Colored Pencils For Adults

Colored Pencils For Adults

Are you looking for the best coloring pencils for adults?

Check out the top 5 recommendations, perfect for use in adult coloring books:

You’re a grown adult, you have a little bit of time to spare and you want to get the most out of it. Be it adult coloring books or just coloring in general, you want to make sure you use the best products while you’re doing it.

This guide will cover all sorts of colored pencil sets and types for your convenience saving you time and effort. We’ll help you find a good set of colored pencils so you can focus on ‘doing’ your hobby instead.

While there are no such things as specifically adult coloring pencils exclusively, we will be talking about some in that context as this list is catered to the adults and discuss some of the best adult coloring pencils.

The goal of this guide is to evaluate some of the best value-for-money colored pencils and some features that are crucial and will come in handy when you work with your adult coloring books.

So sit tight, hang on till the end of the review guide to find out some of the best colored pencils for adults.

01) Faber-Castell Polychromos Artist Colored Pencils Set

Premium Quality Polychromos Colored Pencils 120 Tin Gift Set Includes Pencil Sharpener

Faber-Castell Polychromos Artist Colored Pencils Set ain image


  • Set of 120
  • Sturdy tin box
  • Contains a mixture of wax-based and oil-based cores
  • Rich pigment quality


Faber Castell is a household name for high-quality colored pencils. Their cores are a very special mixture of both vegetable oil and wax making them give out a texture and finish, unlike any other pencil set.

These are excellent recommendations for colored pencils for adult coloring simply because of the sturdiness and the lead quality.

  • No wax bloom
  • Easily worked with a fine point
  • Good colored pencil cores
  • Versatile color selection
  • On the pricier side


Faber Castell boasts being better than most wax-based colored pencils. Rightfully so as the customers and experienced artists alike back up that sentiment. Their pencils lay an incredibly vibrant color that looks astonishing on any coloring book paper.

Overall, an excellent purchase and you are sure to get the best value-for-money for the set you are investing in.

02) Prismacolor Colored Pencils Art Kit

Artist Premier Wooden Soft Core Pencils 150 count with Pencil Sharpener

Prismacolor Colored Pencils Art Kit main image


  • Set of 150
  • Sharpner included to maintain a fine point
  • Versatile diameters of pencils
  • Over a dozen colors of each shade


Prismacolor premier colored pencils are one of the best pencils for adult coloring books. Their quality and value are unmatched as per quite a few reviews will testify.

The Prismacolor premier pencils have high-quality pigments like you would find in expensive pencils for only a fraction of the price making them the budget king.

  • Versatile color selection
  • Vibrant colors
  • Comes in a sturdy cardboard box
  • Is a very popular brand and counterfeit sets might be an issue


Prismacolor premier colored pencils are a brilliant collection of a whopping 150 sticks of pencils. This set will have you covered on all bases with coloring pencils that have a stick for every color needed for your adult coloring books.

There is no way of going wrong with Prismacolor pencils as they offer great value for money. Definitely worth every dollar for one of the best colored pencils collection in the market.

03) Nyoni Oil Based 120 Colored Pencils Set for Professional Artist, Beginners, Students

Excellent Coloring, Blending Pencil, Layering Ability Drawing Supplies

Nyoni Oil Based 120 Colored Pencils main image


  • Set of 120
  • Oil-based pencils
  • Eraser and sharpener included
  • Break-resistant


The Nyoni set has a wide selection of colors. Each oil-based pencil is break-resistant because oil-based colored pencils are harder than wax-based pencils.

Additionally, when it comes to oil-based colored pencils for coloring you get more intense colors. Oil-based pencils are generally high-quality pencils from the get-go for this very reason.

  • Vibrant colour
  • Versatile selection of colors
  • Smooth texture
  • Has some redundant colored pencils


The Nyoni set has a convenient barrel shape for each pencil which is great for coloring across all purposes. Oil-based pencils are also generally great if you want to layer colors and the subtle differences in color quality may be something that you might love.

Overall, a great value for pencils that blend beautifully, layering colors, and are a cut above other pencils in this price range. Definitely one of the best pencil sets out there on a budget.

04) LYRA Rembrandt Aquarell Artists’ Colored Pencils

Set of 72 Pencils, Assorted Colors

LYRA Rembrandt Aquarell Artists' Colored Pencils main image


  • Set of 72
  • Hexagonal shape
  • Comes with a stylish metal container
  • Water-soluble


LYRA Rembrandt is a name that most artists know about when it comes to crayons and color pencils. They provide amazing color quality with their pencils.

This set contains a healthy set of pencils for coloring books. They are also completely soluble in water so you can get a sturdy adult coloring book with abstract shapes, add a little water and watch the magic unfold from your fingertips.

  • Easily blendable as they are water-soluble
  • Vibrant colors
  • Reasonable price
  • May face quality-related issues if not shipped from a reliable vendor


LYRA generally provides great colored pencils for coloring at a very affordable price. Their pencils are soft, water-soluble, and are a great option for your art classes if that’s something that you do. You are free to layer colors and try various other techniques with these pencils.

Overall, a very worthy buy if the criteria of the product meet your needs.

05) Castle Art Supplies Gold Standard 120 Coloring Pencils Set

Oil-based Colored Cores Stay Sharper, Tougher Against Breakage | For Adult Artists, Colorists | Includes Zipper Case

Castle Art Supplies Gold Standard main image


  • Set of 120
  • Includes zipper case
  • Wax-based color pencils
  • Versatile color selection


The Castle art supplies gold standard 120 coloring pencils set feature lead that is made up of wax-based materials which give the finish a satisfyingly rich waxy sheen.

They are great for creating gradients and overall great colored pencils for coloring.

  • 33 additional colors
  • Great coverage
  • No signs of wax bloom
  • Slightly expensive


The Castle art set is a decent set for adult coloring pencils, while they do include a lot of pencils as with many other colored pencil sets they are a bit on the pricier side.

Overall, a good buy if you have the extra budget and want something that is superior quality and well-reputed within the art community.

General Information About Colored Pencils For Adults

The Different Types of Colored Pencils

To discern between the different types of colored pencils and choosing the best colored pencils for your taste would be checking which texture and pigment you prefer.

Whether you like bright colors or muted and subtle pigmentation depends on which type of pencil you pick and choose.

There are three main types of colored pencils for adults:

Wax-based pencils

Colored pencils are kind of like pastels where they are soft and easily blendable. This gives you a fun and creamy finish while working with such pencils.

Oil-based pencils

Oil-based pencils are harder than wax and leave you with no worries about wax blooming and other issues you would find in the former type. Great for fine lines and detailing and layering colors.

Watercolor pencils

 Watercolor pencils are the most accessible and super easy to work with. Just draw on paper and smudge it with water and you are set. In the world of pencils, these are considered one of the best colored pencils bar-none when it comes to useability.

Things to Consider:

Is a Colored Pencil Easy to Blend and why is this important?

Depends on the medium of the lead inside the pencils. It is actually crucial depending whether you want to layer or blend colors if you want a specific shade for your color.

Are the Pencils Lightfast and if so what are the benefits?

 Most pencils are lightfast. The benefits entail colors on the surfaces to last longer even when exposed to light for long periods of time. UV protection is crucial in bright conditions.

Conclusion / Roundup

If you want to get your hands on the best colored pencils in the market, the best place to start would be this review guide. We have curated some of the highest-rated pencils and evaluated both pros and cons for your convenience and ease.

Best to keep an open mind while picking and choosing as a good deal of trial and error might be needed while trying to find the right fit for you.


How many colored pencils do I need?

Having a sufficient set of a dozen pencils or more at least would be great. To be in the optimal range for abstract coloring would have to amount to a dozen pencils per color for shading and gradient-ing your colors.

What are the best colored pencils?

Most of what is the best were mentioned in this list and the best for you may vary with usage and what you personally prefer.

Other honourable mentions are the black widow’s colored pencils and Derwent Inktense pencils for coloring. Not much reviewing is needed for these couples as they are easily affordable and great within the budget if you are tight on budget.

Are Prismacolor premier colored pencils also good?

Yes the are also a top brand and well worth consideration

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