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Big Red Illustration Agency

The best international illustration agency representing the finest illustration talent from London to New York, and across the world

When it comes to commissioning bespoke illustrations for your business, advertising, or creative project, it can often be challenging to find the right person for your specific needs.

Here at the Big Red Illustration Agency, we’ve got a huge team of experts on hand to help you find the perfect artist for your project.

So whether it’s an agency for new brands, clients with publishing design requirements, or a top artist for a one-off, innovative design, we guarantee that our agency will represent a top talent, perfect for you.

Understanding what’s required in 2021 and what’s worked well in the past

We understand that you want to find talented, professional, and hard-working illustrators who are passionate about what they do – and those are exactly the kind of illustrators who we work with here at our illustration agency.

We are passionate about providing our customers with exactly what they need and strive to be the number one provider of illustrators to the industry yet again for 2021.

We endeavor to ensure our customers get the illustrations they need, both quickly and efficiently, get the brief met and guarantee to meet tight deadlines.

Working with an illustration agency representing world-class illustrators boasts so many benefits, including:

  • An array of innovative and talented illustrators in one place
  • A variety of drawing styles to meet all clients expectations
  • Reliable and efficient service
  • A good relationship between us and the illustrators
  • Multi-dimensional agency offering world-class support
  • Efficient service across the globe, from London to New York and across the world
  • Animation options on request
  • Competitive pricing for all clients

Top Tips and Help For Illustrators

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Reviewing artists in 2021

Here at the Big Red Illustration Agency, we personally vet and review all of our artists.

Our huge database is filled with the top, talented and professional illustrators, all renowned in the industry for their exceptional work, with every portfolio simplistic in design and displayed on our website for ease of use.

Able to cover any subject

Each of our illustrators has unique signature styles and, between them, they are able to cover a vast range of subjects and design for all clients; from 3D art to caricatures.

Just send in your brief, name the illustrator you require, then let them go ;-).

So whether you’re looking for an illustration talent for a book cover, a unique piece of advertising, a business logo, or a greeting card design, we are sure we represent the exact illustrator to meet your requirements and will exceed your expectations for your design.

One-off illustration or a series of illustrations

Our creative illustrators can create a one-off illustration or a series of illustrations. We have world-class illustrators within our agency that create beautiful illustrations across the globe for a diverse range of clients.

A variety of unique styles

We have a variety of new artists, contemporary artists, and established artists. Every artist has their own illustration signature, you just have to pick the right artist for you.

The artworks they produce come from a background of passion for art and design, each piece with its own visual identity. An illustration can be literal or abstract and are a great visual aid to tell a story or for use within advertising.

Illustrations for all types of project

No matter what your project, from creative brands, to motion animation, to an illustration for publishing we will help you to meet your brief using our decades of expert experience.

Reviewing your brief

We start by assessing the style of work that you’re looking for to match you with the perfect artist for your project and we’ll work with you throughout the whole process to ensure that your exact requirements are matched.

Our client list

We have created illustrations for companies from Penguin books, Pepsi, to JCB. Our illustrators offer a wide range of skills and designs, each portfolio different from the next. Our testimonials speak for themselves and we are proud to be an industry-recognized illustration agency representing only the very best.


Regular Updates

The Big Red’s Illustration Agency website content is regularly updated with new images and new talented illustrators.

It has a variety of portfolio categories, including 3d art, cartoons, caricature illustration, character illustration, children’s book illustrators, fashion illustration, food illustration, mixed media art illustration, personalized gifts, pet portraits, realistic illustrations, vector graphics, and more (with animation on request).

And in addition, you can always contact the agency for urgent assistance 24/7 if you need help finding exactly what you are looking for or if you are up against time!


Contact us

So, for a fast, creative, professional solution to your illustration design needs, simply contact us by phone or by email today; we’re always happy to help. 


Hiring a children’s book illustrator

Illustrators often get the same questions from clients and publishers.

Here at the Big Red Illustration Agency we always strive to answer in as much detail and help out wherever possible but success often requires the client providing suitable information in the form of a brief to allow us to do this.

Questions asked by clients in relation to hiring an artist


Q1. How much is an illustration?

A1. To answer that question we’d need to have an understanding of the following:

a) what artist do you want to use as each illustrator’s hourly rates will vary
b) how many illustrations do you want creating?
c) what size are they to be?
d) and what is the content for each?

Q2. How long will it take?

A2. Once again this is dependant on what is required but generally speaking, a sketch can be drawn up in a day or two and then depending on the feedback / amends the final color can follow taking between 2-3 days subject to style/finish


all illustrations are bespoke so quoting has to be done on a job by job basis. ( It’s like asking – how much is it to build a house? Obviously, this depends on many factors from planning, materials, number of rooms, specialist trades)


Q3. Do I need a professional artist?

A3. This is a resounding yes. Any product is immediately judged by the quality of the artwork no matter how good the writing or usage it provides. By cutting costs on this simply results in an inferior product being launched and subsequently not achieving anywhere near its full potential.

Q4. What about amends to the artwork?

A4. The most suitable time to request amends is of course at the sketch stage and subject to the brief, most tweaks can be applied easily at this time. Once the sketch is approved however and final colors and finishes have been done then amends often become more difficult to apply and therefore incur additional costs depending on the nature of the changes.

Finished artwork

Any artwork that has been finished and approved by the author/client is final. If changes are requested after the final approval a fee per hour for any changes may apply. Revisions after approval will also be subject to an illustrator’s availability.


Looking to have your Children’s Books Illustrated?

How do you find a publisher?

You should get a copy of the Children’s Writer’s and Illustrator’s Market or the Children’s Writers’ and Artists Yearbook if you want to find out who would be a good fit for your work.

The Children’s Writers and Artists Yearbook is a wonderful resource for aspiring children’s writers. It lists publishers, their contacts, terms they are looking for, and also international markets to submit your work too such as magazines or contests. The yearbook also includes agents who can help you with getting published in famous newspapers from around the world like New York Times!

You could also research this information online or visit a local store for ideas.


What to do if you’re self-publishing?

The first thing you need to do is make sure your writing and editing are just right. You also have to be willing to invest time, money, and sweat equity in marketing your books.

There are many parts to the process of publishing your own books, but you’re in charge and can always find a way.

A lot goes into it from making sure that your content is sound and error-free, choosing an artist who captures what you want for your story visually, paying for the artwork license rights as well as printing costs; proofreading so readers don’t have to deal with typos when they buy copies.

Please read more about self-publishing using this link and get in touch to discuss your requirements. You may be pleased to hear that we offer a full design service created to develop your books from the initial concept all the way through to the final finished files, ready to print and sell!

The more work and money you can invest in your books, regardless of how good it might be, the better chance it has for a successful future.