Wacom turn off hold right click. 

Wacom turn off hold right click

Wacom tablet tips and tricks

Welcome to this page, designed to help you get the most out of your Wacom drawing tablet!

This page is all about turning off the “Enable press and hold for right-clicking” option that comes enabled by default on most Wacom tablets in Windows 10. This will get rid of the annoying circles that appear when using your Wacom pen.

Using this feature can really get in the way and slow down workflow with your Wacom pen tablet if you’re not careful, so we recommend you turn it off as soon as possible!

What is the “press and hold to right click” option?

When I first bought a Wacom tablet, I was excited to start drawing and exploring the features it had to offer. However, I had a problem and spent hours trying to figure out a solution. The issue was that whenever I’d paint in Photoshop on this device, I’d have trouble with an annoying circle popping up unexpectedly.

It came to light that the apparent reason by default, Windows has enabled a feature under Pen & Touch settings called “Press and hold”.

This option is not available in any of the Wacom tablet properties, so attempting to change it can be annoying if you don’t know where to look. The problem with this feature is, when you hold your pen still for a second while it is still in contact with the tablet, Windows will initiate this as a right click.

How to disable “Press and hold to right click” when using a Wacom drawing tablet.

It’s a very simple process to fix this annoying problem. Simply follow the instructions below to learn all about how to disable the hold right click feature on your Wacom tablet.


  1. Go to the Windows search box (usually bottom left of your screen) and type in “Control Panel” and open control panel in the menu that appears.
  2. Once inside the control panel, choose the option labelled “Pen and Touch”
  3. In the “Pen and Touch” menu that pops up, select “Press and hold” in the list, then select “Settings”.
  4. Last step – simply deselect the tick box “Enable press and hold for right-clicking” and then click “OK” to confirm the new updated settings.

Who will this work for?

This step by step guide will work for anyone with the following set up:

Operating system: Windows 10

Wacom Tablet / Device: Most Wacom tablet models & touch screens including wacom intuos pro

Pen: Wacom pen

Software: Photoshop, Photoshop cc, Photoshop cs5 Extended

Windows Settings – control panel

Open: Control Panel >> Pen and Touch >> and Double Click on Press and Hold. In this new window deselect the small box that says “enable press and hold for right clicking”. Click apply.

Other settings in Windows include: left click, double click, pen and touch menu

Settings – Wacom Pen & Wacom Tablet

When using your Wacom tablet and looking for a fix for any issues, it is advisable to use the latest most up-to-date Wacom driver which can typically be found on the Wacom website.

When using the lastest software for your wacom tablet, you will have access to all the pen settings including pen pressure, wacom tablet properties, pen feedback, visual effects,

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And that’s it! You’re now ready to go and start enjoying your work without any frustration or unnecessary clicks 🙂 I hope this guide worked perfectly for you, maybe it was an absolute life saver?

Please feel free to get in touch with any questions/comments. Thank you for reading through this article. If you found this article helpful, I would appreciate it if you could share it on social media or tell your friends about this tutorial.

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