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If you are someone who loves to paint or someone who is professionally attached to different styles of painting then this article is just for you…

This whole article will work to give you a clear knowledge of a type of paint named gouache.

Not many of us know about this paint, right? So what is gouache?

In answer to this question, gouache is a type of paint that was made to give pictures a matte finish in the 16th century. The paint is not water-resistant but is soluble in water.

Gouache paint is also used to give a painting an opaque painting style with similar yet different elements to that of watercolor.

Carry on reading to find out more and to see which gouache paint is the right choice for you.

01) HIMI Gouache Paint

Set of 24 Colors ×80ml with Paint Brushes, Unique Jelly Cup Design, Non Toxic for Artist, Student & Kids, Gouache,Watercolor Painting

HIMI Gouache Paint main image


  • Non-toxic paint
  • Contains 24 vibrant colors with three high-quality brushes
  • Came up with a new design where color is contained
  • Has a return policy and refund
  • Easy to carry


This Gouache Paint Set from HIMI is perfect for artists, students and kids alike. With 24 vibrant colors in a portable case palette, three high-quality brushes and a jelly cup design, this set is ideal for creating lifelike masterpieces. The paints are ACMI certified non-toxic, making them safe to use, and the 100% satisfaction guarantee means you can purchase with confidence.


I loved using these, the HIMI Gouache Paint Set is a great option for those looking for a high-quality, non-toxic paint set. With 24 vibrant colors, three brushes, and a jelly cup design, this set is perfect for creating beautiful works of art.

The paints are easy to use, have smooth and creamy consistency and clean up easliy, and the 100% satisfaction guarantee makes this set a great choice for anyone looking for a top-quality gouache paint set.

02) Daler Rowney simply gouache colour wheel paint set

24 tubes of 12ml colours

Daler Rowney simply gouache colour wheel paint set main image


  • Tertiary colors
  • 24 colors in a set
  • Ideal for conventional art surfaces
  • It has a unit count of 288 millilitres


The Daler Rowney simply gouache colour wheel paint set is the perfect choice for those who want to produce tertiary colors. With 24 colors in a set, this paint is ideal for conventional art surfaces such as paper, cardboard, and canvases. The set also comes with a unit count of 288 millilitres, making it the perfect choice for those who want to create large or small paintings.


I’m really happy with this paint set! The colors are beautiful and vibrant, and the set comes with everything you need to get started. The tertiary colors are especially great, and I love that there are 24 colors in the set. It’s perfect for any level of artist.

I would highly recommend giving them a try.

03) Pelikan Transparent Watercolor Paint Set

24 Colors

Pelikan Transparent Watercolor Paint Set main image


  • 24 counts per pack
  • Contains oxide
  • Dissolves easily
  • It comes with multi-colors
  • It has a unit count of 1.0


The Pelikan Transparent Watercolor Paint Set is a great set for anyone looking for high-quality, light-fast bright colours. The set includes 24 colors, two water containers, and a removable mixing palette. The colors are easy to dissolve and apply, and the light-fastness ensures that they won’t fade over time.


I absolutely love this paint set! The colors are so beautiful and vibrant, and they’re so easy to apply. I’ve never had any problems with the colors fading or anything like that. It contains oxide which is its special feature. There comes many unique colors with this paint. You will get two water containers with the product. The price is moderate with the offered additional products. Highly recommended for all.

The only downside is that there are only 24 colors, but other than that, I highly recommend this set to anyone looking for a great gouache watercolor paint.

04) Reeves Gouache Colour Tube Set

10 ml – 24 Pack

Reeves Gouache Colour Tube Set main image


  • 24 different color tubes in a set
  • Has a non-toxic feature
  • Ideal for beginners
  • Versatile gouache paint sets
  • The paint is very flexible


Reeves Gouache Colors are watercolors with a special feature of no toxification in the paint. It comes up with 24 different variation in colors with 10 ml each tube. Reeves Gouache is ideal for beginners.


I am really impressed with the Reeves Gouache Colors! I love that it is non-toxic and ideal for beginners. The colors are also very versatile which makes it perfect for those who want to experiment with different shades. Overall, I think this is an excellent product and would definitely recommend it to others!

05) Winsor & Newton Designers’ Gouache Introductory Paint Set

10 x 14 ml Tubes Assorted Colours & 605512 Designers Gouache Tube, 14 ml – Permanent White

Winsor & Newton Designers' Gouache Introductory Paint Set main image


  • Gives a reflective painting with a matte finish
  • Highly concentrated pigment
  • Comes up with 10 different colors in a set
  • It is a designers’ gouache paint
  • This gouache is completely intermixable


Winsor Newton Designers gouache is a high-quality paint with a high level of pigment which gives an elegant opaque painting style. The special feature of this product is that the paint is reflective and gives a matte finish allowing it to be easily scanned through digital media. The product gives a smoother, flatter and brilliant result.


These gouache paints are just perfect for commercial usage. It is a designer gouache which is used to create vibrant illustrations in solid colors. This product is mainly used by designers, illustrators and commercial artists and can be digitally scanned as the paint is non-reflective.

All the colours dry fast too so it’s ideal for travel sketchers.

The outcome of the paint is brilliant, perfect for the foundation of the painting.

The high-quality pigments in the formula give the paint the power of covering and mixing the colors without any trouble.

I’m more than happy to endorse this gouache paint and consider it to be amongst the best gouache paint sets out there.

General Information About Gouache paints

Traditional gouache is a water-based paint just like watercolor paints or acrylic paint, but gouache has some different properties. Gouache is not water-resistant, gouache dries faster, has a binding agent (gum arabic), multiple layers can be added over the first layer, if re-wetted the paint activates and the most important factor is that a Chinese white pigment is mixed which makes it an opaque watercolor and gives a matte finish. There is another type of gouache named acrylic gouache but it is a little different than that of the traditional gouache paints. Unlike traditional gouache paints, acrylic gouache paints require an acrylic binder which changes the gouache from water-soluble to water-resistant, but the outcome of the paint will be of the same quality. It is just that the gouache paints will not be reactivated if contacted with water. Acrylic gouache are more preferred by artists who like to add layers to the painting and use vivid colors.

Being a water-soluble opaque color, gouache is an ideal paint for beginners as the color is reactivated when water is contacted.

In contrast, any error when done with acrylic gouache paints cannot be corrected by re-adding water – an artist would need to paint over any faults with new paint to hide these mistakes.

Most professionals enjoy working with gouache paint because of its flexibility and ability. It gives an equal look and feel to that obtained with acrylic paints, watercolor paints and even oil paints.

Today gouache is used to make posters, comics and many other design work. You can apply gouache on any surfaces like flat areas of glass, watercolour paper/mixed media paper, wood canvases etc.

Conclusion / Roundup

Gouache paints are an excellent choice for artists who appreciate the flexibility and opacity that this type of paint offers. While traditional gouache is not water-resistant, acrylic gouache provides the same level of quality with the added benefit of being water-resistant. For beginners, gouache is a great choice because it is reactivated by water and easy to work with. For professionals, gouache offers the ability to create stunning artwork that has the look and feel of acrylic or oil paintings. Whether you are a beginner or a professional, gouache paints are an excellent choice for your next art project.

I hope that this article has given you a better understanding of gouache paints and inspired you to try them out for your next project.

…and just one final note, I would suggest using the reviewed products yourself to find out for yourself which you prefer to get the best results for you.

Thanks for reading!


What is so special about gouache paint?

Gouache paint is water-soluble, which re-activates the paint when water is added. This opaque watercolor gives a matte finish to the art or painting.

What is the difference between watercolor and gouache paint?

Gouache is more opaque than watercolor. The watercolor painting will seem transparent while the gouache painting will not. And just as an fyi, watercolour brushes can be used with both.

What is gouache paint vs acrylic?

Gouache paint is an opaque watercolor which is soluble to water after it dries but acrylic paint becomes water-resistant. Acrylic paints give a glossy, matte and satin look to the paint whereas gouache paints give a matte finish.

Is gouache good for beginners?

Gouache is just perfect for beginners. You can add water to the first layer of paint and the color activates and you can correct the errors because it is water-soluble. But you cannot get this property if you are using acrylic gouache.

What is plein air painting?

Plein air painting is the practice of painting outdoors. The word is French for “open-air”.

Is graham artists gouache a good product?

Yes, it is a good product. It is lightfast, non-toxic, and has good coverage.

What are Tertiary Colors?

Tertiary colors are the colors that are made by mixing a primary and a secondary color. For example, orange is made by mixing red and yellow, green is made by mixing blue and yellow, and violet is made by mixing blue and red.

What is meant by ‘opaque method’?

This method is a painting technique where the artist paints with opaque colours, meaning that the paint does not allow light to pass through it. This results in a more solid, strong colour look.

How do I use white gouache?

You can use white gouache to lighten the colors in your painting, or to create highlights. You can also use it to make corrections to your painting – just what you might well need at some point.

Is schmincke horadam gouache a good option?

Yes, it is a good gouache paint. It has a good lightfastness and colour saturation.

How do you dry brush?

Dry brushing is a painting technique where the brush is not saturated with paint, but only has a small amount of paint on it. This results in a more textured look to the painting.

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