Best Markers for Glass. 

Best Markers for Glass

A Guide to Decorative Writing on Glass

Glass markers are a popular choice for various projects and tasks such as writing on glass surfaces as an artistic outlet and practical solution has been very popular for years.

What should I keep in mind while looking for top quality glass markers?

It’s a must for both professional and home users to know exactly what to look for. Learn precisely how to use them and how to ensure that they’re ok for your job.

What to Look Out for When Buying The Best Markers for Glass

It’s worth emphasizing that not all markers are intended for glass and that not all glass markers are permanent. Your choice of marker will be determined by the sort of job you’re working on, the project’s goal, and the type of finish you desire.

The first thing you’ll consider when buying a glass marker is whether the product is labeled for “writing” or “drawing” on glass and whether or not it has a permanent or non-permanent finish

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Best markers for glass:

01) Sharpie Oil-Based Paint Markers

Medium Point, Assorted Colors, 8 Count – Great for Rock Painting

About this item

  • Colored inks are great for glass marker art, rock painting, scrapbooking, and posters.
  • These oil based markers have ink with a fast dry time, making them resistant to fading and smearing.
  • Inky tones with a high contrast ratio make strong, opaque and glossy markings that stand out on dark, light, and transparent surfaces.
  • The medium bullet tip point creates highly visible bold lines that are ideal for window decorating and are perfect to write on glass.
  • Colors include Black, Red, White, Orange, Purple, Pink, Lime Green and Aqua Blue.
  • Directions before use: Hold tip upright, then push against your finger. Recap, shake then press tip onto a test surface several times.


These Sharpie oil-based paint markers can be used on a variety of surfaces, ranging from glass to paper.

These paint pens have a medium point for detailing and creating clear, bold lines. They also have a quick drying time so you don’t have to wait before moving on to the next step of your project.

The ink is opaque with a sheen that resists fading, water and abrasions. It is removable from glass as well as being designed to stand out on both light and dark surfaces.

There are many ways to use these glass markers in order to create beautiful artwork. As well as glass you can also use them with rocks for example and as these pens are wider than most similar pens they don’t dry out as quickly.

02) Arteza Dry Erase Markers for Glass Boards

Pack of 18, 10 Classic and 8 Neon Colors with Low-Odor Ink, Erasable Window Markers, Whiteboard Markers, Office Supplies for Glass, Mirrors, Whiteboards and Non-Porous Surfaces.


About this item

  • 10 vivid unique colors and 8 bright neon colors that are sure to catch everyone’s attention, whether you’re creating a whiteboard presentation for work or decorating your class’ windows.
  • Glass Paint Markers – These dry erase markers for glass boards write easily and are washable on glass and mirrors, but they may also be used to write on non-porous surfaces in the home, office, or school, including dry, erase boards.
  • You never have to waste a marker again thanks to Replaceable Tips for Glass Markers. When the tip wears down with this handy tool you have 18 dry erase markers replaceable tips included in each set.


You’ll have plenty to choose from with 10 distinct bright hues and 8 brilliant neon ones. With these smooth-writing, washable glass paint markers, you may decorate your home’s windows for the holidays, express your team spirit on your vehicle, or create stunning diagrams and color-coded presentations at work. Simply shake well before using them.

Each water-based and odorless glass marker is safe to use in the classroom or office. Without any concern of bothersome strong scents, these water-based and low-odor glass markers are ideal for use in schools. Simply shake, pump the tip on a hard surface, and you’re ready to create or write with them.

Unlike a lot of other markers, this kit also comes with 18 replaceable tips which help you save money. Don’t throw away the dry erase markers just because of a worn-down tip.

Simply use the tweezer that comes with the set to remove the old tip and replace it with a fresh one.

I love these markers. They are so much more vibrant and rich compared to other brands I’ve used, making it so easy to read, irrespective of the color you are using. They wipe off very easily as well.

03) The Rainbow, Glass Liquid Paint Markers

Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, White 5 Pack Jumbo – Glass Writing Pens and Painting Markers with Washable, Erasable Ink

About this item

  • PAINTERS MARKERS: Create a rainbow of long-lasting colors on any glass surface.
  • EVERY OCCASION: Indoor and outdoor pens for birthdays, graduations, anniversaries, and weddings
  • GLASS TIP MARKERS: 5 bright hues of glass tip markers, with reversible 5mm or 15mm wide jumbo nibs.
  • NON-TOXIC, WATER-BASED INK: The advanced formula is non-toxic and safe to use around people and enclosed spaces.


These do exactly what they’re supposed to do. Bright vibrant colors that last through rain and even snow for weeks and if required it also comes off easily with glass cleaner – they work great.

Good quality at an affordable price.

04) Shuttle Art Permanent Markers

30, Fine Point, Assorted Colors, Work on Glass, Plastic, Wood, Stone and Metal.

About this item

  • COLOR VARIETY: The Shuttle Art permanent marker set comes with 30 distinct hues. Eye-catching, vibrant effects may be achieved using each versatile fine tip pen and rich colors.
  • USES: Shuttle Art markers are great for making detailed markings, drawing, writing, coloring, scrapbooking, doodling, filling in paper, plastic (and other non-porous surfaces), and most other surfaces.
  • Permanent markers with long-lasting vivid, quick-drying ink are waterproof, smear-proof, and fade-resistant.
  • NON-TOXIC, ACID-FREE: The Shuttle Art markers meet ASTM D- 4236 and EN71 standards. CAUTION: Suitable for Children 3 years old or older.


These are basically everything you’d expect when ordering cheap permanent markers for coloring books.

These are not bad, but they’re not comparable to other artist-quality markers.

There are a good varied selection of colors but don’t expect the quality of a Copic, as what you pay for is what you get.

They lack in vibrancy and tend to run out / dry out quickly.

You get a lot of pens for your money but quantity isn’t necessarily quality.

05) Emooqi Permanent Paint Pens

20 Pack Paint Markers Oil-Based Painting Marker Pen Set for Rocks Painting, Wood, Fabric, Plastic, Canvas, Glass, Mugs, DIY Craft, Waterproof , Write On Anything

About this item

  • High-quality Oil-Based Opaque and Non-Toxic Permanent Ink: The paint will be bright and vibrant thanks to high-quality oil-based opaque and non-toxic permanent ink that may be used on any art surface. Write effectively on paper, fabric, metal, stone, marble, rubber, ceramic, wood, glass and plastic.
  • COLORFUL PAINT PENS: Using these high-quality paint pens (Metallic), you can create a wonderful piece of artwork (Metallic): Black, Red, Blue, Green, Gold (Metallic), Silver (Metallic) , Yellow, White, Pink, Orange and Purple. For both novices and experts.
  • Non-toxic and SAFE: Emooqi paint pen uses OIL-BASED environmentally friendly pigment inks, which are NON-TOXIC AND ODORLESS, SUM-PROOF, water-proof, quick-drying, NO LEAKAGE, with strong covering power.
  • Each paint marker pen is placed in a separate heat shrink wrap to prevent leaking during shipping and storage. Regardless of the complexity or difficulty of your project, these high-quality marker pens will ensure a great result.


These markers are of superior quality and more reasonably priced than any other brand I’ve tried.

It’s not difficult to use them either; you just press the nib a few times and the excellent ink will flow.

They’re useful on just about any surface and the finished product is bright, with a good thickness for both small areas and broad surfaces.

I’m a big fan of these markers and the company in general.

06) Crayola Washable Window Crayons

Pack of 5 washable, quick-drying crayons

About this item

  • Any glass surface may be instantly decorated.
  • Colors are bold and bright, apply evenly and easily, dry rapidly and don’t smear.
  • Wipes off easily.
  • Nontoxic


These are excellent, low-cost marker crayons, perfect for children to colour on glass!

They glide smoothly on with fabulous appealing colors and a tiny bit of Windex is sufficient enough to remove the marks from the glass once you’re ready to remove them. (Wet-wipes are equally as effective).

These would make a fantastic stocking filler or a great gift for that matter, all year round.

07) GAINWELL Washable Wine Glass Markers

Pack of 8 Food-Safe Non-Toxic Wine Glass Marker Pens – Can also be used on Ceramic Plates and other Glass and Dinnerware

About this item

  • A SIMPLE, PERFECT SOLUTION TO LOST DRINKS – never lose or misplace your drink again with this wine glass marker. So no more problems of accidentally drinking your friend’s wine!
  • WASHABLE GLASS MARKER PENS – fast dry, no smear, non-toxic food-safe ink pens that don’t get in the way like wine charms do.
  • The SET OF 8 DIFFERENT VIBRANT COLORS – Gold, Silver, Red, Blue, Green, Pink, Purple and Dark Silver – washes cleanly away after the party is finished!
  • A wonderful addition to any event – with bright and vibrant colors, a great way to decorate the table, as well as for birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, and any other ceremony. It can also be used on ceramic plates, wine bottles, and other dinnerware.


These high-quality markers are a great, safe alternative to the charms you usually associate with wine glasses.

Specifically designed to add a fun twist to your party these wine glass markers are easy to use.

Simply write the guest’s name on their glass or plate and they’ll never lose their drink or food again!

And then at the end of the night, as they’re only a temporary glass marker, just pop into the dishwasher or wipe with damp cloth or soap and water, and they are good to use again!

They come in a variety of 8 vibrant colors giving more than enough choice and more importantly this glass marker set is non-toxic.

You can also use the markers on bathroom or hallway windows, most other glass surfaces so use your imagination and get creative.

08) Artistro Metallic Colors, Paint Pens

Bright Colors For Rock Painting, Stone, Ceramic, Glass, Wood, Fabric, Pebbles, Scrapbook Journals, Photo Albums, Card Stocks. Set of 12 Acrylic Paint Pens Extra-Fine Point 0.7mm

About this item

  • Artistro metallic pens use vivid, acrylic inks that dry fast to produce a highly durable opague and glossy finish on almost all surfaces.
  • Ideal for both light and dark surfaces: These metallic colors stand out on both light and dark surfaces due to the bright acrylic ink used.
  • Great metallic for drawing, to write on glass, fine line work & detailed DIY projects. Personalize gifts for your friends and family.
  • Writes on most surfaces: Metallic paint pens for acrylic painting on paper, cardstock, rocks, stone, porcelain, plastic, fabric, metal, wood, ceramics, wine glass and other surfaces allow you to make your beautiful masterpieces. Ideal for glass painting.
  • Metallic marker pens are odorless and non-toxic, according to the ASTM D-4236 standard. Although non-toxic, do not allow contact with food.


I’ve used lots of costly markers over the years, and these have far exceeded my expectations.

Each glass marker is individually packaged and comes with comprehensive user instructions. The metallic colors are bright and brilliant, while the pens require little effort and glide so easily.

Using them to write on glass jars (and wine glass too) worked really well and the color produced by these rich metallic markers was excellent

I have to say this is one of the best brands I’ve come across recently and one of the best markers to write with.

09) Lelix 30 Colors Permanent Glass Paint Marker

Fine Point, Assorted Colors, Works on Plastic, Wood, Stone, Metal and Glass. For Kids and Adult Coloring / Doodling / Marking

About this item

  • The Lelix permanent marker set contains 30 different vibrant colors, so it will definitely fulfill your needs for coloring, marking, and writing. A great choice for regular usage at home, school, and the workplace.
  • Versatile Applications: It’s ideal for drawing, writing, and coloring almost any material, including clear plastic, wood, stone, metal, textile and glass.
  • Premium Quality: Permanent markers create smooth and fine lines when used. It also has a fast-drying ink, so there will be no smearing or bleeding.
  • These Lelix markers conform to EN-71 and ASTMD-4236, and are safe for kids. It is non-toxic to humans and has a low odor, making it safe for youngsters. To avoid markers from drying, please remember to recap after use.


I’m a big fan of the quality of these markers. They’re just as good as any other named brand of permanent paint marker.

All were well-inked, had a nice sturdy fine point tip and flowed nicely when writing, with nice colors.

I’ve now used them on glass, plastic, leather and paper so far and I’m really pleased with the results.

Overall, a fantastic value for money set of markers. Very good quality from Lelix and should suit most people’s needs.

10) VITOLER Permanent Markers

24 Colored Fine Point Art Marker Pens. Work on Plastic, Stone, Wood, Metal and Glass for Adult or Kids Painting, Coloring, Doodling and Marking

About this item

  • 24 UNIQUE COLORS: VITOLER marker set comes in a variety of bright and vibrant hues. Eye-catching, vivid impressions may be produced using the Fine Tip and Rich Colors option.
  • PERMANENT INK MARKS ON PAPER, PLASTIC, METAL, STONES, PHOTOS, CDs, GLASS, WOOD AND MOST OTHER SURFACES: Permanent ink marks on paper, plastic, metal, stones. The markers are good for sketching and drawing, ideal for shading and rendering.
  • VITOLER Permanently Markers with Long-Lasting, Vivid, Quick-Drying Ink Are Non-Toxic, Low Odor, Waterproof, smear-proof, and fade resistant.
  • HIGH-QUALITY: With this comprehensive set of 24 gorgeous hues, you’ll be able to fulfill all of your drawing demands. Unleash your creativity with the extensive selection of bright, highly-pigmented colors available.
  • THE FINE TIP’S PERMANENT PAINT MARKER SET: The fine tip creates strong, well-defined markings. Coloring fans, adults coloring books, artists, teachers, and students may all benefit from our permanent paint marker sets.


This product has high-quality ink that is fade-resistant, so your work will last without looking worn.

Furthermore, VITOLERO markers use quality pigment ink that flows smoothly and lays down vivid colors that are bright and eye-catching.

Due to its fine point, you can achieve precision results with smooth lines on almost any surface.

Finally, there are 24 different colors in the set, giving you a variety of options for artistic expression.

VITOLERO is useful for many creative applications like drawing, crafting, painting and more! You can use them on almost any surface including paper, cardboard, wood etc, meaning they are great for coloring, drawing and are one of the best markers to write with.

Overall another great set of markers to try out.

Things to consider:


When buying markers for glass, one must consider the price of the marker. The best markers for glass are not only the ones that are highly-priced. What matters is that the marker provides quality work. Low-quality markers for glass may cause drying out of colors, chipping or flaking off of paint and overall poor blending as well as streaking. When buying the best markers for glass, consider those that have pigment-like qualities to ensure a smooth paint job. These markers for glass work well with other mediums too.

How the marker handles

A good marker should be comfortable and easy to use and should be able to provide a smooth painting experience. The best markers for glass paint smooth lines and allow the user to cover wide or small surfaces. It should have an even tip that allows proper control on the stroke of color being laid by the marker.

Shape, style and size of the nib

Markers come in a variety of shapes, styles and sizes of nib.

A good marker should have an even-length tip that is not too chunky or too narrow.

Some markers have a rounded edge while others have a pointed edge. The shape and size of the nib give a different effect in projects so it is best to be familiar with the different types of shape, style and size of nib to be able to know which is best suited for certain tasks.

Some markers have a body that is designed to allow the user’s fingers to be stabilized while others are designed with an ergonomic feel to them.

Leak-proof option

Leaking marker pens are awful to use on glass. A good marker should not only be able to provide quality color, it should also be designed to be leak proof and prevent leakage.

One way of checking if the glass pen marker is well-designed in this aspect is by testing a few drops of water on its tip, whether that be chisel tip, durable bullet tip or any type of erase markers.

If the ink spreads out and looks patchy, then the marker does not work well with glass.

Ink drying time

Another important factor is the drying time of your marker pen. You would not want to deal with smeared ink on your marker job.

A good marker for glass should be able to dry up with one coat so that there is no spread of color and the entire surface is just smooth and solid.

Sometimes, this can mean that you have to wait a little longer than usual for your marker pen’s ink to dry up.

There are markers that allow for immediate rework of wet lines so if you want to have more freedom in your marker job, look for a marker with this feature.

Drying times will vary depending on whether you’re working on a non-porous surface or porous surfaces.

Do I buy ink or paint markers?

The two different mediums offer different effects when applied to glass. Ink markers are used for tracing or filling in shapes while paint markers are used for coloring solid areas of the project.

If you plan on using marker pens in your next creative project, it may be best to buy both kinds in order to have the right marker that will give you the effect that you want in your piece.

Variety of colors

Depending on your project, check the variety of colors available in your marker.

If you are creating a glass mural, you might need many colors to make it beautiful and stand out among other projects.

For this purpose, look for markers that have a wide range of different colors that you can experiment with.

If it is that only one or two are required, then smaller sets will of course be an option.

Water-resistant finishes for glass

Water-resistant finishes are also important for glass projects.

A good marker for glass should be able to dry upright after application even if there is wet paint used.

This feature will allow you to create a nice, clean finish in your project without worrying about color smearing or mix up with other colors that were applied beforehand.

It also allows for reworking on wet lines.

Non-fading colors

Another important factor to consider is the ability of the color to resist fading.

The main purpose of a marker for glass projects is to make sure that there is no smearing and fading of colors is therefore not recommended as this would defeat the whole objective.

Make sure that your marker can provide quality, non-fading colors.

Look out for terms such as lightfast or archival inside the marker packaging as this will be a good indication as to how long the color will last on the surface.

Do I use alcohol or water-based markers?

Most glass markers or paint pens contain pigments that are suspended in either water or alcohol, which dry out after application and aids in the overall drying process.

Alcohol markers are more durable, last longer, but dry more slowly than water-based ones. With that said, acrylic glass markers, are water-based, quick-drying, but are generally permanent too.

Another distinction between the two alternatives is the color mixing capabilities.

Water-based markers are normally non-permanent, erasable, and washable, whilst alcohol are permanent.

Dishwasher safe markers

Always check to see if your markers are dishwasher-safe, and if not, whether the items you wish to paint with this ink should be hand-washed.

When buying a glass marker or painting pen, be sure to read all instructions and take note of all warnings.

Ink Opacity and quality

Ink quality when painting on glass, is a very important factor, as it can affect the appearance of your finished project.

The quality of the ink will determine how clear and life-like the colors are, as well as how vibrant they look against the glass surface.

Once again opacity and quality will vary depending on whether you’re working on a non-porous surface or porous surfaces.

Do I use permanent or erasable ink?

This all depends on the final usage of the glass that is to be painted.

Permanent ink is better for indoor decorative pieces, items that will be displayed frequently, and even to make handmade invitations.

Erasable ink is better for items that will be used frequently, such as a set of wine glasses that can be written on whenever someone has a birthday.

Water-based glass markers can easily be wiped off and cleaned if they dry out on the surface, whereas other markers using permanent paints will remain and are difficult or cannot be removed after they have dried onto the glass.

The Best Markers For Glass:

Using markers on glass surfaces

It’s a fun and gratifying experience to write or draw on glass. Glass, though, is a one-of-a-kind material with its own set of difficulties.

One of the main things to keep in mind whilst writing on glass is that it is considerably more slippery than paper, rock, or wood.

To keep the pen steady whilst moving the tip along the glass surface, more control is required.

Here are some tips and tricks when painting or writing on glass

Using a glass marker or painting pen is somewhat different from writing or drawing on paper.

Because glass is non-porous, the paint’s or ink’s adhesion might be an issue. As a result, the first step is to thoroughly clean your glass surface using a glass cleaner, rubbing alcohol, or vinegar.

After you’ve finished cleaning, use latex gloves when handling the glass thing to prevent your skin’s natural oils from rubbing off onto the surface.

Before using most glass markers and paint pens, they must be shaken and in some situations, the nib may need to be pressed down on to release the color.

Make sure you do everything according to the product instructions.

…and now how to paint or write on glass permanently

Number 1… make sure your marker is permanent!

Another good habit to get used to doing is allowing at least eight hours for your item to dry before using or handling it.

You might want to seal your painted surface or object for a variety of reasons too, including to prevent fading, abrasion, and water resistance. You can choose from a number of options for this.

You may decide to seal your glass goods by baking them or using a specific sealant that can be used without baking.

For ceramic items, it may be that you paint two or three coats of transparent ceramic paint over the painted surface and allow four hours between coats, then bake the item in an oven.

When baking your project in the oven, be sure to verify that the product label on your paint pen states that the paint or ink is safe for baking and that you follow all instructions carefully.

Please note: if you’re baking glass or ceramic goods, it’s essential to put them in a cold oven first and then set the temperature for baking. This way, the cold glass will reach the required temperature at the same time as the oven.

And then always allow the oven and the product to cool gradually after turning it off and only opening the door once both oven and glass have settled back at room temperature.

Sealants are either applied with a brush or sprayed on. Which you use is just personal preference and entirely up to the individual.

And always ensure you read any instructions that come with the products you’re using as they will differ between brands and products.

Brush Sealant

A brush-on sealant is similar to varnish and should be applied in a back-and-forth, methodical strokes. Apply two or three coats, wait one hour between each layer, and then wait another 24 hours after sealing has finished.

Spray Sealant

The recommended procedure for using a spray-on sealant is to apply it in four or five layers, with a wait of 15 minutes between coats. The sealed item or surface should be fully dry after 24 hours.


How Long Do Glass Markers Last?

When used properly, a glass marker can last for years.

If you use the marker on a regular basis and it becomes dried out, shake the pen to re-liquify the paint.

If this doesn’t work, gently twist the tip of the marker to release more color into it.

What’s The Best Way To Store Glass Markers?

To prolong the life of your glass marker, store it in a cool, dry place away from extreme temperatures and light.

Does Acrylic Paint Work Well On Glass?

Yes, acrylic paint is a good choice for glass. Read our full article about the best acrylic paint for glass here.

However, keep in mind that it can be difficult to remove once it’s applied so be careful when decorating windows for example.

Some brands may have difficulty sticking so make sure you test on sample pieces before committing to a final project.

How To Prime A Paint Marker

When you first use a paint pen, or if it has been unused for a time, you must prime it. All you need to do is give the pen a good shake in most cases.

Some have a little ball inside to aid in the mixing. Once you’ve done this, press down on the nib while keeping your fingers firmly away from the paint surface; this will prevent the paint from pooling.

It’s better to prime your paint pen on a scrap piece of paper rather than on your actual painting surface.

Can Mod Podge Be Used To Seal Glass Painted With Paint Markers?

Yes, it can. You might find that you need to use a couple of coats and will need to allow sufficient time between each one for the first coat to fully dry before applying the second coat.

Sealing paint with mod podge also works well on porous surfaces (rock) as well as non-porous surfaces (wine glasses)

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