Coloring Books

Coloring Books

Looking for the best coloring books for yourself or a friend? Well, you’re in the right place as you’ll hopefully see; take a look at the best coloring books in the review section below.

Coloring books are a relatively new pass time for adults but knowing which books to go for can be daunting; hence I have curated a top 5 list of coloring books that will help you reach a level of contentment and mindfulness to save you the hassle of having to do all the research from scratch.

Coloring books were predominantly used by kids and teenagers at school or home for various purposes. Parents would make their toddlers color the coloring book as an activity, pre-schoolers would learn colors using it on the books. But why should young ones have all the fun, right? I used to love coloring books with my niece. And one day, out of curiosity, I googled and discovered that adult coloring books are also available!

Later that day, I went to a superstore and grabbed a few that I found interesting.

That was a story from quite some years ago. And, the scenario these days is now quite different as you’ll see retailer shops, superstores, and online shops all with shelves filled with adult coloring books.

There are books consisting of animal prints, mandala designs, empty patterns, and ones that have positive uplifting phrases. Coloring books are tested to boost your creativity, ease anxiety, and relax after a long day.

There are tons of coloring books online begging for the attention of colorists, but how do you know which is the best? Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered!

01) Secret Worlds: A Coloring Book and Delightful Glimpse Into The Magical Life Of Tiny Creatures

Secret Worlds main image


Being a best seller, this adult coloring book is quite different from the other ones in the market. Artist Karen Sue of Karen Sue Studios has taken her time to curate this whimsical book called Secret Worlds. As its name suggests, it gives you a delightful glimpse of how a secret world would be. This adult coloring book will also be loved by animal lovers. There are mini versions of animals, houses, and garden creatures. 

It consists of 38 illustrations on each page, enabling you to unleash your inner creativity. Use your favorite colored pencils, markers, gel pens, and crayons to color the book.

I recommend it for melting away your stress. There is a paperback edition and I think it’s perfect for taking you to an enjoyable world of imagination. 


With a whopping 4.7/5 star rating for plenty of good reasons. It is so well detailed that it took me a while to process what was going on over the pages. Such creativity by the artist! The unique drawings gave me an exciting experience by stirring up my inventiveness. 

The Secret World has grabbed me since day one with its brilliant patterns of detailed illustrations and the intricate Wonderland-themed adult coloring book worked as a therapy for my restless mind. 

One great thing about Secret World is that it is printed on single sides and has thick paper. The premium quality paper prevents leaks to the next side. However, I’d suggest you place another sheet of paper underneath if you are using markers or sharpies.  

The Secret World has a special place in my heart as I have developed some stories in my head while coloring it. It gave me such a sense of happiness that I can’t get enough of it. I suggest you all put it in your cart right away!

02) Bloom Adult Coloring Book

Beautiful Flower Garden Patterns and Botanical Floral Prints | Over 50 Designs of Relaxing Nature and Plants to Color

Bloom Adult Coloring Book main image


Prism Press’s Bloom Adult Coloring book is ranked a best seller in coloring books for grown-ups. This book is full of beautiful floral illustrations that will captivate you for hours. 

With unique hand-drawn floral designs on each side, this has to be one of the best adult coloring books around at present. If you are a nature enthusiast, this coloring book is just right for you. The Bloom Adult coloring book is an absolute gem considering its quality and price and has over 50 unmatched images to go at.


Melt away your fatigue by coloring a wide variety of botanical prints with this book. No matter what your skill level is, Bloom has you covered.  It has multiple prints for amateurs and advanced colorists alike. 

The illustrations will guide you to a world of flowers that you could only imagine. Filled with beautiful roses, lilies entangled in leaves and stems of trees, the artist also includes magnificent dahlias, magnolias, hydrangeas – all your favorite flowers in one book. 

One amazing fact about this book is, each design is printed on one side of the page, while the other is a black page. Thus, it prevents bleeding through. However, the paper may appear thin to some but rest assured you can still use gel pens, crayons, or whatever media you prefer to color these. 

I think it is a great value for the price and gives a fun time to colorists. So, what are you waiting for? Go buy it for yourself or a friend. 

03) Creepy Kawaii Pastel Goth Coloring Book

Cute Horror Spooky Gothic Coloring Pages for Adults (Pastel Goth Coloring Series)

Creepy Kawaii Pastel Goth Coloring Book main image


Creepy and Kawaii? Have you ever wondered how great they would turn out to be if paired? Well, artist Leriza May has.

This coloring book consists of cute but scary things which we usually wouldn’t visualize. If you have a deeply dark sense of humor, this is just for you. 

The prints of this book have kawaii gravestones, unicorn skulls, cute coffins, and more. It is packed with fabulous creepy characters who are sure to crack you up on seeing the cute representation of them.

This book is a perfect combination of occult gothic horror and kawaii cartoons. The paperback edition of the pastel goth coloring book retails at a reasonable price, which is a great value for its mysterious experience. 


The pastel goth coloring book features the essence of Japanese Harajuku aesthetics and has 25 unique pages featuring spooky creatures of all kinds. With simple and wide designs, it is a completely adult coloring book and is not intended for children

I am astounded by the creativeness of the artist who has even thought of a devilish easter bunny. The pirate look of a bunny surrounded by other eggs is utterly brilliant. The evil ice cream, the little girl riding on an eyeball, the pagans worshipping cereus, the innocent unicorn turned to a devil – it’s all very extraordinary! 

Moving on to the quality of the print, I would say that it is more than quite decent. Each side has a single design printed on them which prevents color leaks. It is a standard size coloring book with each design printed on the back and the paper quality also works just fine as it has simple illustrations on the pages. 

The cover of the book is fully pastel and you can carry this style if you wish throughout the book using pastel colors and marker or gel pens. Once done, the creepy images and kawaii coloring would look amazing even though it sounds like a tall challenge. 

04) Abnormality: Horror Coloring Book for Adults

A Terrifying Collection of Creepy, Spine-Chilling & Gorgeous Illustrations for Adults – Scary Gifts for … (Abnormality: Horror Coloring Books Series)

Abnormality main image


Looking for a perfect Halloween present for your horror fan friend? Here is another coloring book that inspires creativity by telling a horror story. It is a perfect coloring book for adults with a dark morbid sense of humor who also might have some interest in coloring.

Like come on, who doesn’t want to relax a bit? And if it’s with something that a soul craves, what could be better?

The Abnormality is a horror coloring book for adults with terrifying illustrations. It consists of ghastly horror characters in addition to nature. With creepy dolls, disturbing creatures, and some truly gruesome zombies, this coloring book is just an anomaly. It is designed to be the best adult coloring for any horror fan.  


Artist Stephen J Kemp has some extraordinary creativity within him that made him illustrate such gorgeous images in the most spine-chilling adult coloring book. It is a lightweight coloring book designed for adults only, filled with creepy characters that ramped up my paranoia – great art therapy for all horror fan addicts.

While I was coloring I initially used gel pens and markers but could easily recommend using colored pencils and fine tip markers too. The paper quality is good and if pushed to choose, think it preferable to use dry media colors. 

This is a fantastic coloring book with exquisite horror illustrations. So go grab it and give some life to the characters by coloring them unveiling your inner horror junkie. 

05) Cute Stuff Coloring Book

Coloring Books With Adorable Illustrations Such As Cute Bunnies, Unicorns, Desserts, Foods And More For Stress Relief & Relaxation

Cute Stuff Coloring Book main image


Most coloring books that can be used as adult coloring books tend to have pictures that are dark and usually filled with a swear word or two.

But what if you want something filled with designs that speak beauty and filled with flowers? Something that will boost your creative senses up. If you are on the look for something like that then this Cute Stuff Coloring Book from Coco Wyo publication could well be your ideal option.

Inside the book, you will see a wide array of pictures to color. Focused on youngsters, it has over 50 designs that include ice cream, animals, unicorns, and all that your little self would get nostalgic about.

…and remember, indulging in color equals an experience of meditation.


It is normal to think that a cute coloring book might not be able to cater to the adult customer base. While part of it is true, let us go into the details of what is inside it.

This isn’t like your typical adorable children’s coloring book. The designs are a bit more intricate to say the least and so are the lines around them.

Yes, you can find more deals on better adult coloring books that will have more inspiration or inspire creativity but I like the overall illustrations in this one but because of the single pages and big designs I would have preferred spiral binding. 

General Information About Coloring Books

A coloring book is a book containing various interesting, fun, beautiful images which are meant to be colored. Often colorists use them as a way to reduce stress and anxiety. Though it is historically popular amongst children, adults now have coloring books too. 

Many grown-ups use these books as a way to de-stress, control their anxiety, and let go of bottled-up feelings. 

Sounds all whimsical right? However, if you aren’t careful enough, you might end up with a bad coloring book experience. There are some poor-quality prints and books which simply are just not worth the price. 

Before buying, check out reviews. Look for premium quality pages, spiral-binding books with perforated pages. One important thing to notice is if the book has single images on each page and be sure to test or check what color media you can use on the illustrations. 

There is a wide range of themed coloring books for both children and adults so choose whatever helps you with relaxing and melt away your fatigue. 

Lastly, books like these are on the affordable side. Yet, still best to look up the prices and distinguish between prints to get yourself the best deal.

Conclusion / Roundup

Coloring different shapes and sizes are super fun, and the reason, why toddlers at kindergarten are given color pages, is not just because of the fun but also due to them getting a grip on their handwork which will help them to write and co-ordinate their movements in the coming years. Coloring helps toddlers develop their senses and helps develop and make them accurate. 

However, it is not just children who can benefit from it. As you have already seen throughout the article I have mentioned and talked about adult coloring books. Coloring as an adult can be an excellent way to deal with your stress and fix that adult cranky mood. Instead of filling up your journal with a swear word or two every time, look at these coloring book deals that I have compiled for you through this article – they could surely help.

There are different types of coloring books, all consisting of different lines, art, image, and print. Some have perforated pages while some have sealed.

Find the one that suits you the best.


Are kids and adult coloring books different?

Yes, they are different. Adult coloring books are more intricate and have detailed designs on them. The themes of adult books are made to please adults’ minds and choices. Illustrations on adult coloring books are more centered on horror themes, relaxing prints of nature, adult content, or just humorous designs. 

What are the benefits of coloring books?

Well, the benefits are endless depending on how you look at it. For adults, books like these are proven to reduce stress. Many adults have a sense of accomplishment when they complete coloring the illustrations in the book. Besides, it helps you to create a relaxing space for yourself after a stressful week. It creates mindfulness besides reducing stress and anxiety. The inner creativity that you may have hidden for ages may show up again by coloring. 

Can I make my own coloring book?

Yes! Of course, you can make your coloring book. There are plenty of printers who will make you up a book using your own unique designs. 

Are adult books like these costly?

No, absolutely not. Adult coloring books may cost between $7-$15 (£10 – £20). However, depending on the number of prints in a coloring book, prices may vary.

Who are Penguin Random House?

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Are colouring pencils ok to use on colouring books?

It really depends on the type of colouring book you are using. Some book pages are specifically designed to be used with colour pencils, while others are meant to be used with other types of mediums, such as markers or paint. If you’re unsure, it’s always best to check the product description or ask a salesperson before making your purchase.

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