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Caricature illustrations are an incredibly popular form of art due to their humorous nature. The word ‘caricature’ is derived from the Italian word, caricare, which means ‘exaggerate’. A caricature is a cartoon-style portrait which features its subject in an exaggerated and humorous way and intentionally distorts some of the subject’s features.

In order to ensure that the caricature resembles the subject, the exaggerated, distorted features should mimic their features. For example, if the subject had a large nose and small eyes, a caricature artist would exaggerate these features in their work. In other words, caricatures are exaggerated portraits. Caricatures tend to be either incredibly complimentary or extremely insulting, depending on the artist and subject, so it’s always a good idea to get on your caricature artist’s good side!

Caricatures have been widely used by satirists in order to mock and ridicule public figures, including celebrities and politicians. They can often be found in magazines and newspapers, often displaying a strong political viewpoint or conflicting ideology.

Similar to character illustrations, caricature artists aim to reveal the subject’s personality traits, body shape, anatomy, facial features and behaviour in their work.

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