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Looking for the best colouring books for yourself or a friend?

Well, you’re in the right place as you’ll hopefully see; take a look at the best colouring books in the review section below.

Colouring books are a relatively new pass time for adults but knowing which books to go for can be daunting; hence I have curated a top 5 list of colouring books that will help you reach a level of contentment and mindfulness to save you the hassle of having to do all the research from scratch.

Colouring books were predominantly used by kids and teenagers at school or home for various purposes. Parents would make their toddlers colour the colouring book as an activity, pre-schoolers would learn colours using it on the books. But why should young ones have all the fun, right? I used to love colouring books with my niece. And one day, out of curiosity, I googled and discovered that adult colouring books are also available!

Later that day, I went to a superstore and grabbed a few that I found interesting.

That was a story from quite some years ago. And, the scenario these days is now quite different as you’ll see retailer shops, superstores, and online shops all with shelves filled with adult colouring books.

There are books consisting of animal prints, mandala designs, empty patterns, and ones that have positive uplifting phrases. Colouring books are tested to boost your creativity, ease anxiety, and relax after a long day.

There are tons of colouring books online begging for the attention of colourists, but how do you know which is the best? Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered!

01) Adult Coloring Book, Animal Designs

Stress-Relieving Coloring Book for Adults with 50 Different One-Sided Images, Art Supplies for … Relief Designs to Color!: Animals Edition

adult coloring book main image


During my school days, I always used to hover my coloured pencils over my colouring book as I questioned the fact that many of these cartoon animals did not look as accurate as the real ones I saw at the zoo.

If you’ve had a similar experience and would like to relive the experience of filling up book pages of true to life animal images then this Adult Coloring Book will be the perfect fit for you.

It is focused on animal lovers and is classed as one of the best adult colouring books in its category.


Before jumping into the details I just want to let you know that the designs in this book will not necessarily get your creative juices flowing as the designs are inspired by real-life animal portraits, but what I can assure you is that it will put you in a tranquillizing space once you make a start to complete it. Something that is achieved through art therapy.

This adult colouring book houses all types of wild animals you can name. Starting from lions to Komodo dragons to reindeer and many more. The designs are on one side so that the colour does not bleed through and hampers your art therapy. The designs made by the artist take the realism and then put it straight back into the books with amazing accuracy.

Something as professional and yet creative as this is to be admired. 

If you are someone who loves to colour pages of animals to get a relaxing experience then this will be one of the best adult colouring books in this segment for you.

I feel that you can never get enough of the best adult colouring books and so would encourage you to draw, colour and paint regardless of your age.

02) Harry Potter Colouring Book 1

An official colouring book

Harry Potter Colouring Book main image


A Warner Brother production of the Harry Potter colouring book is a dream for Potterheads. The magical world of the wizard boy comes into reality as the book is published with Book 1 of 5 in this collection consisting of the brilliant and iconic scenes from Harry Potter, its places, and the outstanding characters.

What a wonderful colouring book for both little ones and adults! This book has 80 pages filled with iconic elements from Harry Potter for you to work your way through.


I feel excited reviewing this specific colouring book as I am one big Potter fan myself. Though the product description says it is for ages 9-11, I do not stand by this. I am an adult who enjoyed every bit of colouring this fantastic book. It is a cool book consisting of the best images of Harry, Hagrid, as well as Dobby-the house elf and more.

We Potterheads must have thought at least once about how we wanted to cast a spell and turn our teacher’s wig blue, haha! Well, I now have with the help of a blue marker.

One great fact about this book is it managed to put in all the important scenes of Harry Potter, like the final battle between Harry and Lord Voldemort.

Colouring this book allows a vivid run down through the wizardly world of Harry Potter.

03) Colouring Book for Children

100-page colouring book for boys and girls (Pirate Panda Colouring Books)

Colouring Book for Children main image


This Pirate Panda colouring book is a bestseller in the children’s books genre and with more than 100 unique, premium-quality images, Pirate Panda will surely win the hearts of all children.

It has numerous images of cars, other vehicles, animals, cartoons, and more ensuring that Pirate panda gives your kid a fun and enjoyable colouring time.

This book is sports and vehicle-themed and includes tractors, diggers, football, racket sports, and a lot more. Such value at a very affordable price.


Pirate panda is a fun colouring book popular amongst toddlers. The pages are of high quality and are sturdy enough for the babies to not tear them off. One thing I noticed is that the pictures are detailed but not gigantic. Thus, it makes the colouring experience enjoyable and the picture turns out beautiful after the addition of colours. 

It has about 105 pages, but both sides have a picture, which isn’t great. However, this book will keep your child hooked as it doesn’t get boring with such interesting images. 

04) Cute Unicorn: Colouring Book

For Kids Ages 4-8 (UK Edition)

Cute Unicorn: Colouring Book main image


The cute unicorn colouring book came out in 2021 for youngsters aged 4-8. It’s a colouring book for children filled with exciting pictures of unicorns, pretty princesses, and large rainbows. It also consists of images of animals and castles. Sounds just about right for your little girl, right? 

With 50 unique designs of unicorns, each of them is cheerful and easy to colour. This will be a perfect present for your kid as it contains both simple and intricate illustrations.


Looking for a thoughtful gift for your friend’s daughter on her birthday coming up later this year? Don’t you worry, I have you covered with a great review of this Unicorn colouring book that I bought for my very own niece last month. 

Before hopping onto the details, let me tell you that it’s one great purchase, given the price and quality. It is full of cheerful and cute unicorns and now that unicorns are super trendy and popular amongst young ones, you definitely want to show up with this colouring book to secure the award for ‘best present”. 

The pictures are on one side of the book, making it easy for the younger ones to colour and the images are wide enough to colour on them accurately whilst allowing them to be creative at the same time.

Colouring such a wonderful book will keep them engaged in this productive activity for hours. Alongside, it will help them develop a sense of color, and most importantly help them in their well-being. 

05) Fuck Off Anxiety: A Sweary Coloring Book For Anxious As Fuck People

Swear Words Coloring Books for Adults – Anxiety Coloring Books For Adults – Funny Anxiety Gifts – Coloring Book For Anxious People

05) Fuck Off Anxiety: A Sweary Coloring Book For Anxious As Fuck People main image


Just as aggressive as its name, it is designed for people who are sick and tired of their anxiety stirring up the whole world. This colouring book is a sweary one by Slightly Salty Studios. Released in 2020, it has a 4.7/5 star rating, so must be a good one, right?

If you are someone who struggles with anxiety, you must give this book a try. This is one unique colouring book that features 30 images and comes at a reasonable price.


Fuck off anxiety is an adult swear word colouring book that fulfils your need to swear in peace. It is no secret that adults are constantly facing the harsh truth of life and dealing with endless stress. Thus, I think we all deserve a free session just by ourselves to relieve our weekly stress issues. So, if you’re one who needs to swear it out, this colouring book is for you. It will calm you down and make you laugh in the most amazing way. 

Besides brilliant illustrations, it has quotes and phrases related to anxiety presented in a hilarious way. These sweary sayings in the pages are so relevant, I assure you! 

Upon colouring this book, I found that the illustration quality is great and the pages in the book are also of high quality. It has 60 pages, with each side consisting of one pretty picture. One side has an illustration with a funny phrase and the other side is black. Thus, it allows you to colour with any media you choose. 

I personally received it as a gift from a friend, which is really thoughtful of her as once in a while I have been known to swear myself lol. I found the phrases really funny and I enjoyed my time colouring the illustrations. Overall, I would say that it is a great mindfulness colouring book for relaxation, an art therapy indeed. 

General Information About Coloring Books

A colouring book is a book containing various interesting, fun, beautiful images which are meant to be coloured. Often colourists use them as a way to reduce stress and anxiety. Though it is historically popular amongst children, adults now have colouring books too. 

Many grown-ups use these books as a way to de-stress, control their anxiety, and let go of bottled-up feelings. 

Sounds all whimsical right? However, if you aren’t careful enough, you might end up with a bad colouring book experience. There are some poor-quality prints and books which simply are just not worth the price. 

Before buying, check out reviews. Look for premium quality pages, spiral-binding books with perforated pages. One important thing to notice is if the book has single images on each page and be sure to test or check what colour media you can use on the illustrations. 

There is a wide range of themed colouring books for both children and adults so choose whatever helps you with relaxing and melt away your fatigue. 

Lastly, books like these are on the affordable side. Yet, still best to look up the prices and distinguish between prints to get yourself the best deal.

Conclusion / Roundup

Colouring different shapes and sizes are super fun, and the reason, why toddlers at kindergarten are given colour pages, is not just because of the fun but also due to them getting a grip on their handwork which will help them to write and co-ordinate their movements in the coming years. Colouring helps toddlers develop their senses and helps develop and make them accurate. 

However, it is not just children who can benefit from it. As you have already seen throughout the article I have mentioned and talked about colouring books for adults. Colouring as an adult can be an excellent way to deal with your stress and fix that adult cranky mood. Instead of filling up your journal with a swear word or two every time, look at these colouring book deals that I have compiled for you through this article – they could surely help.

There are different types of colouring books, all consisting of different lines, art, image, and print. Some have perforated pages while some have sealed.

Find the one that suits you the best.


Are kids and adult colouring books different?

Yes, they are different. Adult colouring books are more intricate and have detailed designs on them. The themes of adult books are made to please adults’ minds and choices. Illustrations on adult colouring books are more centred on horror themes, relaxing prints of nature, adult content, or just humorous designs. 

What are the benefits of colouring books?

Well, the benefits are endless depending on how you look at it. For adults, books like these are proven to reduce stress. Many adults have a sense of accomplishment when they complete colouring the illustrations in the book. Besides, it helps you to create a relaxing space for yourself after a stressful week. It creates mindfulness besides reducing stress and anxiety. The inner creativity that you may have hidden for ages may show up again by colouring. 

Can I make my own colouring book?

Yes! Of course, you can make your colouring book. There are plenty of printers who will make you up a book using your own unique designs. 

Are adult books like these costly?

No, absolutely not. Adult colouring books and creative activities books may cost between $7-$15 (£10 – £20). However, depending on the number of prints in a colouring book, prices may vary.

Who are Penguin Random House?

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Are colouring pencils ok to use on colouring books?

It really depends on the type of colouring book you are using. Some books are specifically designed to be used with colouring pencils, while others are meant to be used with other types of mediums, such as markers or paint. If you’re unsure, it’s always best to check the product description or ask a salesperson before making your purchase.

Can finished artwork be used as party decorations?

Yes, definitely! In fact, many people use their favorite pieces of art or creative colouring as your party decks. It’s a great way to show off your taste and style, and it can really add a touch of class to any party. Just make sure that you don’t put the artwork in a place where it might get damaged, and be sure to remove it before the party ends.

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Once happy with the product you’ve found, simply add it to the basket and complete the order as required. To set up an account often requires submitting an email address and a valid email password.

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