Colouring Books For 2-year-olds

Colouring Books For 2-year-olds

Young children are like clay moulds that we shape for the future and this process starts from the very beginning with early childhood education. One way to nurture this growth with creativity is with colouring books.

Colouring books are books that have lines in them that our kids can colour with crayons, coloured pencils, marker pens, paintbrushes, or other art tools. When your child is learning about colours, shapes, and numbers, this is a fun way for them to be distracted and have fun. Your child will also be able to improve their fine motor skills whilst colouring. It stimulates your child’s imagination, which he or she needs in the most basic way.

I’ve compiled a list of the best colouring books for 2-year-olds, that are likely to not only pique your child’s interest so they can fill up the colouring fun pages for hours but also to inspire their creativity in a variety of ways.

01) Fisher-Price My First Colouring Book

Beautiful Colouring Book for 2-year-olds

 Fisher Price My First Colouring Book main image


Fisher-Price My First Colouring Book is an excellent beginning to colouring for children in the early years of their lives.

It features captivating, bold pictures to colour as well as large pages that are ideal for young hands to help them develop motor skills. Throughout the book, you’ll find a great selection of beautiful illustrations depicting all of your favourite animals.

A perfect book for entry-level colouring!!


For me, a colouring book like this one is a terrific way to get started. If your child has a particular interest in animals, then this will provide something ideal to work on.

The lines on the images are clear, dark, and well defined, and there aren’t a lot of really little regions to colour. This creates a mess-free colouring session for any toddler.

These larger spaces are easier to fill in before the crucial motor and coordination abilities kick in and this also really helps in developing that all-important hand-eye coordination.

Fisher-Price My First Colouring Book is a completely safe and quite frankly one of the best colouring books for kids offering far more than your average coloring book.

The beautiful pages are sure to develop your child’s creative expression so get one on order today.

02) Baby’s First Colour in the line Colouring Book Animal Edition

From 12 Months +

Baby's First Colour in the line Colouring Book Animal Edition main image


This colouring book is designed for babies and toddlers, with large images that are easy to colour in. The thick, coated lines around the images make it easy to colour inside the line, helping develop fine motor skills.


I adore this book, with its pages filled with cute pictures of various animals, your child is sure to love it.

One thing to notice is that it only has 12 pages but 12 quality pages if I may add. The tearable pages are a great touch too. If you love showcasing the artwork your toddler does and for this alone, this colouring book is one of the best toddler colouring books around.

In a world filled with screens, the age-less colouring book provides hours of screen-free entertainment for your toddler and for a mess-free colouring session with your toddlers, this toddler colouring book can be your best friend.

03) Baby’s First Colour in the line Colouring Book Vehicles Edition

From 12 Months +

Baby's First Colour in the line Colouring Book Vehicles Edition mainimage


These books are intended to assist children as young as one year old in developing early pen control. Each picture is vividly coloured in parts, with white portions left blank for the baby to learn to colour in. As an aid to helping baby match crayons, the picture text contains colour hints and a corresponding colour key. This makes the baby’s initial attempts at colouring more fulfilling and enjoyable. High-quality glossy white paper with a bright white finish.


I loved the notion of raised lines, but they’re really just printed in a stronger, more sparkly ink, so they don’t stop children from scribbling straight over them. However, these are fairly thick lines, so it may help children begin to understand the concept of outlines.

You can make this an activity book and have your child spend time with your or their grandparents. Give them some coloured pencils and crayons and let them have a fun time.

Both Baby’s First Colour in the line Colouring Book Animal Edition and Baby’s First Colour in the line Colouring Book Vehicles Edition are quality products that I can recommend to absolutely anyone.

04) Peppa Pig: Mummy and Me Sticker Colouring Book

With a FREE pull-out frame for a picture of your mummy and a sheet of stickers!

Peppa Pig mainimage


With the help of Peppa Pig, you can create your own personal scrapbook about your mother. And there’s also a free pull-out frame for a picture of your mother as well as a sheet of stickers included!

For additional Peppa Pig fun, check out the following titles from Ladybird: The Big Tale of Little Peppa, Peppa’s Big Race, My Mummy, and a slew of other titles.


I know kids that are big fans of Peppa Pig, for them, this is a great introduction to colouring books.

This book not only gets their attention but helps them improve their fine motor skills and learn things at the same time.

The pictures and pages are all high quality, exactly what you will expect from a book branded for Peppa Pig fans. Young girls and young boys will all get great entertainment out of this book.

It features stickers as well as the colouring aspect because children seem to enjoy glueing things on equally as much as colouring between the lines with pencils.

That might be a bit lazy but it will certainly entertain them for hours.

05) Anilas Complete Dinosaur, Pirates, Space, Knights, Monster, Vehicles & Animals Activity, Colouring & Sticker Books

Plus Stationery & Accessories. Ideal for Children Aged 2-8

Anilas Complete Dinosaur, Pirates, Space, Knights, Monster, Vehicles & Animals Activity, Colouring & Sticker Books main image


This book is great for teaching youngsters aged 3 to 8 how to paint. There are 12 pages of colouring designs to keep children occupied for hours. Simply brush the colour with water and watch it appear. Colouring books in handy sizes are ideal for travelling and having fun at home. The size is 200 by 200mm.


This is the only dinosaur colouring book on this list, and it is not intended for children under the age of five. With a lot of interesting artwork, this is a book for advanced kids.

The pages used in this book are better than most other colouring books for kids I’ve come across. These colouring pages here are compatible with watercolor, so if you are using crayons or coloured pencils instead, this book will have no bleed through whatsoever due to its thickness

The advanced designs are magnificent to look at, perfect for kids who need a little chill time and who are looking to relax and have quiet time on their own.

So, if you are a child, aged from 2 to 8 who has outgrown the colouring books for toddlers and is looking for a challenge, this book is just for you.

General Information About Coloring books for 2-year-olds

A colouring book is a type of book that features line art that is intended to be coloured in by the reader or viewer using crayons, colored pencils, marker pens, paint, or other artistic tools.

Perforated edges of some colouring books allow the pages to be removed from the books and used as independent sheets of colouring paper.

These books for toddlers frequently include popular cartoon characters who are widely employed in the marketing of animated feature films and television shows.

In addition to colouring pages, colouring books may feature other games such as connect the dots, mazes, and other puzzles. Stickers are also used in certain designs.

Conclusion / Roundup

Colouring books are a great tool to teach your toddler words, numbers, shapes, animals and various objects, plus the activity is a whole lot of fun.

It’s a fun time for the whole family with additional use of developing your toddler’s attention, motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

Currently, there is a wide spectrum of kids colouring books that you can buy, with various designs about animals, cars, princes and princesses, and rest assured, there is a colouring book for everyone.

I hope this list helps you narrow down your search for the best toddler colouring book. Have fun and happy colouring!


Can 2-year-olds do colouring-in?

Yes, 2 years old or even younger children can colour in coloring pages as most colouring books for toddlers come with thick borders and strong pages that create a mess-free colouring session. Always best to focus your search on a toddler coloring book range when choosing one though as others may prove too difficult if designed for older age ranges.

What age is appropriate for colouring books?

People of any age can colour in colouring books, starting from young kids ages as low as a one-year-old to 80-year-olds…anyone can just pick their colouring pencils and colour in their own pictures.

What kind of colouring books do kids like?

Young toddlers are typically drawn to brightly coloured books with fun pictures, showing straightforward designs that they may easily comprehend and colour.

Do most books use recycled paper these days?

Yes, many children’s colouring books are printed on recycled paper to help preserve our environment.

Is there a coloring book copy of ‘the very hungry caterpillar’?

Yes, there is a colouring book version of The Very Hungry Caterpillar, which is a children’s book classic written by Eric Carle.

The Very Hungry Caterpillar has also been made into an animated movie, which may keep your kids entertained after they’ve coloured in the book.

What is a magic pen?

A magic pen is a type of felt tip marker that has two tips, one for drawing with and the other for erasing.

The ink in the pen is usually water-based so it can be easily erased from non-porous surfaces like glass and metal. Magic pens are often used by kids for colouring and drawing.

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