Best Coloured Pens For Note Taking

Best Coloured Pens For Note Taking

Not just any pen will do when it comes to the best colored pens for note taking

When it comes to taking notes, there are a few things you need: paper and a pen. But not just any pen will do, you need a pen that will write smoothly and not bleed through the paper. And if you want to get really fancy, you can use a colored pen to add a little personality to your notes.

But with so many colors to choose from, which one should you use? Here is a list of the best colored pens for note-taking, based on my personal experience.

01) Pentel® EnerGel™ RTX Retractable Liquid Gel Pens

Medium Point, 0.7 mm, Assorted Colors, Pack Of 12 Pens

Pentel® EnerGel™ RTX Retractable Liquid Gel Pens MAIN IMAGE


  • Available in a variety of colors.
  • Quick-drying ink.
  • Great for left-handed writers.
  • Has a sleek barrel design.
  • It is refillable.


The Pentel EnerGel RTX Retractable Liquid Gel Pens have a sleek and stylish barrel design with stainless steel accents for a professional look. The latex-free grip provides extended comfort and control when writing. The pen is available with a 0.7mm stainless steel tip that writes medium lines or a 1.0mm tip that writes bold lines. The pen is also refillable.


I have been using the Pentel EnerGel RTX pens for a few months now, and I absolutely love them! The ink is quick-drying and super smooth, which is great for me as a left-handed writer. I also really appreciate the variety of colors that the pens come in – it’s perfect for color-coding my notes.

Each ink pen is also very comfortable to write with, thanks to the latex-free grip. Overall, I highly recommend these pens for anyone looking for a great writing experience.

02) Paper Mate Gel Pens

InkJoy Pens, Medium Point, Assorted, 14 Count

Paper Mate Gel Pens main image


  • Dries 3 times faster to reduce smearing.
  • A textured ergonomic grip wraps the entire pen for comfort.
  • Comes in 14 vibrant colors.
  • Ink is quick-drying and smear-resistant.
  • Pens have a smooth writing experience.


The Paper Mate InkJoy Gel Pens come in a pack of 14 and are assorted colors. The pens have a medium point and are made of plastic. The ink is quick drying and smear resistant. The pens are also ergonomically designed for comfort.


I have to say, I was really impressed with these Paper Mate InkJoy Gel Pens! I was a little hesitant at first because I’m not usually a fan of gel pens or roller balls, but these pens were really smooth to write with and the ink dried quickly, which was great.

The colors were also really vibrant and bright, and the pens felt really comfortable in my hands. Overall, I would definitely recommend these pens – they’re great for note-taking, journaling, or just drawing and doodling.

03) Sharpie S-Note Creative Markers

Highlighters, Assorted Colors, Chisel Tip, 24 Count

 Sharpie S-Note Creative Markers main image


  • 2-in-1 chisel tip for broad and precise lines.
  • Available in 36 colors.
  • Perfect for creative accenting and bullet journaling.
  • No-bleed ink.
  • Packaging can be converted into a stand-up easel for easy access.


The Sharpie S-Note Creative Markers are a set of 24 markers that come in a variety of colors. The markers have a chisel tip that allows you to switch between precise and broad lines. The ink in the markers is no-bleed, meaning that it will not go through your paper. The markers are also mild-colored, making them perfect for use in a variety of settings.


I have had a great experience with this pen so far! The colors are very vibrant, and the ink flows smoothly. I have not had any issues with the ink bleeding through the paper, even when I use thin paper.

The pen is also very comfortable to hold and write with. I would definitely recommend this as it is one of the best note-taking pens out there.

04) BIC Cristal Xtra Bold Fashion Ballpoint Pens

48 Pack, NEW ASSORTED COLORS, Medium Point 1.6mm Great Colored Pens For Note Taking, School Supplies for Adults And Kids.

BIC Cristal Xtra Bold Fashion Ballpoint Pens main image


  • A bold point that creates vivid, eye-catching lines.
  • Smooth ink flow.
  • Sophisticated smoked barrel design.
  • Hexagon-shaped to prevent it from rolling off surfaces.
  • Comes in a range of different colors.


The ballpoint pen from BIC, the Cristal Xtra Bold, is sleek and contemporary looking. It is made of a translucent smoked barrel that allows you to see your ink supply level. The pen has a 1.6mm bold point that creates vivid and eye-catching lines. It also features Easy-Glide System ink that delivers smooth and consistent ink flow. The pen is available in a variety of colors, including black, blue, red, and green.


I have found the BIC Cristal Xtra Bold Ballpoint Pens to be one of the best colored pens for note-taking. The ink flows smoothly, and the pen is very comfortable to hold.

The colors are also very vibrant, and there is a good selection to choose from. I would definitely recommend these pens to anyone looking for a good colored pen for note-taking.

05) Hethrone Fine Tip Pens

Colored Pens Fineliner Pens Journal Planner Pens for Bullet Journaling Note Taking Office School Supplies 100 Colors

Hethrone Fine Tip Pens main image


  • Great for note taking, journaling, writing, and drawing small intricate patterns.
  • Comfortable to use and have a long lifespan.
  • High-quality ink makes your artwork shiny.
  • Solid metal tip with a sharp point.
  • Safe for kids to use and are non-toxic.


The Hethrone Fine Tip Pens come in a set of 100 pens with multicolor ink. The pens have an extra fine tip that is great for note-taking, journaling, and writing. The pens are also great for drawing and sketching. The ink is water-based and acid-free. The pens are also non-toxic and dry-safe.


I was really pleased with the Hethrone Fine Tip Pens. The ink was smooth and flowed nicely, making note-taking and journaling a breeze.

The pens also had great color options, perfect for adding a little bit of personality to my work. I would definitely recommend these pens to anyone looking for a great note-taking or journaling experience.

General Information About Best Colored Pens For Note Taking

When it comes to the best colored pens for note-taking, there are a few things you need to take into account. The type of pen, the ink, the tip, and the price are all important factors to consider.

Ballpoint pens are the most popular type of pen for note-taking. They are affordable and write smoothly. A gel pen can also be a popular choice for note-taking. They have a smooth ink flow and come in a variety of colors.

The tip of the pen is also important. Fine-tip pens are great for detailed drawings and writing notes, whereas Rollerball pens have a fine tip and write smoothly. Pens with a chisel tip are perfect for taking notes and writing in a notebook.

The price of the pen is also important. Pens range in price from a few dollars to over $100. The best pens for note-taking are the ones that are reasonably priced and write smoothly.

Conclusion / Roundup

After testing out a variety of different colored pens for note-taking, I’ve come to the conclusion that the best ones are ballpoint pens with fine tips. These pens write smoothly and have great ink flow, making them perfect for taking notes. They also come in a variety of colors, so you can color code your notes if you want.

If you’re looking for a good pen for note-taking, I highly recommend ballpoint pens with fine tips. They write smoothly and have great ink flow, making them perfect for taking notes.


Which color pen is best for notes?

Writing notes in blue ink won’t have a huge impact on your retention; however, blue notes will still be memorable because blue is known to be a trustworthy color. Blue is also known to be a color that resonates with people, so your notes will still stand out.

What are the best colored pens?

The best colored pens for note taking are ones that have a fine tip, write smoothly, and have a good ink flow. Pens with rubber grips are also great for taking notes.

What pens are good for note taking?

The best pens for note-taking are ballpoint pens, gel pens, and rollerball pens.

All of these great pens have fine tips that allow for smooth ink flow and a great writing experience.

What Colour pen is best for studying?

The best colors for studying are those that help you focus and remember information better.

Blue is known to be a calming color that can help reduce stress levels. Other popular colors for studying include black, green, and red.

Ultimately, it is up to you to experiment with different colors to see which ones help you focus and remember information better.

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