Best Spray Paint For Graffiti

Best Spray Paint For Graffiti

It can be really overwhelming with there being so many different types of spray paint available for graffiti art.

So, which one is the best for you?

Graffiti paint must fulfil a variety of specifications that do not apply to most traditional kinds of painting. This is due to the fact that graffiti is a sort of street art that employs walls and external surfaces as a canvas rather than a traditional painting on paper or canvas.

As a result, the best spray paint for graffiti must be able to function under these conditions. The first thing to remember about graffiti paint is that it should be available in the form of an aerosol spray can (Graffiti is created without the use of a brush).

Spray paints, on the other hand, are employed to achieve a specific effect. Spray paints dry rapidly and may be used on a variety of surfaces. Other than that, how easy the application of the spray paint one is using or the rich color, high pressure spray cans, if it is suitable for all-weather, waterproof etc are definitely things to be kept in mind.

It can be a bit challenging to choose the best spray paint among all the different spray paints, but not impossible.

Take a look at the list below where I have written in detail about the products to find allowing you to then create a graffiti spray painting of your very own.

01) Pintyplus Aqua Spray Paint – Art Set of 8 Water Based 4.2oz Mini Spray Paint Cans

Ultra Matte Finish. Perfect For Arts & Crafts. Spray Paint Set Works on Plastic, Metal, Wood, Cardboard

Pintyplus Aqua Spray Paint main image


• 150mL / 4.25oz Spray

• ‎Colors: Red, Crimson, Orange, Green, Blue, Violet, Black, White

• Matte finish and water-based

• Effective for both indoor and outdoor use

• Suitable for use on paper, wood, canvas, plastic, cardboard, natural fibers, and glass.


With this spray, you can easily paint irregular objects and intricate surfaces. Brush marks are eliminated with a smooth spray application and this spray paint does not cause any drips. Low overspray facilitates masking and maintains your studio clean; this spray paint does not bleed through.

Colors may be mixed and matched to create artwork that expresses your imagination.


This spray paint is a great buy due to its subtle matte finish and with the spray paint not dropping as much in spills as other spray paints. It’s ideal to use on a lot of different surfaces, has eight colors and for this reason, it is efficient in making a lot of new shades by simply mixing colors. A perfect gift for any budding street artist.

Perfect for tiny projects, scrapbooking, and creative arts, the smell is not overwhelming at all. It also has an incredibly fast drying ability.

Gives great coverage and the paint is easy and fun to use.

02) FLAME Blue by Molotow Low-Pressure Matte Graffiti Spray Paint

Set of 12 Main Colors

FLAME Blue by Molotow Low-Pressure Matte Graffiti Spray Paint main image


• 12 popular matte finish colors

• Formula of low odor

•UV and weather durable, excellent visibility

•Suitable for indoor and outdoor use

• High-pressure paint


Made in Europe, FLAME Blue is produced by Molotow as a strong low pressure spray paint for graffiti and street arts. This package includes a dozen of the most desirable Flame Blue Line hues.

The freshly updated recipe provides a low-odor, extremely opaque paint with significant pigment content for all of your precise application needs. Pistachio, Light Blue, Signal Blue, Kiwi, Orange, Signal Red, Traffic Purple, Pure White, Piglet Pink Light, Middle Grey Neutral, Signal Yellow, and Deep Black are among the colors available.


This spray paint has extremely opaque paint with excellent pigment for all of your precise application needs. FLAME Blue is one of the greatest quality for the price and is suitable for all seasons.

This is one of the most highly recommended spray paint for graffiti street art. This smell is not overwhelming but very slight and moderate.

For its low pressure adjustment quality and fast application ability, FLAME BLUE graffiti spray is ideal for accurate paint application.

03) MTN Spray Paint Packs – Water Based

100 Workshop 16 Pack

MTN Spray Paint Packs - Water Based main image


• Water-based

• Designed for any kind of art, decoration

• 16 pieces

• Comes in small sizes

• Montana spray paints


This spray paint is easy to use and comes with 16 pieces of various colors. The smaller can is ideal for the smaller user, since it provides total control.


This graffiti paint set is a good choice for beginners. By taking good care of the spray paint caps, this product is most likely to last a long time and when coupled with the fact that it has a very unique collection of colors you can rest assured you have a great set of spray paints.

They’re easy to use and have fast-drying ability with no chemical odor. It comes at a very reasonable price and is a perfect set for many graffiti artists who are looking for water-based spray paints.

04) DANG Prime Graffiti Spray Paint

Black and White Set

DANG Prime Graffiti Spray Paint


• 12 cans of black and white 400mL (6 each)

• Fast drying and extremely dense

• Fantastic for street art, mural painting, reusing, refurbishing, and other activities.

• Aerosol spray paint

• UV and weather durable


One of the best spray paints for graffiti art.

Dang 400ml low flow aerosol spray paint is manufactured in Spain using high-quality pigments to provide amazing effects. It is simpler to manage than most spray paints found in hardware stores and works effectively on a range of surfaces, including wood, metal, concrete, and glass.

Ensure you shake your cans vigorously for at least three minutes to minimize pigment clogging, and remember to paint in.


This spray paint is ideal for professional and commercial applications (weather resistant) as well as fun painting with friends. It is suitable for various styles, approaches, and techniques to art production.

Overall, it is a good purchase for graffiti artists. It is simpler to manage than any spray paint brand available at the hardware store because of its low-pressure output, soft flow valve, and improved coverage.

05) Rust-Oleum 338924-6PK Stops Rust Advanced Spray Paint

12-Ounce, 22 Colors

05) Rust-Oleum 338924-6PK Stops Rust Advanced Spray Paint main image


• Lasting satin finish spray paint

• High gloss spray paint

• Maximum rust protection

• Easy to use

• Gloss smoke grey color


With thirty per cent improved corrosion resistance and optimal color retention, this product is ideal for exceptional protection on outdoor surfaces such as metal, concrete, masonry, and wood for its glossy finish.

The new high output tip sprays up to 50% quicker than before, making any project easier to complete.

For a robust and appealing finish, use quick-drying paint on most outdoor surfaces such as mailbox, patio furniture, and more.


This product can be great for outdoor spray paint purposes as it has high gloss. It has subtle coverage ability and this paint dries fast, is durable and provides great coverage. It is also suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

It is of great use to apply on metal surfaces because of its glossy finish. and what’s more this product includes rust oleum which confirms this graffiti paint of its highest quality.

Hence, in short, this is one of the best spray paints on the market today.

General Information About Best Spray Paint for Graffiti

The real definition of Graffiti is art which is painted, written, or drawn on a wall or other surfaces without authorization.

Graffiti art began in the late 1500s, when artists carved pictures on the walls of sacred sites and other public areas. Today, artists create on public surfaces with water and oil-based spray paint and work in both legally commissioned and illegally ‘vandalised’ capacities.

To choose the best spray paint for graffiti art, one must consider the pressure, durability, spray nozzle, adhesion, coverage of the spray paint to get the perfect one.

With that noted, it also should be taken into account if the paint dries fast enough and if it is weather resistant. While looking for the best individual graffiti spray, be it a beginner or an artist, it is important to decide what he or she is looking for and then go for the right one.

With there being more than several brands on the market for spray paints for graffiti, it is more or less known that the better quality a spray paint is, the more expensive they often are.

Conclusion / Roundup

Hopefully, this article addressed most of your concerns and has given you a good overview in relation to graffiti spray paints.

Graffiti writers or artists may have specific and different opinions about their best spray paint brands. But, in all honesty, it is in the hands of each individual person to identify his or her favourite and to find the right spray to suit their needs.

There is a risk of having too many options, but the information offered in this review should help you narrow things down to what you need at the end of the day.

…but as ever, it is only trial and error that will eventually be more beneficial than reading things in a review.


What do graffiti artists use as the best graffiti spray paint?

There are many types of spray paint that can be used for graffiti. Some artists prefer to use cans of spray paint, while others may opt for markers or other types of paint. The best type of graffiti spray paint will depend on the artist’s preference and the project at hand.

In the earlier times, artists carved pictures on the walls of sacred sites and other public areas. Today, artists create on public surfaces with water and oil-based spray paint. Other than that, stickers, stencils, posters, airbrush, oil-based chalk, various paints, and even sculptures are used.

What kind of paint is used in graffiti street art?

Outdoor spray paint is most popularly used in graffiti art. This is something that is contained in high-pressure cans like aerosol cans. Brands like Montana Black, Rust-oleum, Krylon fusion are the most recommended spray paint brands for graffiti street art.

What spray paint is the best high-quality paint for graffiti?

Among any best spray paint brand, Montana Black has been the top pick for quite some time as too is Krylon fusion all in one spray paint which is considered to be one of the best graffiti paint alternatives for any surface or scenario by street artists.

Is acrylic paint used in graffiti spray cans?

Not as a general rule, no, acrylic paint is not used for graffiti. The reason being is that it is water-based and does not adhere to surfaces as well as spray paint oil based do.

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