Best Spray Paint For Metal

Best Spray Paint For Metal

Looking for the best spray paint for metal?

We’ve got you covered. We’ve spent the time reviewing the top 5 products on the market and we’ve got the inside scoop on which one is right for you.

Not all spray paints are created equal. That’s why it’s important to choose the right one for your project. Whether you’re painting a bike, a car, or just some old furniture, we’ve got the perfect choices for you.

Spray paints are probably the easiest type of tools or paints to use when it comes to getting a quick fix on remodeling metal surfaces or anything else in particular. Using good quality spray paint for metal will not only keep your metal furniture in good health but will also ensure the aesthetic aspects of it as well. Metallic surfaces are prone to environmental risks like rain, wear, tear, corrosion, and many more. This is why using high-quality paint for your application is necessary as the spray paint will protect your metal surface from getting ruined.

However, when it comes to choosing the right spray paint, it can turn out to be a bit of a hassle because of the huge amount of outdoor spray paints available out there. The wide variety of choices does make it difficult to get the best spray paint for metal. There are different paints for different scenarios.

To make things easier, we have done the hard work of compiling a list of the best spray paints for metal out there. In addition to that, we will also be going through some key factors that should be kept in mind while spray painting and also answering a few common questions regarding metal spray paints, oil-based paint, paint adheres, and many more.

Choosing The Right Type Of Paint:

As we had mentioned before, there are different types of spray paints for metal available in the market all having their designated uses. Since we are discussing spray painting metal, the first and foremost point is to consider whether you are using oil-based paint or a water-based acrylic one. This might seem like a small but will make a big difference but it will go a long way in ensuring the final gloss finish.

For painting metal surfaces, the ideal choice is to go for a hard-wearing enamel paint with a hard oil-based formula. This will be a bit time-consuming as oil paints take longer to dry. However, once it dries down, the surface will not loose paint swiftly. Furthermore, oil-based paints tend to react well if the temperatures are suitable. So, only one coating is enough.

01) Rust-Oleum 7271830 Stops Rust Metallic Spray Paint

11 Ounce (Pack of 1), Silver

Rust-Oleum 7271830 Stops Rust Metallic Spray Paint  main image


  • Enamel and mineral-based paint.
  • Can be used both on metal and wood surfaces.
  • Both interior and exterior use are applicable.
  • The oil-based formula will ensure that rust does not store in.
  • Wide color options.


In today’s market, it is tough to find a premium metallic spray paint that is not only of good quality but the colors are also realistic. If your main priority is working on metal surfaces with metal colors and getting a matte or semi-gloss finish is your target then the Rust-Oleum Metallic Spray Paint will not disappoint you. You’ll also save on time too because it takes very little time to dry


The selling point of this is that it comes in 14 different colors, all of which have a metallic paint theme to them. The color codes are not the best thing about this spray paint but they do work amazingly well. Even though this is a bit off-topic, it works well on other adhesion surfaces too like wood, concrete, masonry, etc.

All in all, getting this will satisfy your overall need of buying spray paint. It will keep things shiny, or matte depending on how many coats you put along with ensuring rust resistance as well.

It ticks all the boxes you would need in a great paint spray.

02) Krylon Looking Glass Silver-Like Aerosol Spray Paint 6 Oz.

Krylon Looking Glass Silver-Like Aerosol Spray Paint 6 Oz. main image


  • Provides a glass-like shiny finish.
  • Easy to use.
  • Takes less time to cool down.
  • Good quality sprayer.
  • Value for money.


There aren’t many spray paints for metal out there that can provide shiny finishes on metal surfaces. If you are looking to paint something like a shiny silver then this spray paint is the ideal option for you. It will turn anything into shiny-looking glass after a good paint job.


Initially many users might be sceptical about this because it does not come in a big bottle. However, that is not a problem at all because you won’t be needing much. Keeping in mind the pricing and what you get with this is more than enough for your painting project.

There are a few things that you will need to keep in mind if you are looking for a glossy finish. Keep in mind to apply the paint on the back of the metal, glass, or Plexi. It is best if you apply multiple light coatings because drips and uneven application will destroy the appearance and apply numerous thin layers instead.

As a result, these layers will dry quickly for those of you who are impatient.

03) Martha Stewart 8oz Spray Paint

8 Ounce (Pack of 1), Glitter Antique Silver

Martha Stewart 8oz Spray Paint main image


  • High-quality nozzle.
  • Comes in multiple colors.
  • Easy to spray
  • Has full coverage.
  • Provides the perfect mix between shiny and matte.


The Martha Stewart Store makes some of the best spray paint for metal that you can find out there. If you are using this then you will be spared the use of using the primer. There is no need to put primer for this as it has paint and primer in one.

For a spray paint of this price, indoor and outdoor usage is expected and that is provided as well with the Martha Stewart 8oz Spray Paint.


The gold finish that you will get from this is not too shiny, not too brassy, or too antique-looking as well. In my opinion, it hits the right mark.

Ease of application turns out to be a major drawback in most cheap or even high-quality spray paints. However, with this one, you will not be facing that issue at all because the spray nozzle is excellent and will assist you seamlessly, allowing you to put multiple coats on your object.

04) Krylon K05505007 COLORmaxx Spray Paint and Primer

For Indoor/Outdoor Use, Gloss Black 12 Ounce (Pack of 1)

Krylon K05505007 COLORmaxx Spray Paint and Primer main image


  • Wide and balanced sprayer.
  • Dries quicker than most spray paints at this price point.
  • Has good brand value.
  • Indoor and outdoor applicable
  • Comes in a wide range of colors.


In the mumbo jumbo of fancy spray paints that are available on the market finding a good spray painting metal surface that has an old school and original formula becomes tough. If you are a paint metal sort of guy or someone who has used satin paints before then you will very well realize the importance of both paint and formula. For a user like this, we have the perfect fit.


The first and foremost thing that got our attention was the fact that the labeling on this is super simple. Straightly colored bottles according to the colors they are packing. Keeping in mind the topic in hand, if you are looking to get that nice metallic black finish then the black variant of this product will be the best option for you. Two-in-one indoor and outdoor formulation has become standard now, so you will be getting that on this as well.

The highlighting part of this spray paint is its big button spray tip that throws paint vigorously while still keeping the right balance. Over our tests, we have found the coating to be evenly sprayed and has excellent coverage. That too, with just three coats, two for standard and the final one as protection.

05) Rust-Oleum Painter’s Touch

2X Ultra Cover, 12 Oz, Various Colours, 12 Ounce

Rust-Oleum Painter's Touch main image


  • Clean and environment-friendly oil-based formula.
  • Dries down in 20 minutes.
  • Nice satin finish.
  • Perfect for use on interior/exterior surfaces including wood, plastic, plaster, metal, masonry, and unglazed ceramic.
  • Available in 44 different colors.


Some users want spray paint that is sophisticated and less rough and tough. For users like this, the Rust-Oleum Painters Touch is the perfect option to go for. The shades that it offers are second to none of its competitors and their quality is visible in amazing customer ratings.


The Painters Touch uses an oil-based spray paint formula. The benefit of this is that there are no pungent or unpleasant smells that are common in most paints. This formula also helps in protecting the painted object and keeping it secured from any chances of rust.

As expected from Rust-Oleum, this isn’t something you will have to spend a huge amount of time on usage. After you’ve finished spraying the surface, it just takes around 20 minutes for it to dry to the touch. All in all, this is an outstanding product and what makes this paint even more incredible is that, despite having so many protective properties and sticking to so many surfaces, they were able to create it in 44 distinct hues and four different finishes, making it simple to change the look of common objects. Now that is something truly commendable.

General Information About Spray Paint For Metal

The Placement Of The Metal Objects:

If you are accustomed to painting on interior and exterior surfaces or working on indoor and outdoor projects then you will be familiar with the fact that the type of paint will vary depending on whether the metal projects will be exhibited indoors or outdoors.

The main reason behind this is that indoor spray paints often do not have the strength or the water resistance to be used as outdoor paints.

Outdoor paints are heat resistant, making them able to fight winds, dew, moisture, and all of the other environmental challenges. But indoor paint sprays are suitable for more light coats.

So, make sure to use outdoor paints for your outdoor furniture.

Keeping The Temperature In Check:

This point does not apply if you are using indoor paint.

ecause indoor paints do not have to tackle the maximum temperature changes; the temperature isn’t much of a concern.

However, outdoor paints do need to handle that. Be it raging storms or scorching summer days.

As a result, if you want to avoid paint jobs that peel, melt, or otherwise degrade after a few seasons, look for heat-resistant spray paint.

Conclusion / Roundup

We like our things to be durable and practical, but we have to admit that we like them to be pleasing to the eyes as well, don’t we?

The reviews for the best spray paint for metal above are all positive, with tests revealing that the paints are durable, fast-drying, and provide a glossy finish.

The one downside mentioned is that some people find the paint to be a bit expensive. However, overall, though, these sprays are considered some of the best on the market.

I hope this guide was helpful in finding the best spray paint for your project! If you have any questions, feel free to leave them below.


How much should be spent on buying metal spray paints?

It completely depends on your budget, however, the more you spend does not always ensure you’re getting the best one in the market.

Is it better spray painting metal or brush painting metal?

The best process is using metal spray paints in such scenarios because the process is quicker and doesn’t cause an excessive amount of difficulty in finishing.

Brush painting often leaves brush marks which can result in a poor looking finish.

What’s the most durable paint for a metal surface?

Oil-based paint is the most durable.

Applying oils to your primers first will result in a more homogeneous surface.

Oil paint, on the other hand, is easier to apply straight to metal due to its lack of moisture, which decreases the risk of corrosion.

Is the krylon colormaster paint any good?

The krylon colormaster is an excellent paint and is one of the most popular surface spray paint products on the market.

It is durable and can be used for a variety of different projects.

It is also relatively inexpensive spray paint, making it a great option for those on a budget.

Is there a best spray paint for metal?

Spray paint is a great option for painting metal surfaces.

The best spray paint for metal is durable, heat-resistant, and can provide a glossy finish.

Some of the best spray paints on the market include the Rust-Oleum Universal All Surface Spray Paint, the Krylon Colormaster Spray Paint, and the Valspar Premium Metal Paint.

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