. They look and feel more like wax crayons, but they don’t act like crayons!

They are bright and look just like highlighters do on the page. Their colors really show up on the page, and they don’t rub off onto you or the other pages!

I was surprised that they weren’t like a “pen” in that the coloring medium can be twisted to bring out more of the tube, just like a mechanical pencil does.

Though it isn’t what I expected from a “pen”, I absolutely love their vivid colors!

6. iBayam Journal Pens

About this item

  • 0.38mm Fine Point Water-based Ink, Quick-Drying, Minimal Bleed Through (Except Very Thin Paper) – This Vibrant Color Section of fine tip marker pens are part of a set that includes three other colors. Great colored markers for journaling, note-taking, writing and drawing. Packed in a Nice Present Box;
  • Extra fine line markers/pens: Extra Fine Line Markers/Pens have ultra-thin 0.38mm tips made of hard metal casings for precise and durable writing. They’re ideal for bullet journaling, doodling, and writing small fine print because they are fantastic for tiny details.
  • Write as smoothly as you would with a calligraphy pen. This set of fine tip and excellent performance in all areas of writing, drawing, coloring, and easy and comfortable to write comes in a variety of lovely colors. They are perfect artist pens but also ideal for home, office, job, class, school, business, university, church, club
  • Writing, drawing, coloring, painting, and doodling in your planner, bullet journal, scrapbook, Schoolwork, calendar, agenda, notebook
  • The inks are of high quality and dry quickly, so they don’t smear or smudge. These pens are ideal for both right-handed and left-handed individuals.


I recently bought these pens on a whim. I needed new ones for some of the stationary that had come in, and I was looking for something that would be comfortable to use but also last some time.

These had good reviews as being best markers, were affordable, and had lots of colors to choose from! The pens themselves are comfortable to write with because they have a thin tip, but this is also great if you want to draw or do some coloring with them.

The ink doesn’t bleed (except if you write on very thin paper) which is always good when writing words on the page.

They’re water based so they’re not toxic at all either. And the color variety; there are 48 colors in total, they’re all vibrant and for the price I think they are some of the best markers available and a really good deal.

7. ZEYAR Highlighter Pastel Colors Chisel Tip Marker Pen, Assorted Colors, Water-Based, Quick Dry

About this item

  • The Macaron inks safeguard and accentuate your handwritten texts, with no dark lines on the following page.
  • COMFORTABLE DESIGN: Short and wide body makes it easy to fit in your pocket and handle; minimalistic style
  • WIDE VARIETY OF TONES: Six Fluorescent Colors: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, and Violet; six Macaron Colors: Pastel Pink, Pastel Blue, Pastel Yellow, Pastel Green, Pastel Orange; 6 Morandi Colors: Mild-Orange, Mild-Blue, Mild
  • Water-Based, has an ASTM D-4236 certificate, is non-toxic, acid-free, and is safe to use.
  • BOARD LINE TIP: A chisel tip allows you to create lines as small as 1mm and as wide as 4mm.


I was running out of highlighters and needed a new set recently but I wanted something other than the bright colors that were always catching my eyes.

I found these on Amazon and they have been perfect for me so far having used them every day since they arrived the other week.

The colors are soft and don’t hurt my eyes like the neon highlighters usually do. The package comes with two packs of pens, which is more than enough and these pens are really affordable too, which is great.

I would definitely buy more of them in the future.

8. Hethrone Colouring Pens for Adults

About this item

  • COLOR VARIETY – The felt-tip markers are available in a wide range of bright, highly pigmented colors with no duplicates. Primary and contrast colors are included, as well as complimentary hues that work wonderfully for budding artists.
  • 0.4 mm fine tip for precise line control in drawing, lettering, and sketching 1-2 mm nylon fiber brush tip for broad writing, coloring, filling in and blending Artists adore our dual tip brush pen as clean thick or thin lines may be easily generated.
  • The dual brush markers have long-lasting use, with a 1.5g large capacity ink that differs from other pens in the market because it is odorless, acid-free, non-toxic, and conforms to ASTM D-4236. And what’s more, it doesn’t bleed!
  • MULTIFUNCTIONAL ARTISTS PENS – These dual brush pens are ideal for an adult coloring book, sketching, brush lettering, calligraphy, manga, fine art, crafting, doodling, bullet journaling and art projects. Loved throughout the world by amateurs, art enthusiasts, and supporters of adult coloring books.


When I first started using the Dual Tipped marker I was thrilled by how it does not bleed through paper, and when I used them for my journal entries it did not smear the ink when the page was turned. The colors don’t smudge and there is no need to wait for them to dry in order to write with them on a different surface. They are perfect for color coding planner pages and they work really well for lettering too.

If you’re looking for fine point markers that won’t bleed through your paper then these are perfect. They have a long lasting tip that doesn’t wear out or blunt easily, so you can use them for drawing, lettering or sketching.

They are easy to blend and the color selection is bountiful.

You can create beautiful, detailed art pieces using this set of dual tips. They perform pretty much like other Copic markers but at a fraction of the price.

9. Sharpie S-Note Creative Colouring Marker Pens

About this item

  • Marker pens in a variety of brilliant, vibrant colors that set your work apart.
  • It’s ideal for taking notes, underlining, highlighting, drawing and other activities.
  • You may quickly alter between fine and broad lines utilizing the 2-in-1 chisel tip, which is more versatile than a typical chisel.
  • For clean drawing and coloring, no-bleed ink ensures that your artistic works remain clear.
  • Color coded caps for quick and easy identification


I love these markers. I like that they are bold, bright and fun. The chisel tip is really good for being able to switch between lines for different jobs.

They are also really good for coloring books. The ink is also nice because it doesn’t bleed or smudge so it’s really good for writing notes in the margins of books.

These markers are just what you need to brighten up your daily tasks.

10. VITOLER Colored Journaling Pens

About this item

  • COLORED PENS: Fine Point, No Duplicates, 0.4 mm fine tip marker pens, this colorful fine tipped pen set is ideal for journaling supplies, planner, calendar, note taking, drawing consistent lines and details, writing, sketching
  • SMOOTH BULLET PENS: Metal fine tipped and superb super smooth performance in all areas of journaling, planner, drawing lines & details, single coloring page work, writing, sketching, coloring books, adult coloring book, art projects
  • LAST A LONG TIME: Water-based ink, Dry safe, Minimal bleeding through, Acid-free /Non-toxic Ink, fiber-tipped pens produce delicate lines and vivid water-based colors. These coloring pens are perfect for bullet journals.
  • DURABLE AND PORTABLE: Our VITOLER Fine Line Drawing Pen is extremely comfortable to grip and the caps are simple to remove and replace, ensuring that Color Pens last longer and avoiding dry-outs. And our 24 piece fineliner color pen set comes with a storage case, allowing them to be transportable while keeping them organized
  • VITOLER FINELINER PENS OFFER MULTIPLE USES: The Fineliner Pens from VITOLER are great for keeping track of your daily schedule in a planner, diary, or calendar. Color-code your activities and appointments to make things easier! They’re also fantastic for note taking, scrapbooking, charting, bullet journals, drawing, designing, doodling and more.


I really enjoy these pens. So far they are holding up well, not showing any signs of bleeding through the paper, and the colors are nice and bright, certainly up there with the other best markers.

I personally use them for my daily planner, which is more of a journal-style with thick paper – but even on plain notebook paper, it doesn’t bleed through. When I first got them, the sizes were a little smaller than I expected but after using them more they’ve seemed to stretch out to be just right. So much so that I now deem them suitable for use in coloring books.

The variety of color is also great with this pack of pens. There are enough colors that you don’t need to worry about running out of ink quickly if you’re coloring pages or taking notes in different colors – at least for me anyway.

The only downside I’ve found is that the colors don’t come through as bright and vibrant as you’d perhaps like.

I think I would recommend this set of pens to anyone looking for a good (but not too expensive) pack of colors! 

non bleed markers

In Conclusion

So, if you’re looking for a non-bleed marker or a marker that won’t ruin your journal, our guide of best markers has hopefully helped you out.

The best non-bleed pens are those that don’t smudge, bleed through paper or fade. This is because these types of pens can produce an unprofessional appearance for documents and presentations.

The best brands will offer a variety of colors so you can choose one to suit your needs. If you want to find the perfect marker pen, do some research online before purchasing them in store!

And remember, a little research can go a long way in finding the best non-bleed marker for your needs.


What are non-bleed markers?

Non-bleed pens, also known as water-based pigment ink pens, are a type of marker that is designed not to “bleed through” the other side of the paper.

This means that if you’re using them for coloring books or doing work with kids who write/draw on both sides of the paper, or if you don’t want a part of your artwork ruined by a tell-tale ink shadow, then these are the markers to buy. You can of course opt for one sided coloring books such as the adult coloring book animals edition

What to look for when buying a non-bleed pen

When you’re buying a pen, there are many factors to consider. One of the most important is whether or not it bleeds ink on the page; even more so than whether or not it’s comfortable in your hand or how fine it writes.

Why? Because bleed through the paper means that your writing won’t be legible where you want it to be, but instead it will show up on the other side of the paper.

How do I make sure I find markers that don’t bleed?

There are several steps that can help keep you find markers that don’t bleed. The most important is choosing the right marker for each job.

Using markers with the same brand and nib size will provide an easier clean up after you’ve finished your drawing, but pens on opposite ends of the spectrum in terms of tip size may not be able to color exactly the same spot.

Permanent markers are generally marker pens with a higher density of the ink, allowing them to color deeper and last longer.

They do not fade as easily as other markers, but they are more likely to bleed through paper or leave an unsightly smear. Standard markers are best for most uses, great markers for coloring, especially when working on thinner papers like copy paper.

Felt tip markers are known for their fine lines, making them ideal markers for coloring and doodling. They’re less likely to bleed through the paper as well as standard markers, but they may need more than one coat to color the same area as a permanent marker would.

Remember that marker colors look different on paper than they do in the marker barrel, so be aware of the color you are creating.

What are the best markers for adult coloring books?

There are many answers to this question, including brands and styles of markers.

But the best markers for adult coloring books are the ones that work well for you – the markers that will produce good results without too much bleeding or smudging, that are comfortable to hold, easy to use, and affordable enough for your budget.

When looking at different brands, ask an art store salesperson to help you pick the best marker brands for your particular needs.

What type of markers will not bleed through paper?

Markers that don’t bleed through paper are called non-bleed. These kinds of markers produce a clean, precise line when used on paper and meet the expectations of experienced artists and are often considered the best pens to use. Great to use and probably the best markers for adult coloring books.

What type of pen doesn’t bleed?

This is actually a surprisingly complicated question.

When you are looking for an answer, the natural thing to do would be to look in one of your desk drawers.

Chances are you have at least five different pens in there, so why not pick one up and try it out? But when you test it, chances are that this type of pen does bleed, or at least it bleeds more than you want it to.

The first thing you need to understand is that most markers or ballpoint pens essentially work the same way, no matter if it is a £100 Montblanc or a £10.99 pen from Wal-Mart.

All of them function on similar principles, and they might even be using the same type of ink. The difference between “good” and “bad” pens is not in the ink, but rather in the cartridge and tip.

Once you have a good cartridge inside your pen, you need to attach it to an equally good tip. A cartridge by itself does nothing – there has to be some sort of metal or plastic point on one end for it to work as an interface with the paper.

This tip, or more commonly called a “ball”, controls what you write on the paper. It is the ball that moves across the surface of your paper, picking ink from the cartridge and leaving it on the page.

If this is not properly done, if there are any imperfections in these two components, chances are it will bleed on the paper.

The ink will find a way through the entire thickness of your paper and make an ugly mess of your work. You can see this when you use cheap or old cartridges – it sometimes happens that there is too much pressure built up inside, and then the cartridge just explodes on the tip and spreads all over your page.

What are Alcohol based markers?

Alcohol based markers are non-toxic and are an ideal choice for many applications.

The alcohol based ink is quick-drying, making it the preferred marker for the application that requires the expected color to be reached immediately after writing or drawing.

Alcohol can be corrosive can damage surfaces, so caution should be used when applying alcohol based markers on materials such as metal, some plastics, leather and rubber.

Some alcohol markers come with their own brush for outlining artwork, design work or adding details to larger drawings. The alcohol based ink is most effective when applied on smooth surfaces such as paper, wood, metal or glass.

Alcohol based markers have a strong odor so they are not recommended for use in small areas with poor ventilation. The dry time for alcohol-based markers depends on the application and thickness of ink coverage.

Explain what a Fine Tip is

Fine tip markers (and ultra fine tips) allow more fine detailed work and precision with markers by allowing thin lines to be created.

The tip size and shape is usually controlled by the cap that is put on top of the marker while not in use, but it can also be manoeuvred while drawing if desired.

Fine tip markers provide some flexibility to blend shades, but because of the smaller tip size, it is more difficult to achieve bolder shades.

Can you work over marker pen with colored pencils?

Yes, you can.

But it is important to note that they are different media and have different properties.

Markers are made up of a dye or pigment and a solvent (ink). The solvent is usually alcohol based, acetone or water and can be permanent markers, or non permanent.

The pigments in coloring markers are much larger particles than the pigments in pencils and therefore can bleed through to the page below. These large particles fill in the tooth of the paper producing a flat surface.

This allows the pencils to sit on top of the marker and not be pressed into the tooth of the paper.

Are Copic markers considered the best pens?

Maybe. The long running debate of Copic markers vs Prismacolor coloring markers is contested between two camps of markers users and the question, which are the best pens for adult coloring will always roll on.

Each camp promotes the use and benefits of their brand of artist pens, but to be honest: there really isn’t a bad choice out there. It boils down to which type of marker you would like to purchase and use – not which one is necessarily better.

The debate over which brand is better stems from the fact that Copic markers are expensive. Prismacolor markers are less expensive, but some people find them more difficult to use. Tips are available ‘how to use copic markers‘ which includes advice such as how to use a colorless blender pen, but as with everything, practice makes perfect.

Because of this, it’s not an easy answer to the title “which coloring markers are best?”

In the end, it’s up to you to decide which ‘adult coloring markers’ are best for you.

Can I still create bold and expressive lines with non bleed art markers?

In answer to this, yes you can. Brands such as prismacolor, faber castell and copic markers are renowned for their high quality inks the non bleed versions produce and all have the ability to create these bold expressive lines that are often required when creating fine art pieces.

Oh and just one last pen to mention…Pitt Pens

About this item

  • The PITT Artist Pens are a combination of contemporary brush nib design and traditional India ink.
  • The pigment of these artist paint pitt pens is highly fade resistant, and the inks are waterproof.
  • The durable nib allows you to create a wide range of ink brush strokes.
  • Set of pitt colored pens in a variety of brilliant colors
  • Slide-out storage case for pens

Written By Adam Rushton

Adam has made a name for himself in the illustration industry and is a passionate blogger and writer on the subject of art, illustration and graphic design.

His artwork has been featured in countless publications and used for very well-known media projects. As a professional illustrator for over 20 years, Adams media outlets, a wealth of knowledge, and experience enable him to consult and advise artists and illustrators in this country (from York and Manchester to Southampton and London) and all over the world.