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The Adult colouring Books – They’ll Make All Your Work Stress Melt Away

Adult colouring is the new fad that’s been around for decades but has just recently gained mainstream popularity. Experts say it has a brain-quieting, stress-reducing effect on always-on professionals who are constantly looking at screens all day long and need to de-clutter their minds from time to time.

From animal drawings to geometrically shaped patterns, Mel Elliott to Souris Hong and Andrews McMeel to Steve Mcdonald, not to mention Joy Ting there are a lot of different colouring books out there, which can make the process more difficult (many have similar content).

But don’t worry: I’ve looked around and found a few favourites just for you.

Here’s a top-five list I’ve compiled for you as the customer and their relative links:

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Top 5 Best Adult Coloring Books

1) Colouring Book – Animals Edition

50 Fantastic De-Stressing Designs to colour!

Unleash your creativity with this colouring book for any adult featuring 50 different animal designs to colour. Designed with colouring pages printed on one side of each page so you can avoid messy bleed-through issues.

Incredible Artwork With A Fabulous Variety of Animals Designs. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Join the hundreds of thousands of happy colourists that really appreciate good quality artwork.

Animal Designs, De-stressing colouring Books for Adults with 50 Different One-Sided Images, Art Supplies for Relaxing and Decompressing, Therapeutic Activity

Animal illustrations in a high-quality colouring book printed on one side of the page. Featuring over 50 colouring pages with different designs, this de-stressing colouring book for adults will keep you busy for hours.

The drawings are simple enough to complete even if you’ve never coloured before and the patterns detailed enough to keep you entertained even if you’re an experienced artist.

This animal-themed colouring book features a variety of different animals including African lions, Asian elephants, Australian komodo dragons, European reindeer, and many, many more!

There’s something here for everyone! Whether you’re looking to relax or just need something fun to do with your kids or friends, these animal design pictures are sure to please.

Frequently Gifted. This Awesome Book Makes The Perfect Present For Christmas Holidays, A Birthday Party For A Friend, and More. Why not grab a Set of coloured Pencils To Go With It!

Perfect to create your own, frame-worthy masterpieces – the results beat any photo using these intricate patterns!


2) Worlds of Wonder: A Colouring Book for the Curious

This book will take you to the most amazing place in existence. Within these pages, you’ll find magical kingdoms that have been waiting for your touch to bring them alive.

Imagine going on an adventure and letting your imagination roam from world to world, discovering fascinating sea turtles, inquisitive cats, and lost songbirds along the way.

Johanna Basford, the creator of the much-loved ‘Secret Garden’ colouring book series (now on its 4th iteration), has put her signature inky treasure hunt style to work for this new volume. It features a selection of brand new Johanna Basford illustrations that are sure to make you fall back into your childhood memories and inspire your inner artist!

It’s time to explore new colours!

3) Colouring Book – by Damita Victoria

One hundred more relaxing illustrations await you inside these covers: there are plenty of images that will turn into masterpieces as soon as you choose them from bestselling publishing brand Damita Victoria

This is the perfect colouring book for anyone who wants to keep their skills sharp. Every page has something new and challenging, making this a great exercise in creativity!

You’ll never be bored again with this exciting and varied collection of flowers, houses, beautiful landscape and interiors.

If you’re feeling creative, ready to colour the world with your own imagination, and take on an adventure of working on new designs for hours on end then this is a perfect book. It’s specially designed so that no matter how old or young. So pick up your colouring pencils and get your creative juices flowing

4) Mindfulness colouring Book

All the mindfulness lovers can express their creativity, relax and have fun with this hilarious colouring book!

This colouring book is the perfect gift for anyone in your life! It’s great for all ages and excels at creating a fun activity to get you through those long, cold winter nights.

Tired of your iPhone’s incessant notifications? Wish you could unplug from the social media world for a while and concentrate on the beautiful pictures? Here’s your chance!

As with most colouring books now, each illustration has only one side. This means no matter what tool you use, there won’t be any bleed-through!

5) Mandala Adult Colouring Books by Colorya – Spiral-Bound,

best colouring books UK

Premium Quality Paper, No Medium Bleeding, One-Sided Printing, A4 Size – Colouring Books for Adults

Mandala Coloring Book: Stress Relieving Designs for Adults Relaxation: (Dan Morris Coloring Books). It’s important to have the best thick pages of paper available. It’s not just about preserving your work; high-quality paper means much more vibrant colours than low quality. This Mandalas spiral-bound colouring book is made with thick, high-quality pages that are ideal for a marker or pen! Each page allows a good amount of colour to be applied without bleed or tear.

The perfect self-care calming colouring book for all the stressed-out people in your life. Their colour book takes away any pressure or stress. Just unwind and chill out while being mindful of each day with the gorgeous images – and very soon you’ll have a completed work of art to frame.

With a balance of large and small sections, illustrations are the perfect size for a marker colouring book you can actually finish. Great for GROWN-UPS, as well as TEENS or CHILDREN who want to colour! These colour books present an easy way to refresh your brain every day, each illustrated page is one to personalize in any style you like. It’s up to you how much time it actually takes.

DESIGNED FOR A SMOOTH EXPERIENCE, their colouring book will take you to a place of peace and relaxation. With its beautiful designs for all ages, from grown-ups to children this is the perfect gift for anyone who needs an escape! Just add colour!

This book will bring joy into your life. Whether you’re busy working or chasing kids around the hope is that every time you open up one of their adult colour books, it’ll give you a few minutes and some creative zen as well!

My Experience

My school years were fun but I always wanted to get a degree in art so I could look to earn commission by doing the work I love. Fast forward 20 plus years later (crazy I know); you can find me sitting at my desk working on paid commissions for all sorts of clients.

In my time I’ve done a lot of illustrating and experimenting but away from that I still find time to relax by simply using the best colouring books.

It takes no thought, very little set up, and I get instant stress relief in a way quite unlike any other. For me, it’s my go-to ‘therapist’ when I need to relax. This article is all about the rise in popularity as well as some useful hints and tips that’ll hopefully allow you to benefit in this past time in the same way as I do.

The adult colouring book has been gaining in popularity over the last few years, and many people are asking what they are all about. They can be a great way to de-stress or just unwind after work and let your creativity go wild, simply by adding colour to those intricate designs. Now I know that you may not know where to start looking if you’re interested in getting one of these books, so I’ve created this blog post, with some general hints and tips on how to pick out the perfect book (having researched type keyword and looked through editorially chosen products from places such as Random House).

What to use to ‘colour in’ for a colouring book

If you love adult colouring books as much as I do, you’ll know that markers are a dream to work with. Markers are unique because they make drawings and patterns pop out of the page with their vibrant pigments and blending capabilities. There’s just one tiny hiccup: not all markers out there are created equal! Some don’t blend well while others can be pretty expensive – the good ones at least. We know that testing each and every brand out there might seem like an overwhelming task so I’ve taken one for the community by reviewing some top-notch brands in a previous article; please follow this link for more information on the best markers for an adult colouring book.

How to complete an adult colouring book

The simple answer is – however you want! I’ve been doing it myself as of late because after hours spent working in front of my computer screen or slaving away over piles of paperwork . . . well let’s just say that sometimes all one needs is a little ‘me time’ after a long day. There’s no one to judge so just get hold of a set of pens or pencils and get started. If the end result is not as you had planned in your head – no worries – just treat it as a good laugh and try again.

Where can I buy a colouring books for adults?

There are many outlets now that stock adult colouring books offering many deals, some are high street stores, others can be found via online links. With so many ‘topics’ and ‘styles’ to choose from it’s all about personal choice so take your time and search around to make sure you find a good fit for you.

Here’s a list of suppliers to get you started:

   •   Michaels and Hobby Lobby.

   •   Barnes and Noble.

   •   Walmart.

   •   Amazon.

   •   Gift shops.

   •   Small bookstores.

   •   Art therapy.


Why do adults like colouring books?

Adults are always looking for new challenges to provide relief. They often find themselves in a rut and need more ways to find fresh ideas on how to challenge their minds while also relaxing. Colouring books offer these opportunities with such intricacy that adults can’t help but be fascinated by them! There’s a great pleasure to be taken from seeing a colouring book filled.

Does it help with depression?

Yes it can reduce stress as well as anxiety and depression. One of the few studies on the health benefits found that it reduces cortisol levels, which is a hormone related to chronic stress. The study also showed that people had lower breathing rates when they were asked about their stresses after completing an unfinished picture than before – a sure sign in itself and basically proving how relaxing this new hobby really is!

Can mandalas reduce anxiety?

Preliminary data from a new study shows that completing mandalas are an effective way to relieve anxiety. This comes after researchers found that those who coloured on blank paper showed no reductions in their anxiety, while the participants who were provided with pre-drawn designs decreased theirs by over 30%.

Mandalas are just one of many creative activities which can help people release tension and get into ‘the zone’. Researchers believe it could be because colour has been shown to have therapeutic effects including de-stressing, increased focus, and creativity as well as reduced feelings of depression or loneliness.

What are the benefits of mandalas?

It’s always a good time to experiment with your creative side. Mandala work is an excellent way of doing so because it allows you to beautify the world around us, while also having fun experimenting and expressing yourself creatively!

What is mindful colouring?

It is a great way to spend time with the present moment. You take your thoughts off of worrying about what might happen tomorrow or how you’re going to get everything done by the deadline and have fun picking out colours for something without any obligation.

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