Coloring Books For 2-year-olds

Coloring Books For 2-year-olds

Young children are like clay moulds that we shape for the future and this process starts from the very beginning with early childhood education. One way to nurture this growth with creativity is with coloring books.

Coloring books are books that have lines in them that our kids can color with crayons, colored pencils, marker pens, paint brush, or other art tools. When your child is learning about colors, shapes, and numbers, this is a fun way for them to be distracted and have fun.

Your child will also be able to improve their fine motor skills whilst coloring. It stimulates your child’s imagination, which he or she needs in the most basic way.

I’ve compiled a list of the best coloring books for 2 year olds, that are likely to not only pique your child’s interest so they can fill up the coloring fun pages for hours, but also to inspire their creativity in a variety of ways.

01) The Creative Toddler’s First Coloring Book Ages 1-3

100 Everyday Things and Animals to Color and Learn | For Toddlers and Kids ages 1, 2 & 3 (US Edition)

The Creative Toddler’s First Cmain imageoloring Book


Allow your child to be creative while learning to recognize common objects and animals.

This coloring book is excellent for babies as young as one year old, with 100 simple and familiar illustrations (of ordinary things, such as fruits and vegetables, woodland animals, farm animals, zoo animals, and more!)

Toddlers will be able to keep within the lines thanks to them being extra bold.


Among the books I have tested for this review, this has been one of the best toddler coloring books.

With its age-appropriate pictures, I feel this is a book that could really help your child learn about different animals, fruits and vegetables.

The bigger lines really help your child color within the designs too and the finished artworks can be really quite good (and as a parent, I can guarantee you’ll really be proud of the results).

With 100 unique designs, you can have your child busy for hours while they are also learning new things, it’s a win-win for both children and parents.

In short, I can’t recommend this enough.

02) My First Coloring Book For Toddlers 1-3

100 Simple Pictures to Learn and Color For Kids Ages 1, 2, 3 & 4 ( US Edition)

My First Coloring Book For Toddlers main image


Coloring sheets 1, 2, 3, and 4 from the Big and Easy series to help you develop your creativity. This coloring book contains: butterflies, bees, elephants, cars, apples, mushrooms, and many more. These beautifully charming coloring pages provide children with not only hours of entertainment, but also the opportunity to develop their fine motor skills to their fullest potential. Recommended for early learning, preschool and kindergarten.


I can assure you that this coloring book is amazing, with gorgeous and amusing drawings for young toddlers to color ranging from an easy apple or leaf to the more challenging smiling pizza slice, cheeseburger or friendly hippopotamus.

The simple images in this book come with their names in the bottom, ensuring that your toddlers coloring sessions will be fun and educational.

Another thing I should mention is that the non toxic paper is useful for long coloring sessions. I see many toddlers licking the pages of their books, so the non toxic paper really helps.

For a safe, educational activity that also lets your kids develop fine motor skills, this coloring book is a must.

03) 123 things BIG & JUMBO Coloring Book

123 Coloring Pages!!, Easy, LARGE, GIANT Simple Picture Coloring Books for Toddlers, Kids Ages 2-4, Early Learning, Preschool and Kindergarten

123 things BIG & JUMBO Coloring Book main image


Each picture is HUGE which is a fun way to color. Includes ANIMALS, FRUITS, VEGETABLES, stationery, a house, an airplane, foods, a rainbow, sea animals and more. Suitable for both boys and girls.


I love this book so much I might just buy one for myself. The illustrations are so beautiful and cute, my little one and I love it.

Simple pictures and thick lines make it simple for toddlers to color. Each image is filled with thick, black lines that are both eye-catching and enjoyable for youngsters. Toddlers, kindergarteners, and early childhood children will all enjoy this book.

Just like the other kids coloring book, this one also helps with hand eye coordination while also giving you some quiet time in the process.

If you want to introduce coloring books in your household getting the bigger book is a good option and 123 things BIG & JUMBO Coloring Book excels at ensuring your toddler will love every picture and be entertained for hours at a time.

04) My First Toddler Coloring Book

Fun with Numbers, Letters, Shapes, Colors, and Animals! (Kids coloring activity books)

My First Toddler Coloring Book main image


With the help of interesting coloring exercises, My First Toddler Coloring Book promotes key abilities such as reading, counting, and shapes to young children and it has been endorsed by teachers, parents, and children alike.

The contents of this coloring book for toddlers include: 100+ large, basic drawings that are simple for them to identify and color.


I first heard about this book from a teacher friend who works as a preschool teacher. According to her, this book is one of the best kids coloring books she’s come across as its main focus is on education and having now seen it for real, I can see how toddlers can easily learn a lot from it.

The thick outlines and art project aesthetic makes it one of the best activity books for younger children that I’ve seen and one of my favourite activities it incorporates is to cut out the finished artwork after your kids are done.

The thick outlines here make for a mess-free finished artwork.

Kids love to use crayons while coloring and this book with its special paper really keeps shape when they are going at it with crayons and pencils.

Like with any traditional coloring book this also helps kids get familiar with basic shapes and terms while also developing their motor skills, so for me, this book is a no brainer.

05) 100 Animals for Toddler Coloring Book

My First Big Book of Easy Educational Coloring Pages of Animal Letters A to Z for Boys & Girls, Little Kids, Preschool and Kindergarten

100 Animals for Toddler Coloring Book main image


With 100 original animal designs, this coloring book for children is certainly a top choice. Boys and girls, little children, preschoolers, and kindergarteners will all benefit greatly from this coloring book, utlising their motor skills as they color in each page as they go.

This toddler coloring book includes: 100+ large, easy to color animals drawings. A-Z animal lettering practice. Cute baby animals and of course counting practice from 1-100.

A great gift idea for kids ages 2, 3, 4, and 5 which allows your children to express themselves freely!


If your child loves coloring like mine does, an average coloring book might fail to get your toddler’s attention but fear not as this book is sure to do the trick.

One thing most coloring books for toddlers get wrong is that they try to be too complicated but this book keeps it simple with large, easy to color animals drawings that my child can identify and color without any trouble.

The A-Z animal lettering practice is also a great way for toddlers to learn the alphabet while also getting some coloring practice in as well.

This is easily one of the best coloring books for 2-year-olds that I’ve come across and would highly recommend it to any parent with a toddler who loves to color.

If your kids like animals like baby shark characters, then this is the perfect coloring book for them.

General Information About Coloring books for 2-year-olds

A coloring book is a type of book that features line art that is intended to be colored in by the reader or viewer using crayons, colored pencils, marker pens, paint, or other artistic tools.

Perforated edges of some coloring books allow the pages to be removed from the books and used as independent sheets of coloring paper.

These books for toddlers frequently include popular cartoon characters who are widely employed in the marketing of animated feature films and television shows.

In addition to coloring pages, coloring books may feature other games such as connect the dots, mazes, and other puzzles. Stickers are also used in certain designs.

Conclusion / Roundup

Coloring books are a great tool to teach your toddler words, numbers, shapes, animals and various objects, plus the activity is a whole lot of fun.

It’s a fun time for the whole family with additional use of developing your toddler’s attention, motor skills and hand eye coordination.

Currently, there are a wide spectrum of kids coloring books that you can buy, with various designs about animals, cars, princes and princesses, and rest assured, there is a coloring book for everyone.

I hope this list helps you narrow down your search for the best toddler coloring book. Have fun and happy coloring!


Can 2 year olds do colouring in?

Yes, 2 years old or even younger children can color in coloring pages as most coloring books for toddlers come with thick borders and strong pages that create a mess free coloring session.

What age is appropriate for coloring books?

People of any age can color in coloring books, starting from a one-year-old to 80-year-olds…anyone can just pick up a pencil and color in the pictures.

What kind of coloring books do kids like?

Children of a young age are typically drawn to brightly colored books with straightforward designs that they may easily comprehend and color.

From a dinosaur coloring book or baby shark characters, to early childhood education and the more traditional coloring book, there is so much to choose from, it’s just a matter of finding the fit for your child.

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