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Top 10 best highlighter pens available today

Basically, highlighter pens are the perfect tool to highlight the text we liked the most. Many of us are just not aware that there are different types of highlighters available in the market today. Articles written by professionals with years of experience can be mistaken if they are highlighted using the wrong colors. Therefore, it is necessary to know how these highlight markers work and choose the right highlighter pen for you.

In this article, I will provide you with some of the top highlighter pens that are available in the market today. Before making any purchase, it is necessary for us to understand how these pens work and ensure that they are of great value for money. So here are the ten best highlighter pens which you can buy right now.

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1. BIC Brite Liner Highlighter

Chisel Tip, Mixed Colors, 5-Count, Chisel Tip for Broad Highlighting or Fine Underlining

About this item

  • BIC Brite Liner Highlighters are made to jump out thanks to the super bright fluorescent colors.
  • The versatile chisel tip produces both fine and thick lines.
  • Even after being left uncapped for up to 8 hours, they won’t dry out.
  • The pen body shape is ideal for a comfortable hold 
  • Pack contains 5 highlighters in a variety of colors.


I absolutely love these fluorescent highlighters; in short, one of the best highlighter pens I’ve found.

It’s always difficult to choose what highlighter marker to buy because it just seems like they all do the same thing and they’re all just as good as each other. Well, I can assure you that this is not the case for this product and this really is one of the best highlighter pens I’ve used.

The product has a chisel tip that creates both thick and thin lines with ease, so you can toggle between broader highlighting and fine underlining in your notes with just a twist of the wrist.

The ink doesn’t dry out when left uncapped for up to eight hours, so if you’re working on something for extended periods of time, you won’t have to switch your fluorescent yellow highlighter marker for another or find yourself trying to read through your fading ink every few minutes.

This is also one of the brightest highlighters I’ve used which makes your points really stand out (especially if your note-taking paper isn’t the best quality like mine).

To summarise, this product is very versatile and I would definitely recommend this product to anyone who’s looking for a highlighter that stands out from the rest! 🙂

2. Zebra Pen Midliner Highlighters

Double Ended Highlighter, Broad and Fine Point Tips, Assorted Refresh and Friendly Ink Colors (pastel colors), 10-Pack (78501)

About this item

  • Cute Cool Pastel Colors Set – Pouch Case Large broad, chisel tip and fine bullet tip for wide highlighting or fine line work, with a small zebra midliner highlighter on the opposite end.
  • The Midliner Highlighters are Bible-safe and waterproof, with bright and soft pastel shades that dry quickly and don’t bleed.
  • The Zebra Mid Liners multi pastel colors no bleeding highlighters markers are available in a variety of pastel shades
  • Highlighter cap with a durable barrel and color indicator
  • It’s a must-have for school supplies! It’s ideal for note-taking, reading, underlining, journals, stationery making, and colour-coding.


I love these pastel highlighters with dual ends. Multiple pastel colors, good for highlighting & also hand lettering. They also last a long time and as a result, I’ve purchased several different color sets since!

Great product! Brilliant long lasting ink quality, just as it was described! 

The Midliner Highlighters are Bible-safe and waterproof, with bright and soft pastel colors that dry quickly and don’t bleed.

This is an excellent product that met all of my expectations!

3. Sharpie Clear View Highlighters

Assorted, 4 Pack

About this item

  • The pointed tip allows you to precisely and evenly highlight all of the text across the page.
  • For optimal control and simplicity of use, it has a very slim barrel.
  • The thin lines for underlining and thicker lines for highlighting produced by the nice chisel tip are more distinct.
  • Resists smudging of a variety of pen and marker inks (wait for the ink to dry before highlighting)
  • 4 fluorescent highlighter pen pack; 1 yellow, 1 pink, 1 orange, and 1 green


I found it very easy to use these sharpie highlighters because the point allowed me to precisely and evenly highlight all of the text across the page.

It also has a slim barrel that is easy for me to grip, which makes it easier for me when precision highlighting. So by no means one of the regular pens you come across.

The bright colors are eye-catching and stand out well on the pages and allow me to read and highlight more easily.

It resists smudging, which is a major plus for me.

I use this frequently when I have a lot to highlight in a short period of time because it’s so easy and quick to use.

My favorite thing about this highlighter is the see-through tip. It makes it easier for me to read what I’m highlighting instead of straining to see the words.

Overall a fantastic highlighter that is easy to hold, accurate, and resists smudging – would highly recommend.

4. Crayola Highlighter 12 pack

Bulk Set Dual-Ended Erasable Highlighters

About this item

  • 12 yellow erasable highlighters
  • comfortable grip
  • excellent ink quality; non-toxic
  • double-ended-highlighters


I have been using the Crayola Erasable Highlighters for a few months now and I love them. They are brilliant, bright colors, both with a highlighter and a marker.

The pens themselves are comfortable to use with a normal writing grip feel. They also come in yellow which is the most popular highlighter color. Great that you can eraze to make updates or corrections.

Overall, these pens are wonderful and I highly recommend them for anyone looking for a set of highlighters or markers.

5. Arteza Liquid Highlighters

Set of 12, Narrow Chisel Tips, Bulk Pack of Yellow Highlighters, Office Supplies for Use in Bullet Journal, Notes, or Books

About this item

  • 12 Colorful Liquid Highlighters in Bright Yellow – Get 12 bright, easy-to-see fluorescent yellow highlighter pen for color coding, underlining, hand lettering, and bullet journaling notes.
  • Quick-Drying & Smear-Resistant liquid ink – These no-bleed liquid highlighters have water-based ink that dries quickly and leaves no smears (unlike most liquid highlighters). Easy gliding chisel tips allow for smooth ink flow and uniform mark making.
  • Clear Barrels – Always know how much ink you’re using with the transparent barrels that let you keep track of the visible ink supply levels.
  • Arteza are enthusiastic about producing liquid highlighters. They believe art is a vehicle for sharing human experiences and that’s why they strive to make their art materials accessible to everyone.
  • Excellent Customer Service.


I’m so excited about these water based ink, liquid highlighters! I’ve been looking for a set of highlighters in bright yellow that would stand out and these water based, fluorescent ink, colored highlighters are perfect!

They’re quick-drying and don’t leave any smears which is just what I wanted – simply the best highlighter pen ever. The visible ink supply barrels on the pens let you know how much ink they have and helps to prevent surprises by running out too soon. Great product!

I love these liquid highlighters!

They are great for highlighting in my bible. I’ve used them daily to mark important passages and they don’t bleed through the pages of my bullet journaling and notebooks, which is a huge plus.

You can also take the markers with you on the go, thanks to the handy clip attached to the marker’s cap.

All of my friends are going to be getting one of these sets as a gift from me, they’ll love it!

6. Shuttle Art 16 Pack Gel Highlighters

8 Assorted Colours Highlighter Study Kit, Great for Journaling, Highlighting and Studying

About this item

  • GEL PEN HIGHLIGHTER SET: The 16-piece Gel Highlighter Set from Shuttle Art is a great way to add some brightness to your day. 2 pieces for each hue, 8 colors in total. Stored in a clear container, which makes it convenient and portable.
  • SUPERIOR THICKNESS: Won’t stain, smear or bleed through. Non-toxic, acid-free. Meets ASTM D-4236 and EN 71 standards. It is safe and appropriate for all ages to use on various pages.
  • PROTECTIVE EMBEDDING: Twist-up design ensures that the gel stick is retractable, and the plastic shell shields it from shattering.PERFECT PERFORMANCE: Gel highlighters have a great, smooth texture, great highlighter colors and the tips glide smoothly. People are drawn to bright vibrant colors on first sight, then intrigued by the smooth sliding and non-bleeding quality. It may be used for anything from school studies to office programs.


I have been using gel highlighters for a long time now, and I can honestly say that these are one of my favorite ones. I find that the tips of the gel pen glide smoothly and they don’t smudge like some other highlighters do. I like how they come in different vibrant colors and the packaging is pretty smart too!

Really like the twist up mechanism instead of clicking down, white markings on the side so you can see how much product is left. The color stays nice and bright without bleeding through my pages.

The Shuttle Art pastel-colored set comes with a wide variety of colors in 8 decent shades, including blue, red, green, orange, yellow, purple, pink, and brown. The pens are on the smaller side so if you have larger hands this may be a little awkward for you to use.

I would definitely recommend this product to anyone looking for gel highlighters- you won’t regret it!

7. ZEYAR Highlighter pens

Chisel Tip Marker Pen, use as both a fine tip and a flat tip. Mixed Colors, Water-Based, Quick Dry (18 Colors) 

About this item

  • The use of brilliant, neon fluorescent colors on the next page protects and emphasizes your handwritten words. There is no dark shading on the following page because of the variety of Great bright Fluorescent or Macaron inks used.
  • COMFORTABLE DESIGN: Short and wide-body fits well in your pocket and is simple to grasp; a basic, straightforward appearance design
  • WIDE VARIETY OF COLORS: 6 Fluorescent Colors: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Violet; 6 Macaron Colors: Pastel Pink, Pastel Blue, Pastel Yellow, Pastel Green, Pastel Orange; 6 Morandi Colors: Mild-Orange, Mild-Blue, Mild-Red, Mild-Green, Mild-Violet, Mild-Brown 
  • Water-based meets ASTM D-4236 standard, non-toxic, acid-free and safe to use
  • TIP: The chisel tips allow you to draw lines as a fine tip as 1mm and as broad as 4mm for precise highlighting.


I love these as someone who went through many in college and then in my degree course. I use highlighters for everything.

I love how you can use the chisel tips, with their fluorescent colors highlight and would recommend them to everyone! 

I bought these for work, highlighting charts, but also used them to be creative with birthday decorations…I love the variety of vibrant colors.

What I like the most about these is that they do not bleed through paper. You can use the fine sharp, chisel tips for outlining and the flat side to highlight or color : ) THE INK DRIES FAST.

I will definitely be re-buying these!

8. Shuttle Art 15 Colors Pastel Highlighter Pens

Selection of Colors, Chisel Tip Dry-Quickly Non-Toxic Highlighter Markers for Adults Kids Highlighting in the Home School Office

About this item

  • SHUTTLE ART 15 COLOR HIGHLIGHT PENS SET: The Shuttle Art 15 color highlighter pen set is filled with delightful, fashionable colors of soft pastel ink. The marker set includes a variety of options to draw, decorate, and emphasize your schoolwork, faxes, diaries, notes, and other planners.
  • SHARP AND DURABLE: This versatile CHISEL TIP comes in broad and fine highlights, making it perfect for both wide highlighting and detail underlining. The comfortable holding barrel shape is ideal for children and adults and one of the best highlighters for school.
  • No bleeding, high ink quality and fast-drying: Words with premium quick-drying ink drawing are crisp and clear without smearing, leaking, fading, or bleeding (allow ink to dry before highlighting).
  • PERFECT GIFT OPTION: These multiple highlighters are neatly organized in a tiny box for easy transportation. The brightly colored design makes it simple to identify and distinguish each color. Make the highlighters set a trendy pastel option as a back-to-highlighters for school present.


I was using another brand of highlighters on my budget workbook and the ink formula tended to bleed through a tiny bit here and there, plus some colors were a little too dark to let my pencil markings show through.

These highlighters solve both problems completely!! They’re excellent!!

They use super pigmented ink and are beautiful colours. Each one has a ton of ink and feels like a high-end art marker.

I found these pens to be a bit of a hybrid; sheer & strongly pigmented but not overpowering with a dark ink pen. Really useful for a lot of things. Also, no bleed through.

Would highly recommend if you’re main criteria is to use them for highlighting your documents or pages in planners, journals, and books.

9. STABILO BOSS Original Highlighter Pens

Highlighter Pens – Bumper Pack of 7 – Neon 

About this item

  • 6 individual highlighters in the full range of STABILO BOSS Original Highlighters, with additional yellow.
  • Chisel tip; ultra-soft, 2-5mm.
  • The extra-large ink reservoir means that you’ll be able to go longer between fillings and get more use out of each refill.
  • Anti-Dry-Out Ink Formula 4 hr technology. 
  • Most handwritten text and inkjet printouts will not smear when written with light-fast pigment ink.


I love these STABILO highlighters! They are very wide, bright, and long-lasting and I have to say this brand has really delivered.

I recently needed to highlight an entire document for a presentation and this set certainly did the trick! 

They’re also anti-dry out, meaning you can write more before having to refill the ink (a huge plus). The nib is chisel-pointed and ultra-soft.

I recommend these pens for anyone who loves writing and highlighting with color.

10. STAEDTLER Textsurfer 364 P WP8

Pack of 8 Highlighters in Classic Rainbow Colours

About this item

  • Enhanced highlighting performance with large ink reservoir
  • Super-quick-drying
  • Easy opening twist cap
  • Long-life guarantee
  • Refillable

I bought these markers a couple of months ago and they’re all still alive! Which I find totally unbelievable as I’ve been using them so much…

A really top product. The colors are precisely what you need for highlighting documents, they don’t bleed through the paper.

The color is bright and doesn’t fade after time compared to other highlighters I’ve had before. They feel sturdy which makes them easy to hold. Nice large ink reservoir so lasts ages! Would definitely recommend

If you’re looking for some cheap, good quality, classic highlighters – these are for you.

Other important factors to consider

Most highlighters are used usually for underlining text or just highlighting an object. It is usually fluorescent and with a pointed chisel tip.

When you add additional colors and visual effects and improve memory the students should use those points if they’re studying to score.

This is useful for professional users of note-taking or those who like to highlight words in books. 

Non-bleed highlighters are used to avoid the ink from bleeding down the page and contaminating the backside or surface if the ink has bled through.

Make sure you review the specifications of these items, especially for use on thin kinds of paper such as bibles.

When buying highlighter pens – what to look for

Some highlighters come with very few colors. Many have an incredible 20 colors. Choose the type of ink that best meets the written requirements of your project when you come to buy highlighter pens.

The nibs have an extremely hard mating surface making them easy to use. If you’d like to do calligraphy then get a stylised pen as it’s easlier to use and the pen style will help with the thickness control of the lines.

The flat and thick highlighter pens can be more tricky to use. If you are an avid writer with colored pencil or paper you may find that coloring is more appealing for you.

If it’s too solid it’s hard to see through. Avoid the ones that get clumped in large amounts or do not contain pigment.

What to look for when buying the best highlighter pens for school

The most basic use of these highlighters is to mark on paper and highlight or outline essential materials.

Often, though, factors make brands in the market superior to others. These factors ensure the best processes for study and how to prepare for an examination.

The perfect highlighter is a pen that is washable in a few minutes and is quick drying.

Guide to Buying the Best Sets of Highlighter Pens 

A good highlight pen makes notes better organized and cleaner. We are sharing with you the best highlight pen we found available.

If you do your own research you will discover some simple tips to finding the best highlighters pen too so please feel free to share.


Whilst there are many highlighters that do not bleed through the paper it is possible to find a set of pens that can be put together in a good way.

The most important thing for a good highlight pen is how well they highlight, especially if you are planning to use them for underlining or highlighting books/documents.

Although we have put together our own list of the best highlighters available we’d still recommend you take the time to research further and find out for yourselves which highlighter is the best suited for your own personal needs and if you think this may add any additional value to our article then please just let us know and we’ll consider adding it to our page.


Questions People Also Ask and Google’s top answers:


1.  Which brand of highlighter pen is best?

  • The STABILO Swing Cool Highlighter Pen Pastel is a pack of 6 pastel highlighters
  • Faber-Castell Pastel Chisel Tip Highlighters Markers 8 in Assorted Pastel Colors. by Faber-Castell
  • Camlin Office Highlighter – Pack of 5 Different Colors. by Camlin


2.  What pens are the best highlighter markers?

 Pens that work as a good highlighter pen are:

  • The Pilot Frixion erasable
  • The Artline Smoove Ballpoint Pen 1.0
  • The Smiggle Ballpoint Tri-Grip
  • The Inkjoy 100 1.0M by Papermate
  • Twin Tone by Tombow.


3.  Which are the best highlighter markers is best in India?

  • 25 Connector Pens from FABER-CASTELL 4.4. ₹132. ₹150.
  • Flair Creative Erasable Highlighters. 4.4. ₹112. ₹125. 10% off.
  • The Cello Power Line Highlighter – Pack of 10 (Assorted) 4.4. ₹95. ₹100. 5% off.
  • Super Glow Highlighter with Correction Pen from FLAIR. 4.4. ₹96. ₹100.


4.  What is the best office highlighter pen?

The 5 Best Office Highlighters

  • The best highlighters for a student should be lightweight and easy to use. These Sharpie Accent Retractable Highlighters are ideal for highlighting notes, homework assignments, and more!
  • Uni Highlighter Propus Window.
  • Eco Zebrite Double-Ended Highlighters by Zebra.
  • Post-it: Flag and Ballpoint Pen + Highlighter.
  • Kuretake Zig Brush Hilite.


5.  Which Colour highlighter is best for books?

When making highlighting notes, keep the following in mind: You should just go over your text once to avoid oversaturating the paper. It’s entirely up to you whether you prefer yellow or purple or blue, but red is typically the most readable color.


6.  How long does highlighter ink last?

This may appear to be a lot, but if you highlight 1000 words every day, it will take 50 days for your highlighter ink to run out.


7.  What white pen do artists use?

Gel and Copic markers are two types of markers that artists use. Others, on the other hand, like the opaque white produced by Copic. Others, on the other hand, prefer whiteout or white Prismacolor pencils.


8.  Can you get a white Sharpie?

Yes, Sharpie White Fine Point Poster Paint Marker.


9.  What do artists use to highlight?

 How to Add Highlights

  • A very effective tool is the white pencil when you’re drawing on a toned sheet of paper. 
  • When drawing on white paper I use the sharp edge of an eraser.
  • A Metal Stylus is a good technique for depicting veins on a leaf or tiny hairs. 
  • A Brush and White Paint.


 10. Can you get a white marker pen?

The Uniball Paint Marker Pen Px-20 White is permanent on most surfaces and can be used to write on paper, metal, glass, plastic, wood, fabric and stone. It also has Heat resistant, waterproof, and fade-proof ink.


More Questions Covered…


Which brand highlighter pen is best?

The market is full of many choices, but not all brands last long. The ink should be fast drying and the pen tip should not leak.

It’s important to find out what type of paper you will use your highlighters for too.

Some are better for thin paper that you would use in bible printing, or for student books so it is always best to do your research and then try your selection out for yourself.


What pens are good for highlighting?

Some pens are good for writing and some are best for highlighting. You will need to choose a pen that is suitable for the task at hand.

Some pens are good for highlighting on notebooks while others work best for thinner materials and won’t bleed through the paper.

Many factors come into play when choosing the right highlighters for different needs. Be sure to look at things such as colors, tip style and ink color.


What are the best office highlighters? 

The best office highlighters are the ones that aren’t sticky, don’t fade quickly or bleed through paper.

These pens will make your company look like they value quality to their clients, and it will make you look well organized for your clients.

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