Professional Watercolour Paints

Professional Watercolour Paints

Ok, so you’re a watercolour artist, and you want to take your work to the next level, but you’re not quite sure what the next step is.

The difference between your next work and a Van Gogh original might be the watercolour paints you use. The finest watercolours are used by most professional artists alike and one thing that holds back many great artists is the art supplies they use. The best watercolour paints are created using natural pigments and it’s these quality watercolour sets that can take your paintings to the next level.

The world of professional watercolours might seem unreachable from the outside and that’s where this list comes in.

So without further delay, here is a list of the best watercolour paints that you can ask for.





• Metal set

• 50 watercolour set

• Half pan

• 32 colours are transparent paint and 12 semi-transparent paint

• Item volume 15 milliliters


The lightfastness of Rembrandt Artists’ Watercolours is unmatched in the art world. It is possible to thin these brilliant and colourful hues with water in order to create the most translucent look imaginable. Only the best pigments are used in a pure gum arabic base to generate colours that cover the entire spectrum of 80 hues, perfect for any artist!

  • Bright, clear, and translucent hues make up the colour palette.
  • Suitable for use as a portable set.
  • Great value for the money.
  • Professional artists may find the half pans to be a hindrance.
  • The paintings are sometimes unsteady because of the absence of proper support.
  • A few translucent hues don’t blend well with others.


Among the dry watercolour paints, this is one of the best half pan options currently available in the market. The 48 colours provide a basic colour palette that can then be used to create a professional watercolour painting. In my use, the paint hasn’t washed away and retains most of its brightness after drying. I used it with various synthetic brushes and the paint is yet to fail me.

For its price, the 48 half pans are well worth its price. Works great as a travelling set that you can take out on your trips. Definitely worth a buy.

02) Winsor and Newton Field Box Artist Water Colour Set

12 Half Pans of Artists’ Water Colour

Winsor and Newton Field Box Artist Water Colour Set main image


• 12 half pans of artists’ water colour

• A pocket brush

• Metal body

• Artists’ Sponge

• A 35ml capacity water bottle


This newfound colour, clarity, and durability were made possible by the 1832 Marriage of Science and Art in the laboratory of Winsor and Newton.

Contains 12 half pan key colours, all of which are made with fine-art pigments by Winsor & Newton. The set is filled with all the essentials you can ask for.

  • 12 amazingly vibrant colours with high-quality pigment.
  • The perfect travelling watercolour paint kit.
  • Comes with all essentials.
  • Maybe a little bit too expensive.
  • Brush could be of higher quality.


I put the brush in cons but the brush is completely workable. I just feel like a professional artist might want a better brush as it is trying to be an all-purpose brush for your paintings. Winsor and Newton are one of the most recognizable watercolour brands and for good reason. The colours here are amazing and work with any brush shape.

Everything you require is included in this set, artist sponge, water bottle and more. Carry a few watercolour pages and you are set for any trip in the coming future, just don’t forget to pack in a natural brush for your perfect paintings.

03) Paul Rubens Watercolour Paint Set

Artist Grade Solid Cakes Travel Pocket Set Portable with Pink Metal Box Case – 48 Colours

Paul Rubens Watercolour Paint Set main image


• Metal body

• 48 colours

• ASTMD4236 certified non-toxic

• Extra fine gum arabic based watercolours

• Mixing wells


This collection includes 48 vivid colours at an unbelievable price. These watercolours feature excellent transparency, lightfastness, and saturation, making them ideal for mixing and blending. Perfect gift for youngsters, friends, students or anyone who enjoys painting. Whether you’re painting in the city or on the beach, Paul Rubens watercolour paints are versatile. Assemble your colours however you want by removing or replacing individual watercolours. Paul Rubens takes pride in its goods’ quality and its customer pleasure.

  • Beautiful and vibrant watercolour paints
  • Retains its brilliant colour when dry
  • Has enough for little brushes
  • Some pigment separation
  • This palette does not include the colour white


I purchased these for my art studies and I am really satisfied with them! Not only is the packaging adorable, but the paints themselves are fantastic; they’re velvety, pigmented, and easy to use.

The cute metal box is amazing to carry around on trips and the mixing can be done perfectly in the mixing wells. This is a perfect gift for anyone who is into watercolour paints.

The set is of washable watercolours and works amazingly, cannot recommend this enough!

04) Royal Talens – Van Gogh – The National Gallery

Metal Box of 24 Watercolour Paints with Brush

Royal Talens - Van Gogh - The National Gallery main image


• Metal body

• 24 colors

• Perfect for beginners

• Includes Selected Filament Paint Brush

• Mixing tray


The National Gallery set is ideal for beginners, students, experts, and outdoor painting. Van Gogh Watercolor paint is vivid, intense, and translucent, and all colours are lightfast even when thinned. The paint is so pure that it is easy to mix and wash to achieve the most subtle of hues. Each pan provides simple colour transfer and homogeneous viscosity, resulting in vibrant colours. Includes 24 Watercolour Pans, 1 Selected Filament Paint Brush, a Thumb Ring, and a Mixing Tray Lid.

  • Brilliant, intense and transparent colours
  • Full pans have easy colour transfer
  • Uniform viscosity makes it easy to mix colours
  • A few translucent hues don’t blend well with others
  • The built for beginners approach might disinterest some professionals


If you are an artist who is new to the professional watercolour paints world, this would certainly be a great start for you. All the colours are easy to use and stay true to their original colour even after drying. The watercolor pallet is easy to get into and includes most watercolor paints that are necessary. The rest you can easily make by mixing.

Like Winsor Newton Cotman, the Van Gogh branding is also a recognizable one, the colours might not be as rich as Winsor Newton professional watercolour but it is a great starting point for aspiring artists.

05) RATEL Premium Watercolour Paint Set

48 Colors Solid Pigment +3 Painting Brush Pen +2 Water Tank Brushes +10 Watercolor Papers

RATEL Premium Watercolour Paint Set main image


• 48 Colors

• 3 Painting Brush Pen

• 2 Water Tank Brushes

• 10 Watercolor Papers

• Detachable colour pans


Your paintings will come to life with this watercolour paint set’s 48 bright and eye-catching colours. Includes six colours with a pearlescent sheen and great pigmentation for the perfect gloss look; these colours are easy to blend and have a fine glitter effect. Colours are brilliant and rich, and the fine powder of the pigments makes them easily soluble in water.

  • Intense, brilliant colours that are both opaque and translucent
  • An absolutely well-designed watercolour set
  • Great for travelling
  • Watercolor paper could be of higher quality
  • Some paints have a hard time mixing
  • The 6 shimmering metallic colours are of lower quality than others


This watercolour set is an absolute masterpiece, it’s an all in one feast. The watercolor set not only includes good watercolor paints but it also comes with everything you will need for most watercolor paintings. While the included watercolour paper and brushes could be of higher quality, all in all, it’s a great deal.

The magnificent colours and the variety of which are also impressive, these are surely one of the best watercolor paints around. If you know someone who is interested in watercolour paint this will be the greatest gift they receive.

General Information About Professional Watercolor Paints

The majority of professional watercolour paints are composed of four primary ingredients: pigments, gum arabic, additives such as glycerin, ox gall, and honey, and finally evaporating water, which serves as a solvent for the paint. Most professional watercolours are made with high-quality pigments and gum arabic that make the paint rich and bright.

Generally speaking, water media refers to any painting medium that uses water as a solvent and can be applied with a brush, pen, or sprayer.

Nevertheless, the term is more specific. Among these are the majority of inks, watercolours, temperas, caseins, gouaches, and contemporary acrylic paints.

Conclusion / Roundup

Watercolour paints are made of pigments suspended in a water-based solution and any professional watercolour range of paints comes in various shapes and sizes such as full pans, half pans, paint tubes and so on.

People make stunning paintings by mixing palettes and creating vibrant colours on their canvases using such paints, but remember, all watercolour paints are not created equal, which means that choosing the right one for you is key. Some of the best professional watercolour paints include Van Gogh, Cotman by Winsor Newton, and RATEL Premium Watercolour Paint Set. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, these high-quality paints will help you create beautiful artwork.

I hope this list has been informative and of use and helps you find the one set that is best for you.


What watercolour paints do professionals use for watercolour painting?

Most professional artists use watercolours from brands such as Daniel Smith watercolour, Winsor Newton professional watercolour, Van Gogh, RATEL Premium, Sennelier – L’Aquarelle and so on.

What are the highest quality watercolours?

The highest quality watercolours are from Sennelier – L’Aquarelle or Winsor Newton Cotman which are made with rich, bright pigments and high-quality gum arabic.

Do professional artists use watercolour?

Many professional artists use watercolour as well as acrylic and oil colours. Selecting your perfect can be ongoing and so it might well be that even after reviewing this article, your search for professional watercolour continues.

Are Van Gogh’s the best watercolour paints for professionals?

Van Gogh’s watercolours are used by artists starting into professional water paintings. So, yes, Van Gogh’s watercolour paints are considered professional as opposed to student quality, but as to whether they are the best, that is of course subjective.

What are the minimum watercolour tube colour requirements?

There is no minimum requirement for the number of colours in a watercolour tube set. However, a good set would have at least six to twelve colours, with a variety of hues, tints, and shades.

What is the minimum watercolour pan colours requirement?

There is no minimum requirement for the number of colours in a watercolour pan set. However, a good set would include at least six to eight basic colours, with a range of tints and shades. Some sets may also come with additional pigments or artistic tools such as paintbrushes or paper.

What is meant by traditional pigments?

Traditional pigments are minerals, clays, or other materials that have been ground into a fine powder and used for centuries to produce a wide range of bright colours. These pigments are usually mixed with a binding agent such as gum arabic or water to create a paint. A green shade for example may be created from yellow ochre and black, or from malachite or verdigris, whereas a red shade may be made from cinnabar, hematite, or red ochre.

What is a granulation medium?

A granulation medium is a substance added to watercolour paints that can affect the texture and appearance of the paint on the canvas. Granulation mediums typically contain very fine particles or powder, which cause the paint to take on a granular, almost sparkly look when dry.

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